Current Link Limitations


If you have 300 rating and at least 10 approved links - drop a message to [email][/email]

Just to make it clear to all users and linkers - the current limits on adding links:

- A simple user can add only one link per movie.

- A linker has no limit for links per movie, but can add only one link from each service for each movie.

Both linker and user can't add more than 5 links during one minute.

Why do the ratings Bars come up when the Movie Page comes up? This is Very Annoying and if you try to watch on Putlocker, you can't even Press Play. It's covered by the Bars.Can someone Please Fix This? Thanks ahead.

Monday mates!

Yes, but all the requests are on hold.

People wanting "Linker", if you have in-boxed The Boss please be patient, he will reply when he has finished reviewing the "Linker" requests.

Maybe you should check your profile page?

PM me the movie and link please!

Linker can add more links and will get more benefits like link protection very soon.

I am loving it here

Just send requests guys and I'll check 'em.

Next time read the rules please.
We don't ask for any CC, you paid it to the third party website.

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