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The Ghost of Harrenhal / Episode 5

Tyrion investigates a secret weapon that King Joffrey plans to use against Stannis. Meanwhile, as a token for saving his life, Jaqen H'ghar offers to kill three people that Arya chooses...

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Scene takes place in Daenerys's Qarth chambers:

Irri: I rewove this part of the top.

Irri: And I fixed the heel on this one.

Daenerys: (mentions Drogo’s name).

Irri: May he ride through the Night Lands forever.

Scene in Qarth courtyard: Jorah, Kovarro and Malakko in distance having heated discussion in barely audible Dothraki.

Jorah: Quiet, quiet. The khaleesi is coming. She’ll decide this.

Jorah, speaking common, explains argument ending with: He (Kovarro) can chop of as much as we can carry.

Kovarro: Or melt it. Very simple.

Daenerys: We are his guests! You can not pry it, nor chop it, nor melt it.

Kovarro: Of course not, Khaleesi! We will await our departure.

Daenerys: During our departure, not even.

Kovarro: Not then? Why?

Daenerys(actual): When the host rescued us from the (Red) Wastes. I die us, no more!

Daenerys(scripted): Our host saved us from the Red Waste and you want to steal from him? I will hear no more.
The chemistry between Arya and Tywin Lannister is so awesome.... and i love Jaqen H'gar.... Valler Morgullis
I never grow tired of this series. Lucky for me, I am so far behind that I can watch back to back when I have time. Now for some trivia about Game of thrnes:"Fire and Blood", is the Targaryen family motto. Each noble family has its own motto. For example, "Winter Is Coming", the title of episode 1 of season 1, is the Stark family motto.
I give you three lives.........
Some work..
Game of Thrones > Season 2 > Episode 5
Title: The Ghost Of Harrenhal
Air Date: April 29, 2012

Game of Thrones Summary Plot:
The end of the Baratheon rivalry drives Catelyn to flee and Littlefinger to act. At King’s Landing, Tyrion’s source alerts him to Joffrey’s flawed defense plan and a mysterious secret weapon. Theon sails to the Stony Shore to prove he’s worthy to be called Ironborn.

In Harrenhal, Arya receives a promise from Jaqen H’ghar, one of three prisoners she saved from the Gold Cloaks. The Night’s Watch arrive at the Fist of the First Men, an ancient fortress where they hope to stem the advance of the wildling army.