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Letters of Transit / Episode 19

In the future, the Observers rule and humans that survived the purge serve them. There are still a small number of people fighting for the resistance, and one of them has discovered one of...

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Imdb rating: 9.1 /10

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So is this the alternative time line or the original it was 2011ish in last ep etta was 4 when she last saw olivia and peter 2015 th observers invade 20 years later only peter is in amber? Wtf?
great show and brewnite puts out consistant good quality files.
@Aereid Hahaha, yeah I have been down with the flu so plenty of time. It's an amazing ride- lots of good things to look forward to! :D
@Misabel13 Geese your have definatly binged this more than me lol I am still on season 3 ! How is it going so far ?
That ending got my tearconduits working! great episode!