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1 year by FearNoEvil1
there was a vampire movie that was in the theatre around 1971,it was so scary and gross,vamps eat...
2 months by turf
Good Horror Movies that you probably have never seen
1 year by meeksbam
O I would like to thank you all so much for paving the road to my happy place!
8 months by r_sayer
So, Mission Impossible is the new James Bond?
1 month by superspudz
i personally believe that james bond would have been even farther than mission impossibale in the...
1 day by vash179
Mexico/mexican border transition guitare theme sound
4 days by Optic3000
@Optic3000 what is it you're askin' for?? :|
4 days by spotflare
Name that horror movie.
9 days by MortTheBeast
I watched The conjuring again last night and it must have been that one I guess. For some reason ...
7 days by MortTheBeast
Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015) Chat
1 month by motherboard
What? Princess Leia can't find the missing piece of the star map? Hey princess, why not check w...
1 month by aureliusva
13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers Of Benghazi
24 days by adonis1066
I try to avoid political debate, unless it is in the proper environment. Usually eye to eye witho...
22 days by Expat64
Just did a marathon of the matrix movies.
4 months by Dampyiel
Wasn't someone wanting to remake the matrix movies?
23 days by kazeen
Help me remember a movie.
5 months by Samuelz
Um kinda reminds me of what women want, but he could only read women minds.
23 days by kazeen
Mind Bending movies list !
6 months by nemesis.mtg
Should watch Memento.
23 days by kazeen
I am looking for a good horror movie to watch!
1 month by Troxic
I enjoyed The Collecter. Not really scary but it was a dece...
23 days by kazeen
Movies that reduced you to tears?
8 months by Aghas1294
Gone in 60 seconds, they crushed Eleanor :(
23 days by kazeen
remake or retarded ?
1 month by iwanawatch
there are sooooo many movies remakes,lots of them come from the 1920's, 1930's and the 1940's,the...
26 days by turf
Werewolf Movie?
1 month by MortTheBeast
@rabbit32 @MortTheBeast @cecja Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans (2009) [
1 month by reaper1313
Need Help With Movie Name
1 month by MortTheBeast
@MortTheBeast @rabbit32 Yep, it was Ultraviolet staring Milla Jovovich for sure considering th...
1 month by reaper1313
Anyone Watch Anything Good Lately?
9 months by AlleyCatt
Just watched. Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter... and Spring.
1 month by randomevent
Any good movies out in 2015?
1 month by HackForums
@spotflare. @oldshuntr Thanks for the heads up! was wondering what banned meant! k, makes sense...
1 month by curljay18
1 year by makaab
I had a commwent removed because i said i didnt like the series anymore. I also make a comment t...
1 month by sirkjeff
2015 (Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel Movies)
1 month by LaLani712
A Gift Of Miracles (February 15, 2015) 2.A Bone To Pick: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery (April 7, 20...
1 month by LaLani712
Hallmark Movie Channel Movies 2015
1 month by LaLani712
Surprised By Love (January 3, 2015) 2.A Novel Romance (January 10, 2015) 3.Bridal Wave (January 1...
1 month by LaLani712
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