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Flicks Picks
11 months by Flicker2013
[] Roots (2016)|( Monday May 30, 2016)| Season 01 Episode 01|' Epis...
5 hours by Flicker2013
Everything Game of Thrones
over 2 years by meeksbam
@Flicker2013 LOL Can't put him in every bloody episode woman :|
18 hours by Trauma65
Everything 12 Monkeys (2014) TV Series
1 year by Flicker2013
[] 12 Monkeys (2015)|(Monday May 30, 2016)| Season 02 Episode 07|'M...
21 hours by Flicker2013
Wayward Pines (2015) ( FOX )
1 year by Flicker2013
@Flicker2013 people of wayward pines WAITING FOR YOU :| :|
1 day by wisps
The Flashᶜʷ -- Speculation, Predicitons, and General Head Scratching
1 year by dopilus
The Flash has HUGE consistency issues in terms of the time traveling bits. Legends of Tomorrow al...
Fear The Walking Dead (2015) | AMC
9 months by Flicker2013
These people get waaaaaay too much vacation time... :P
1 day by randomevent
Everything Outlander (2014) TV Series
1 year by Flicker2013
@Flicker2013 I missed her too! Even Jamie knows not to cross her :D. @Flicker2013 I missed her ...
1 day by randomevent
Penny Dreadful (2014) | SHOWTIME
1 year by Flicker2013
[] Penny Dreadful (2014)|(Sunday MAY 29, 2015)| Season 03 Episode 5...
1 day by Flicker2013
Netflix Bloodline (2015)
1 year by Flicker2013
I always love when Netflix begins or ends with the knocking sound. It's from House of Cards. At t...
2 days by AliceFell
red rock season finale s2 ep78
4 days by turf
who do you think the killer is ? my guess the junkie addict
4 days by turf
Orphan Black (2013) | TV Series |SPACE ( Canada)
1 year by Flicker2013
[] Orphan Black (2013) |(Thursdays May 26, 2016)| Season 04 Episode...
5 days by Flicker2013
5 days by turf
@The_Renegade thanks ,did travel for it,everyone in the show are hilarious
5 days by turf
need tv shows recommendation
5 days by kraken2908
please tell me any good tv shows out there beside supernatural,GOT,penny dreadful, and also pleas...
5 days by kraken2908
Best SyFy shows
16 days by Horrific420
Here is my 2 cents. I really liked Helix also. As for new shows, how about Preacher? The pilot ...
5 days by Lucy18960
Everything The 100
1 year by Flicker2013
IKR! SO many crazy finales im, losing my mind!!! :| :| :|
6 days by JBeans420
Looking for a new show to watch. Any suggestions?
6 days by Dragonfly1985
@Dragonfly1985 Have you seen Limitless?
6 days by cecja
Everything Banshee (2013) TV Series
1 year by Flicker2013
@spotflare Wow good thing you downloaded b/c it is near IMPOSSIBLE to links ALIVE n kicking b/c t...
10 days by Flicker2013
Everything ( The Originals )
1 year by Flicker2013
@miffersss Welp Hes gone for 4.5 months now missy lol :| :|
9 days by Flicker2013
Everything Reign-CW
1 year by meeksbam
@meeksbam @Sebash07 @wisps @miffersss @K1ttyCl1ck. @CyrusDaVirus @SabineNL @oldshuntr @Misabel13 ...
21 days by Flicker2013
Complete season vs every week episode
28 days by Vonhasler
24 days by turf
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