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Doctor Who 2005

The further adventures of the time traveling alien adventurer and his companions...

Graeme Harper, Euros Lyn, James Strong, ...
Mark Gatiss, John Hurt, Stuart Milligan, ...
Drama, Family, Adventure, ...
UK, Canada

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Solar rating:9.3


Imdb rating:8.8

Latest Episode: Face the Raven (s09e10) November 21, 2015

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Season 9

December 25, 2015 Episode 13 Episode #9.13 0 links
December 5, 2015 Episode 12 Hell Bent 0 links
November 28, 2015 Episode 11 Heaven Sent 0 links
November 21, 2015 Episode 10 Face the Raven 181 links
November 14, 2015 Episode 9 Sleep No More 163 links
November 7, 2015 Episode 8 The Zygon Inversion 193 links
October 31, 2015 Episode 7 The Zygon Invasion 183 links
October 24, 2015 Episode 6 The Woman Who Lived 138 links
October 17, 2015 Episode 5 The Girl Who Died 185 links
October 10, 2015 Episode 4 Before the Flood 188 links
October 3, 2015 Episode 3 Under the Lake 180 links
September 26, 2015 Episode 2 The Witch's Familiar 105 links
September 19, 2015 Episode 1 The Magician's Apprentice 105 links
December 25, 2014 Episode 0 Last Christmas 14 links

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wow, i was looking at amy ponds pics, she looked waaaayyy different before, like i def wouldnt have regonize her ever lol and @Christheartist i lik ewhen theres hundereds of lights in the skies, and hes on a little handheld microphone thingy yelling and being all awesome lol. yea it was way to easy for him to get out... liek wayyyyyy too easy.
yes @Vash, that is Peter Capaldi in the pompaii episode...but the girl with the make u[p shouuld look familiar also...that Karen Gillian, pre Amy Pond.

And the Pandorica is one of my favorite two part episodes! They run it by you so fast you don't have time to see how silly it is....I mean really, the Doctor got out because...well because he did.
all the doctors are badass, just got done watching pandorica opens. hes a scary guy to all the races lol
wwwhhhhaaattt i think the 12th doctor, in from season 9, is in an episode in season 4x2 fires of Pompeii, hes some roman guy that buys the tardis. very cool, im pretty sure thats him , should check it out at 5 minutes in.
YUP--- I got that Marked In My Head! (lol)
Saturdays is my "Doctor's Date Night"! lmao!
i was at the mall yesterday, and seen they came out with all kinds of these 6 inch vinyl figurines for tons of different shows and movies, its actuakllky pretty cool, i almost pick up a big tardi, the 10th 11 and 12th doctors lol my gf will get them for christmas she know si thought they were pretty neat, and theywere in like 5 different stores, gamestop, fye, hottopic, just search aroudn and their everywhere now lol
I'm really becoming annoyed with this 13 episode season nonsense. I can't believe season 9 is almost over. I NEED MORE!!!
@Ladyria1 oh so every saturday ?
ok thanks
Airs Tonight Epi #8. Some Dates are wrong in lineup- every Saturday is when Doctor Who Airs.
add seaon 9 episode 8 pleaaasseee
holy sh!t can we get the right episodes put up in the actual episode i can not believe how may wrong episodes there are in season 7, i find at least 2 till i find the right episode every time i watch it.. rediculous... come on people get your sh!t together
and these pills dont help.. ugggghh feel down the stairs,,, knock a tooth all outta wacked, had to go get that pulled two days ago, and with 1 1/2 inch roots, i need meds for like two weeks lol
@ImNotaCheezeNutt oh and ps, i could be waaay off of what you said, i can only litterly read liek the first 4 lines then i zone out lol,, adhd kicks my as.s lol.thedn i liek typing 5 pages lol. sry
@ImNotaCheezeNutt i watch 90% of litterly all these tv show that come up on here, i hear ya, im sure you have a life outside of work too unlike me lol. so i can come home and spend 6 hrs ezpz watching on this site. gotta watch all your weekly episodes, maybe if its thursday, catch up, then on friday sat sun, binge this show. then monday go back to watching your normal shows that come on every week and that have aired over the weekend, thats what i try to do anyway if im behind. I go away for a week.. it def takes me a few weeks to catch back up with the 40 shows ive missed lol, doesnt make it easy that there is NO organization on this site at all either.. main page new episodes post stuff thats 3 weeks old, or even first season, ya can never tell whats on... i used TVRAGE . c o m (full scheduled) when i liek to know whast on every day. jsut wish they would organize this site a little better, its all over the place. still my fav site tho dont get me wrong
this is getting hard...i have a stupid obsession with this show and with so many other tv shows im watching at the moment and on season 3 now of doctor who catching up yet again to be ready for this new season keep swaying back to this because im SO tempted to just watch the 4 episodes out on season 9..i mean ive seen every episode of doctor who ( yes including the REALLY old ones )and ive rewatched the newer ones about 5 times over now everytime when a new season airs but watching them so many times you start to recite the words and you know EXACTLY what happens next...idk im just super twitchy when new doctor who comes out and i dont know why i feel like i have to rewatch them ALL in order to watch the new my question to all whovians here on solar...should i give up now and just watch the new season or be a loyal companion and keep rewatching all the way up to what will soon be out?
I still don't like the idea of the sonic screwdriver being shades. it just does not feel natural to me.
@Flicker2013 That has nothing to do with you,so why are you apologizing?
can't wait!
Loved the Doctor's last line.
@mamadragon just click the add new link
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