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Anyone can add a movie!
9 months by Redinvader
@Mfinn []
29 days by rabbit32
Horror Movies
6 days by PapiDibble
@PapiDibble It make me giggle and then reminded me of seeing this post. Glad you like it. :| :|
8 hours by CaliGal
Son of Saul , Brand New Testament, Embrace of the Serpent - Links?
9 days by DesiKnight14
:) i have seen TBNT..
16 hours by DesiKnight14
1 day by slightlytwisted
@slightlytwisted No problem. Thanks for the heads up on what looks like a good documentary :|
1 day by CaliGal
The Jackie Robinson Story (1950) in color
1 day by ChuckH
There's a b/w version here but I'd like the color version that came out later.
1 day by ChuckH
lovers lane
4 days by fsanders1968
Hi, Can you add the 2000 horror flick lovers lane? Thank you very much.
4 days by fsanders1968
No Stranger than Love (2015)
5 days by foreverfilm
No Stranger Than Love - Alison Brie/Colin Hanks movie -- thanks!
5 days by foreverfilm
The Dark Side of the Heart (1992) IMdB tt0104662
6 days by MontyFly
@YEAPBUNNY Thank you :| Based on the tastes o0f the woman who recommended it to me I am certain ...
5 days by MontyFly
Wild Canaries (2014)
5 days by Green_Eyes
This movie is only English subtitles.
5 days by Meningit
The Bells Of St. Mary's (1945) but in color
6 days by ChuckH
Looking for the colorized version of The Bells Of St. Mary's. Thanks.
6 days by ChuckH
A good Sci-Fi
8 days by MikeMAR14
8 days by rabbit32
9 days by juliedd
@spotflare @eagle844 - man, you guys are awesome!! thanks so much for the info. this will keep...
9 days by juliedd
Holding the Man links
13 days by Hoytsboy
I found links. So don't bother. Thanks.
9 days by Hoytsboy
Man Down (2015)
10 days by ocean1961
Could someone please add this movie? THX! :)
10 days by ocean1961
Suburra 2015
10 days by WVfem
Excellent Italian crime drama (with English subs)
10 days by WVfem
The Waters edge
10 days by wsup
10 days by wsup
Jarhead 3
10 days by soldier4messiah7
check inbox
10 days by rabbit32
Casablanca (1942) but in color
12 days by ChuckH
You know, I thought I checked all of the links. Missed that one I guess. Thanks.
11 days by ChuckH
Karas: The Revelation 2007
12 days by CaliGal
@The_Renegade Thank you :|
12 days by CaliGal
13 days by juliedd
No luck on my part, but I should have been more careful searching. Donkeys and Dwarves as far as...
13 days by rabbit32
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