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DOWN HOSTS are as follows (Sockshare Vodlocker Firedrive)
1 year by Flicker2013
@SparkyKarl. @meeksbam. @sebash07. Seems that openload have problems, videos wont play :|
3 days by St3wie
Current Link Limitations
over 4 years by The_Boss
I am loving it here
over 4 years by oxen88
Domain changes
1 year by The_Boss
@spotflare @spotflare The only male Liberty I've ever heard of. Seen this film many times as a ch...
9 months by LadyLiberty
Message to all Linkers/Uploaders
over 2 years by JunoSkyra
@spotflare I've seen that one. It is pretty vanilla and has no action in it what so ever... :|
9 months by oldshuntr
over 2 years by darthintrepid
[...] sending short but thorough"abuse" reports to admin is better than writing about...
1 year by pirates_utd
All Users - Re: Comment Section - Please read
over 2 years by JunoSkyra
[...] Please see here. []
1 year by ubkma
Our Official Facebook Fanclub!
over 4 years by The_Boss
I love this site, I'm so grateful to be able to watch my faves, as I don't have cable here. Go! T...
over 2 years by Coyotebleu
How and How Not To Vote Links for Movies.and Shows
1 month by ubkma
Seems a refresher is in order for new members. I had promised to do this a while back, but never ...
1 month by ubkma
vodlocker phising
1 month by TECHIE1968
@Lelu Make sure you update (Cinema Site rule address) guys. FYI guys... . when making ('site rul...
1 month by Flicker2013
Trouble with Vodlocker popups?
1 month by ubkma
New UPDATE for ('site Rules') address correction. Since admin changed our ('Solar Cinema Page') a...
1 month by Flicker2013
Pop-Up and Ad Blocking help using ( 'AdBlocker Plus' )
1 month by Flicker2013
FYI guys... . when making ('site rules') for (ABP Pop-Up ADDON) Be sure to ('UPDATE') the site ad...
1 month by Flicker2013
Penguin Says Goodbye.... Thanks Solarians for all the good times...
1 year by Flicker2013
Hey Flicker I just registered to this wonderful site, even though Ive been using and addicted to ...
1 year by Misfit1386
1 month by turf
@turf I'm not getting whatever you did, it was probably just an April Fools.
1 month by cecja
Red Screen when I click to watch a movie
1 month by Shaylicuious
Problem is solved. Its been happening for a few days.
1 month by Shaylicuious
2 months by Christheartist
@Christheartist []
2 months by cecja
rant on videome
3 months by turf
3 months by The_Renegade
oh no!! is solarmovie really getting blocked?
3 months by lawless248366
@suzklein ~ On behalf of 'all of us' you are now "one of us, one of us..." Quote, sou...
3 months by The_Renegade
Imarobot- mutes today
1 year by meeksbam
@SparkyKarl She's a friend, but hasn't been online the last two times this has happened and got t...
3 months by AlaynaSky
SOOOOOOOOO many dead links!!!!!!
10 months by lamalicker2
Okay.. So Ive only read some of the posts on here. I understand vodlocker isnt working but on occ...
3 months by chucksmom30
Audio Problems?
4 months by Gumphry
Never mind... it was Adobe Flash... fixed...
4 months by Gumphry
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