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Criminal Minds 2005

The cases of the BAU, an elite group of profilers who analyze the nation's most dangerous criminal minds in an effort to anticipate their next moves before they strike again...

Glenn Kershaw, Félix Enríquez Alcalá, Edward Allen Bernero, ...
Glynn Turman, Steven Williams, Corbin Bernsen, ...
Drama, Mystery, Thriller, ...
USA, Canada

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Solar rating:9.3/10


Imdb rating:8.2/10

Latest Episode: The Bond (s11e13) January 27, 2016

The Atlanta field office requests the BAU's assistance in a case with two victims thus far, both stabbed multiple times to death, both victims found bound in different truck stop rest rooms

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Season 11

Episode 19 Tribute 0 links
March 1, 2016 Episode 18 Beautiful Disaster 0 links
March 16, 2016 Episode 17 The Sandman 0 links
March 2, 2016 Episode 16 Derek 0 links
February 24, 2016 Episode 15 A Badge and a Gun 0 links
February 10, 2016 Episode 14 Hostage 0 links
January 27, 2016 Episode 13 The Bond 185 links
January 20, 2016 Episode 12 Drive 210 links
January 13, 2016 Episode 11 Entropy 168 links
December 9, 2015 Episode 10 Future Perfect 203 links
December 2, 2015 Episode 9 Internal Affairs 188 links
November 18, 2015 Episode 8 Awake 211 links
November 11, 2015 Episode 7 Target Rich 198 links
November 4, 2015 Episode 6 Pariahville 216 links
October 28, 2015 Episode 5 The Night Watch 189 links
October 21, 2015 Episode 4 Outlaw 155 links
October 14, 2015 Episode 3 'Til Death Do Us Part 178 links
October 7, 2015 Episode 2 The Witness 194 links
September 30, 2015 Episode 1 The Job 235 links

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Nice Serial! :D
Well...I tried. I watched 2 seasons and I want my week back. In 2 seasons every episode (besides 3) were centered on conservative types in conservative locations killing liberal types (in one episode even kidnapping said liberals and bringing them to the evil conservative state). I have lost the ability to even.
So, I'm watching this for the first time. This is just so totally BS so far. Seriously disgusting amount of moral bias towards progressivism. I mean, it's like Michael Moore directed it and Jim Carey weote it. Every episode I've seen is some kind SJW contest to see who could write the most biased episode.
@BiancaW3 thanks!
@Lisettexx CBS recently revealed its 2015 premiere dates for new and returning shows. Criminal minds is said to be returning on Wednesday, September 30th, 2015.
Hope this helped :)
wow the BAU has had a revolving door of new agents... ugh I wish Prentiss would come back already because I miss her and she kicks major butt with her sarcastic humor... she's also very sexy in that commanding presence sort of way ;0)
Does anyone know if there will be a season 11 and when?
If i start watching this now i will never stop until i'm finished ;-;
@HiwayHanna Will return(08/Apr/2015)
There are 24 total Episodes:
10x19 08/Apr/2015 Beyond Borders
10x20 15/Apr/2015 A Place at the Table
Anybody have an air date for Season 10 Episode 8?? It's listed as March 18th here but that's wrong. Love this show!! I was suprised when Jennifer Love Hewitt was added to the cast lineup but I think she's the perfect person for the role. I feel like I've seen less screen time for J.J. since JLH started but perhaps that will change later on. If you haven't seen this show, you're missing out!!!
I just posted my comment in the wrong window. The comment I posted prior to this was to be posted for the NBC show Allegiance. I have yet to figure out how to delete a comment, sorry for the mixup.
@Dragonfly1985 huh? I think you have the wrong show.
So unfortunately, as I had feared, NBC has apparently cancelled this show after only 5 episodes, or so I have heard. I thought there were still 2 episodes that were planned to air before I heard of the cancellation so I am wondering, will these still air or will we have to wait for a DVD to come out?? Really bummed. They cancel too many good shows & this one was one I hoped would stick around!!
Totally LOVE this shoow !!! everything is just perfeect!! ❤️❤️ xoxo
Any show on tonite? (Dec 3rd, 2014) It says there is, but I didn't see it listed on T.V. or here... it was only listed on the IMDB link.
@Oryuken Thank you so much!!!!!!!
@Magick1 Under "Unknown Season", below "Season 1". Don't ask me why.
Does anyone know what happened to last night's episode? s10e06 entitled "If the Shoe Fits". It isn't listed here... Hmmmm.......
@ogthug89 Oh! dagnamit :'(
@Trauma65 only when the rings of Saturn line up with the third moon of all seriousness demons was the finale no more for a while :(