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// mini anden - swedish model/actor //
1 month by spotflare
@spotflare Sound advice Spots...LOL... :|
1 month by DavDseky
olga kurylenko - one of the masters of acting without speaking
1 month by spotflare
[] []
1 month by spotflare
Favourite Schwarzenegger quote
1 year by Elfkin
Hooray for resurrecting dead threads! I'll step it up a notch and give a video of my favorite Sc...
1 month by raginmjolnir
Abe Vigoda February 24, 1921 – January 26, 2016 94 years old
4 months by rabbit32
I liked his guest spots on Conan O'Brien's Late Night. But here he is as Det. Phil Fish from Barn...
4 months by CaliGal
Alan Rickman dead at 69
4 months by Femalefan
I enjoyed his endearing villainy best, the 'Sheriff of Nottingham' is my favourite. His Snape wa...
4 months by saxon901
R.I.P Grizzly Adams, November 19, 1941 – January 15, 2016, 74 yrs old
4 months by rabbit32
@rabbit32 Yep, it would have been nice to see him reprise his role. I didn't see Mac and Me eithe...
4 months by Rummy
WRITERS' HUB - the whole kit and caboodle!
8 months by Literati
This thread is both a list and a meeting place for writers, aspiring writers and for those whom h...
8 months by Literati
Arnold Schwarzenegger in Termintor Genisys
11 months by Redinvader
@pirates_utd You should watch it. I must say that I didn't feel like looking at my watch. That's...
10 months by Redinvader
R I P Wes Craven
9 months by Femalefan
This past week on NPR, there was a replay segment on "Fresh Air" with Terry Gross inter...
9 months by WVfem
Matthew McConaughey in Interstellar (2014) - Review
11 months by FREDDOBAR
I thought he was perfect for the role. Great flick.
9 months by Shinobi567
Favourite Blonde actress/actor
1 year by Redinvader
Not sure if Jensen Ackles is a natural blonde, but he gets my vote.
1 year by madmadeline
Christopher Lee has died at 93
12 months by Femalefan
RIP Christopher Lee :| One of the greats has departed from this earth but thanks to Solar we ca...
11 months by pathologicalflyr
1 year by darthintrepid
Kevin Costner as Alex Marshall in "The Big Chill". He was perfect for the role, with ju...
12 months by bargal20
5 Greatest Movie Performances
1 year by Elfkin
[...] if you want 'em, i can upload 'em to my Adrive account and send you links that will dload...
12 months by spotflare
Shameful - but I forgive you
1 year by Elfkin
LMAO maybe I just like cheesy movies then, because most of the ones you guys are naming I watch o...
1 year by Resticon
Scene Stealers
1 year by c-beams
1 year by c-beams
Who is your least favorite actor/actress?
1 year by iwanawatch
I always liked Juliette Lewis. :|
1 year by Shinobi567
Worst Actor Ever
1 year by FREDDOBAR
[...] Lol..I gave Hayden Christensen the benefit of the doubt with his whiny performance. I fi...
1 year by Kiki1977
Leonard Nimoy R.I.P.
1 year by Elfkin
I went to someone's wake yesterday and his nickname used to be Spock. :| R.I.P. Leonard Nimoy, ...
1 year by Shinobi567
Keith Lemon
1 year by eyesquare
Lmao I'm watching it on tv at the moment and can't stop laughing
1 year by eyesquare
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