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1 year by FearNoEvil1
How could I possibly pick five ? I am still anticipating the ultimate scary movie. The first time...
Good Horror Movies that you probably have never seen
over 2 years by meeksbam
O I would like to thank you all so much for paving the road to my happy place!
12 months by r_sayer
Orange and Teal color-sheme
2 months by LSG
A rather impressive photo grid , it does not make me feel anyway in particular, or that it even i...
Question about "THE 5th WAVE"
24 days by Horrific420
@Horrific420 []
24 days by cecja
name of movie
25 days by nonfixion200
Trailer : parents hide daughter in basement (supposedly because of the monsters outside). 1 day t...
25 days by nonfixion200
27 days by darkwinters
Why why why do you allow to have so many movies under HD, that are NOT HD. They should all be rem...
27 days by darkwinters
Get rid of Boomy Audio...
1 month by vw4ever
if you use daum potplayer, use the 'full treble' preset.
1 month by spotflare
13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers Of Benghazi
4 months by adonis1066
@schecter You hit it on the head, JSOC is an enterprise, almost a business concern. The ties to t...
1 month by Expat64
The Invitation (2016)
1 month by melissah
This movie has a lot of spiritual/religious/cult I wonder if there was another meaning...
1 month by melissah
name of movie
1 month by turf
@cecja thanks,checked my history at solar and was not there,sometimes i fotget to vote/mark/as/wa...
1 month by turf
(Looking for Avg-Good Thrillers) Recommendations?
1 month by mamalimt
@cecja Thanks mate! Helps
1 month by mamalimt
Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass agreed to make 4th Jason Bourne movie
1 year by SEA_monster
[...] I am aware of that (the link/pic is from informant). I was just kidding around.
1 year by SEA_monster
Mind Bending movies list !
10 months by nemesis.mtg
[...] just when i finally decided to hit the books. :P
2 months by nemesis.mtg
Torn between some horror movies
2 months by EtotheN
the exorcist...
2 months by martinernst
LAA: Batman ᵛ Superman
2 months by dopilus
@CaliGal I think Captain America was able to incapacitate the Hulk. As far Thor vs. Hulk -- they...
2 months by dopilus
LAA: Gods of Egypt
3 months by dopilus
@The_Renegade yep -- well said, man
2 months by dopilus
Scariest Movie you've seen
3 months by EtotheN
Alien, The Shining, Evil Dead, Friday The 13th, Halloween, The Thing
3 months by vw4ever
Your top MOVIE - 2015
3 months by NimeniAltu
@tobbetuff , You are right. @Elfkin , Good TOP , I watched Mad Max .
2 months by NimeniAltu
2 months by Meningit
@spotflare Good for yoy :| @spotflare When I have a free time I'll look this movie! :|
2 months by Meningit
movie name?
3 months by Cadbren
I'm not sure this is a movie I'm trying to find but I recall a scene from the ad on tv. It has a ...
3 months by Cadbren
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