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Favourite Schwarzenegger quote
1 year by Elfkin
i did find Gustav Schwarzenegger's favorite quote :|
3 days by turf
Abe Vigoda February 24, 1921 – January 26, 2016 94 years old
12 days by rabbit32
I liked his guest spots on Conan O'Brien's Late Night. But here he is as Det. Phil Fish from Barn...
12 days by CaliGal
Alan Rickman dead at 69
24 days by Femalefan
I enjoyed his endearing villainy best, the 'Sheriff of Nottingham' is my favourite. His Snape wa...
19 days by saxon901
R.I.P Grizzly Adams, November 19, 1941 – January 15, 2016, 74 yrs old
23 days by rabbit32
@rabbit32 Yep, it would have been nice to see him reprise his role. I didn't see Mac and Me eithe...
21 days by Rummy
WRITERS' HUB - the whole kit and caboodle!
5 months by Blarney
This thread is both a list and a meeting place for writers, aspiring writers and for those whom h...
5 months by Blarney
Arnold Schwarzenegger in Termintor Genisys
7 months by Redinvader
@pirates_utd You should watch it. I must say that I didn't feel like looking at my watch. That's...
7 months by Redinvader
R I P Wes Craven
5 months by Femalefan
This past week on NPR, there was a replay segment on "Fresh Air" with Terry Gross inter...
5 months by WVfem
Matthew McConaughey in Interstellar (2014) - Review
7 months by FREDDOBAR
I thought he was perfect for the role. Great flick.
5 months by Shinobi567
Favourite Blonde actress/actor
10 months by Redinvader
Not sure if Jensen Ackles is a natural blonde, but he gets my vote.
9 months by madmadeline
Christopher Lee has died at 93
8 months by Femalefan
RIP Christopher Lee :| One of the greats has departed from this earth but thanks to Solar we ca...
7 months by pathologicalflyr
1 year by darthintrepid
Kevin Costner as Alex Marshall in "The Big Chill". He was perfect for the role, with ju...
8 months by bargal20
5 Greatest Movie Performances
1 year by Elfkin
[...] if you want 'em, i can upload 'em to my Adrive account and send you links that will dload...
8 months by spotflare
Shameful - but I forgive you
1 year by Elfkin
LMAO maybe I just like cheesy movies then, because most of the ones you guys are naming I watch o...
1 year by Resticon
Scene Stealers
1 year by c-beams
10 months by c-beams
Who is your least favorite actor/actress?
10 months by iwanawatch
I always liked Juliette Lewis. :|
10 months by Shinobi567
Worst Actor Ever
1 year by FREDDOBAR
[...] Lol..I gave Hayden Christensen the benefit of the doubt with his whiny performance. I fi...
11 months by Kiki1977
Leonard Nimoy R.I.P.
12 months by Elfkin
I went to someone's wake yesterday and his nickname used to be Spock. :| R.I.P. Leonard Nimoy, ...
11 months by Shinobi567
Keith Lemon
1 year by eyesquare
Lmao I'm watching it on tv at the moment and can't stop laughing
1 year by eyesquare
The Soska Sisters
1 year by spiff65
[http://www.twistedtwinsproduct...] [] [http://www.solarmovie....
1 year by Flicker2013
Directors with a great body...of work
1 year by Elfkin
Paul Verhoeven. . [] . [] . [ht...
1 year by Elfkin
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