What Hosts Are The Most Trustworthy ?

i tryed videopp keeps kickin me off ,even while still on site watchin movie ,keeps askin me to sigh in ,idk wats up with that site.,love youtube,mega,s gone and putlocker i stick with ,most try adding malware ads in your browser (comp) so i try stayin away ,you can google a list of sites to add to your av or browser blocker .i did helps alot .

also, Videopp makes you enter credit card info even if you have an account ... if im going to do that id rather goto the theater

People never download any codec ... Not worth it!!!

yeah i love sockshare & putlocker ... anything with divx in it i stay away lol

I have been using this site for quite sometime and i have only used Putlocker links because ive done those before and i trust them. Others try to make you login or download a plugin which im not doing or they only let you watch so much of the movie then you have to buy an account in order to finish it. So what links are like putlocker? because not many putlocker links are being posted and im not sure which other ones to trust.

I use clicktoview.org , haven't found any others that are free or don't want a registration.

Putlocker & Sockshare definitely the best! There is another site that has faster streaming speed than most others called "watchfreeinhd". I have only seen it at Movie2k not here in Solar though.

These are my personal preferences, they always work well and load fast for me....

- Putlocker
- Sockshare
- Nowvideo
- Filenuke
- Novamov
- Videoweed

None of our hosts should require registration, downloads or payment tbh. If a link requests something like that feel free to report it.

sockshare, putlocker, stagevu

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