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1 year by FearNoEvil1
there was a vampire movie that was in the theatre around 1971,it was so scary and gross,vamps eat...
5 months by turf
Good Horror Movies that you probably have never seen
over 2 years by meeksbam
O I would like to thank you all so much for paving the road to my happy place!
11 months by r_sayer
Question about "THE 5th WAVE"
7 hours by Horrific420
@Horrific420 []
4 hours by cecja
name of movie
15 hours by nonfixion200
Trailer : parents hide daughter in basement (supposedly because of the monsters outside). 1 day t...
15 hours by nonfixion200
3 days by darkwinters
Why why why do you allow to have so many movies under HD, that are NOT HD. They should all be rem...
3 days by darkwinters
Get rid of Boomy Audio...
7 days by vw4ever
if you use daum potplayer, use the 'full treble' preset.
7 days by spotflare
13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers Of Benghazi
4 months by adonis1066
@schecter You hit it on the head, JSOC is an enterprise, almost a business concern. The ties to t...
15 days by Expat64
The Invitation (2016)
22 days by melissah
This movie has a lot of spiritual/religious/cult I wonder if there was another meaning...
22 days by melissah
name of movie
24 days by turf
@cecja thanks,checked my history at solar and was not there,sometimes i fotget to vote/mark/as/wa...
24 days by turf
(Looking for Avg-Good Thrillers) Recommendations?
1 month by mamalimt
@cecja Thanks mate! Helps
30 days by mamalimt
Orange and Teal color-sheme
1 month by LSG
:| :| :| RRRRRRAAAAWWGGRRRR :| :| :| :|
1 month by LSG
Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass agreed to make 4th Jason Bourne movie
1 year by SEA_monster
[...] I am aware of that (the link/pic is from informant). I was just kidding around.
1 year by SEA_monster
Mind Bending movies list !
9 months by nemesis.mtg
[...] just when i finally decided to hit the books. :P
1 month by nemesis.mtg
Torn between some horror movies
1 month by EtotheN
the exorcist...
1 month by martinernst
LAA: Batman ᵛ Superman
1 month by dopilus
@CaliGal I think Captain America was able to incapacitate the Hulk. As far Thor vs. Hulk -- they...
1 month by dopilus
LAA: Gods of Egypt
1 month by dopilus
@The_Renegade yep -- well said, man
1 month by dopilus
Scariest Movie you've seen
3 months by EtotheN
Alien, The Shining, Evil Dead, Friday The 13th, Halloween, The Thing
1 month by vw4ever
Your top MOVIE - 2015
1 month by NimeniAltu
@tobbetuff , You are right. @Elfkin , Good TOP , I watched Mad Max .
1 month by NimeniAltu
1 month by Meningit
@spotflare Good for yoy :| @spotflare When I have a free time I'll look this movie! :|
1 month by Meningit
movie name?
2 months by Cadbren
I'm not sure this is a movie I'm trying to find but I recall a scene from the ad on tv. It has a ...
2 months by Cadbren
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