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Doctor Who 2005

The further adventures of the time traveling alien adventurer and his companions...

Graeme Harper, Euros Lyn, James Strong, ...
Mark Gatiss, John Hurt, Stuart Milligan, ...
Drama, Family, Adventure, ...
UK, Canada

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Solar rating:9.2 /10


Imdb rating: 8.8 /10

Latest Episode: Episode #9.13 (s09e13) December 25, 2015
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December 25, 2015 Episode 13 Episode #9.13 117 links
December 5, 2015 Episode 12 Hell Bent 164 links
November 28, 2015 Episode 11 Heaven Sent 139 links
November 21, 2015 Episode 10 Face the Raven 165 links
November 14, 2015 Episode 9 Sleep No More 152 links
November 7, 2015 Episode 8 The Zygon Inversion 181 links
October 31, 2015 Episode 7 The Zygon Invasion 166 links
October 24, 2015 Episode 6 The Woman Who Lived 125 links
October 17, 2015 Episode 5 The Girl Who Died 160 links
October 10, 2015 Episode 4 Before the Flood 170 links
October 3, 2015 Episode 3 Under the Lake 158 links
September 26, 2015 Episode 2 The Witch's Familiar 99 links
September 19, 2015 Episode 1 The Magician's Apprentice 67 links
December 25, 2014 Episode 0 Last Christmas 12 links

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Muppet has become such a screw up. Honestly, how long does it take for a 12 episode season? The writing has gotten real shoddy anyways, seeming like most are just thrown together last minute. Curious to see just how much damage he does on the way out. Saw the new companion and she looks like Martha Jones and River Song morphed together. Pearle Mackie. Some theater experience and nothing else. Really should of been Maise Williams, I'm sure she would of enjoyed being on TV for more then 2 minutes every few weeks. LOL
I really have this feeling that this show is not making it past the 11th season. Companion with hardly any acting experience, Muppet is leaving to be replaced with a very poor choice, and Capaldi signed for 3 yrs, because he wants to do other stuff. Let's face it, if you're going to push towards 2 years inbetween seasons, don't think he's going to want to stick around.
Personally, it's time for something brand new anyways. I still think that they should regenerate him with the face of the Master, played by John Simm. The direction and story could go in so many crazy directions. Simm has a ton of personality. Well, we've got a year to see where this is going.
@Christheartist Well that's just not true. He never said anything about leaving. He did say that series 10 'could be (his) last'. And that news sounds an awful lot like something Mirror would try to sell (like they announced an actress to be the next companion three days before BBC did, and they got it wrong).
I personally liked Capaldi, he played the part well imo. It wasn't the happy chipper doctor most people want. It seemed like he was going for a "broken" doctor vibe caused by regenerating 13 times. Like in the first episode when he had no idea who he was. It felt like he was remembering The Doctor as time went on and was learning how to cope with everything he has been through. I'll miss him but with every person who plays the doctor their time comes and goes. Always enjoyable to see what happens next.
Pearl Mackie has been named as the new Doctor Who companion alongside Peter Capaldi's Time Lord in the Tardis. You can google her name for photos

Mackie said her new character "Bill" was "wicked", describing her as "cool, strong, sharp, a little bit vulnerable with a bit of geekiness thrown in".
The BBC will announce who the new companion is on April 23rd at around 6pm...woo hoo, i can not wait!
DOCTOR WHO NEWS: The five students for the Doctor Who spin off CLASS have been cast - Katherine Kelly, Greg Austin, Sophie Hopkins Fady Elsayed and Vivian Oparah....all actors who have appeared in minor roles in a lot of BBC popular shows like Coranation Street and Mr Selfridge. They are all beautiful kids/teens. The show takes place at Coal Hill School, starts filming immediately and will be on air in just a couple of months.
Today , March 26th is the 11th anniversary of the first broadcast of the first Eccelson/Piper episode of Doctor Who called "ROSE"......celebrate by going back and watching that wonderful episode on Solar one more time!
And so the Capaldi leaves... Knee injury? Maybe. For my own amusement I'll say that it's because the ratings bombed as soon as he came on.
GOOD NEWS/BAD NEWS depending on how you want to look at it. Doctor Who News (not spoilers). The last season of Doctor Who was the lowest rated series since 1989...and that was when they cancelled the first series. 3.9 million viewers. The BBC makes too much money on Merchandise from WHO so it is not really in fear of cancelation AT THE MOMENT.
PETER CAPADI has announced that the next season will be his last because of a knee injury that gets worse with all the time and energy required for Doctor Who. He will be leaving with Steven Moffitt...
which means Chris Chibnall can start all over again from scratch when he takes over the reigns. RUMOR is he wants Emma Watson to be the new Doctor....
Still no announcement on WHO is the new companion, but Moffit has said that the whole dynamic will change, with the new companion being the star or co-star of the story, as opposed to just a companion. Still saying we can expect an announcement at anytime.
No new casting on CLASS, the Doctor Who spin off.
@Christheartist thank you
@raginmjolnir I couldn't agree more....except for the River Song episode all the fun is gone from Doctor Who.... Capaldi can NOT run, he didn't smile for the first two seasons. And I think because they couldn't get out of this cranky Doctor persona (not cranky like Eccelson, who was fantastic), it affected the rest of the show.Why would Clara come back after being treated like garbage by the Doctor? Dany Pink was such a terrible character with absolutely NO chemistry with Clara.
I have found that when I talk to people at conventions about the new Doctor, they say "Peter Capaldi is such a great actor..." almost as if that has become an excuse for the bad seasons.
You are not alone in your Capaldi opinion
I really hope they do get rid of Capaldi. I might be able to start watching the show again. I got 4, maybe 5 episodes in after he took over and I started to really dislike the show.
i would be just heart broken if the doctor traded in the tardis for an I-phone lol
@raginmjolnir @vash179 @heixxy Very exciting news. Just announced today, March 20th, THE NEW COMPANION HAS BEEN CAST! Capaldi has announced in Mexico that the new companion will be announced ANY MINUTE and he has been working with her for several days already. It will be someone who "knows very little about the Doctor" unlike Clara who already had the whole Impossible Girl thing. Unfortunatly, for me anyway, that cuts out me two high on the list choices of Georgia Moffit as the Doctor's Daughter, and Ingrid Oliver as Doctor Who fan Osgood. Very exciting...I'll keep you posted!
@lapfox @vash179 DOCTOR WHO UPDATE! We WILL se Peter Capaldi as the Doctor in 2016...just not on Doctor Who!
Starting to film next month BBC has announced a new Doctor Who spin off called CLASS, which takes place at Coal Hill school..sound familiar? The same school from the very first Doctor Who episode where the Doctor's granddaughter went to school, and where Clara and Danny Pink taught last season! It is about a time rift opening in the school that lets out all sorts of monsters and aliens. It will star (still not announced) a young cast of cool teens, and they are taunting it as Buffy The Vampire Slayer in the Doctor Who universe.
Produced by Moffitt and written by YA successful book writer Patrick Ness, it WILL be available in the USA on BBC America...
and the exact wording is "With the Doctor's connection to Coal School, it is a safe bet that Peter Capaldi will appear in at least one episode!"
The actors who played Ian Chesterton and the Doctor’s granddaughter, Susan Foreman are both still alive, so wouldn't that be a nice fan treat to see them appear on Class...Ian is already listed as Principal or something on the Coal Hill sign.
@vash179 DOCTOR WHO UPDATE NEWS: They have not started filming season 10 yet, and as of March12, 2016 the official word is that filming will start soon.There will be no new WHO in 2016, except for the Christmas special on Dec 25th 2016. The official excuse is there is too much going on with the Summer Olymipics so they will wait till that is over before new WHO.
Series ten will beSteven Moffits last season as show runner, Chris Chibnal (Broadchurc) takes of season 11.
Peter Capaldi IS NOT confirmed for season ten but has been asked to return, whether that means full season or a couple of episodes. He just says filming will start soon.
No companion has been chosen...but Moffit keeps referring to the new companion as a SHE. Maisie Williams (Ashildr) will NOT be the new companion and will not be appearing in season ten at all, but she will be filming the next GAMES OF THRONES.
To ease the wait, ALMOST ALL Doctor Who stars and companions are doing a ton of convention appearances in the next 12 months so check the internet and you can see your favorite in person and get their autograph. Both Tennent and Smith will be at WIZARD WORLD Con in New York next month, River and Amelia will be at Dragon Con in Atlanta Labor Day (I'll be there) and if you EVER get a chance to see John Barrowman (Capt Jack) give a panel, GO SEE HIM...a little PG13, but without a doubt the most entertaining and funny and friendly man on the planet.
from what i see, and this is ONLY IMDB info. is that there will be a Christmas episode dec 25th. after that.. no news i know of..
it is absolutely amazing! how everything connects in this show... i mean.. from the first episode to the last... it ALL is relevant! if your not paying attention, you better be!!
waiting till the gf gets home so we can watch episode 25 together.. she hates it lol. not the actual show. but the fact the last 2 weeks everyday she comes home im watching this show, and then gotta finish another one lol
some of thees are actually full episodses though.. and you DEF dont want to miss them.. all in Unknown season: episodes. 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 24, 25, 26. they were all REALLY good. i thought they were even better because i havent watched em a million times. so i forgot a bunch of stuff lol. but i would DEF check them out if you havent @raginmjolnir @Christheartist