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What Is Dead May Never Die / Episode 3

Tyrion tries to see who he can trust in the small council. Catelyn visits Renly to try and persuade him to join Robb in the war. Theon must decide if his loyalties lie with his own family or with Robb...

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Solar rating:8.9 /10


Imdb rating: 8.8 /10

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Another good watch. I`ve never been bored with an episode.
A bit of trivia about this series: In the opening credit sequence a new destination visited in this episode, Dragonstone, "rises" from the map. Vaes Dothrak and the Wall also rise.
Complex set of events to follow. Good watch.
The needle draws blood, right helmet, wrong boy.
I love Peter Dinkledge, he's such a little weasle in this show. He's really quite the actor. One for the little people.