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Once Upon a Time 2011

A young woman with a troubled past is drawn to a small town in Maine where fairy tales are to be believed...

David Barrett, Dean White, Ralph Hemecker, ...
Ted Whittall, Michael Teigen, Kristin Bauer van Straten, ...
Drama, Mystery, Romance, ...

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Solar rating:9.2 /10


Imdb rating: 8 /10

Latest Episode: An Untold Story (s05e23) May 15, 2016

Regina and Emma set out to find Henry before Gold does. Meanwhile Snow, David, Hook, and Zelena are imprisoned

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Season 6

Season 5

May 15, 2016 Episode 23 An Untold Story 205 links
May 15, 2016 Episode 22 Only You 209 links
May 8, 2016 Episode 21 Last Rites 123 links
May 1, 2016 Episode 20 Firebird 188 links
April 24, 2016 Episode 19 Sisters 182 links
April 17, 2016 Episode 18 Ruby Slippers 184 links
April 10, 2016 Episode 17 Her Handsome Hero 180 links
April 3, 2016 Episode 16 Our Decay 201 links
March 27, 2016 Episode 15 The Brothers Jones 215 links
March 20, 2016 Episode 14 Devil's Due 188 links
March 13, 2016 Episode 13 Labor of Love 193 links
March 6, 2016 Episode 12 Souls of the Departed 55 links
December 6, 2015 Episode 11 Swan Song 108 links
November 29, 2015 Episode 10 Broken Heart 102 links
November 15, 2015 Episode 9 The Bear King 90 links
November 15, 2015 Episode 8 Birth 91 links
November 8, 2015 Episode 7 Nimue 99 links
November 1, 2015 Episode 6 The Bear and the Bow 91 links
October 25, 2015 Episode 5 Dreamcatcher 83 links
October 18, 2015 Episode 4 The Broken Kingdom 88 links
October 11, 2015 Episode 3 Siege Perilous 104 links
October 4, 2015 Episode 2 The Price 97 links
September 27, 2015 Episode 1 The Dark Swan 77 links

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Season 2

Season 1


What I've always really liked about this show is the backstories, the villains are never just villains for no reason. They didn't start out as the bad guy nor did they ever set out to be the bad guy (except Cruella, but whoever cared about her anyway? WHY WAS SHE EVER ON THE SHOW!) Bad things happened to them and instead of dealing and overcoming they let it eat them alive until they turned into villains. I've always been drawn to these kind of characters the most and I love to see them change and grow.
I have noticed there are multiple TV shows out that are turning good guys into bad guys and bad guys into good guys. The way I see it, and always have, is that anyone can change, they just have to be committed to the change with a firm resolve. Most people don't want to change bad enough to withstand the temptations to go back to old ways.

My point being...

I am glad they are showing that good guys can make mistakes and bad guys can be a hero. I believe it will help serve to open more people up to the idea that there is no such thing as a bad person or a good person, but their deeds, whether good or bad, shape other peoples opinions about us.
whats the season on elsa and tarzan
*cries with joy at the renewal* YAY!
this show used to be good, i cant say anything abotu the 4th season cuz i havent watched it.. but the 3rd jsut got boring... WAY boring, and kind of stupid...
i waited each week for this show.... in the 3rd season it was too much.. either it never soon enough... not in a good way...... but it was ALWAYS not that appealing to even have to wait a week for this show...........................................................................................................................................................................................................................

this is one show.. i will wait 2 days episodes for, or thats it count me out.. you think i got a week!?!?! your not that important, not even close...
Come on linkers!!! You can do it!!!
Oh the anticipation is killing me!! Any links yet?? >_>
Hot hooked on this show by a review I read on this site, needless to say I was hooked after watching first season. Then got a wildhare up my arse and watched the entire seasons. Now I am waiting till season 6 to kick up....Cannot wait to see Hook and Emma back together again.
@sona_ami HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahahaa! Now that would be an ending. Emma was just high on drugs the whole time. Brave Heroin indeed.
Beware people, shark-jumping imminent. If you like this show at all stop watching at 37 minutes into Season 5 Episode 11 and just walk away. The ending is poetic and closes out the series nicely. Everything in the last 5 minutes is just a desperate attempt to keep the show on life-support and makes no sense in regards to continuity or logic. (Just treat this as a 5 season show from now on, just like Supernatural. They even make it easy for you, both series finales are titled "Swan Song". How perfect is that!)
i love emma like a dark one..and evil..
Holy.... almost 100 episodes
I never had any interest in watching this show at all, but after running out of shows to binge on I decided to give it a try. So glad I did, I love it! Seriously it's great.
omg! I loved that! thank god this show is back!
You guys have to watch the promo for the 'The Dark Swan' jaw dropping
'Brave' heroin is coming. Can't wait....
@flevoman84 I know right! The twists just keep coming, they know how to keep us hanging!
@natt20 Yeahh i thought so... it was a bit open ended so cant wait for the next season :)
@flevoman84 I think so. I think part 1 and part 2 have just been condensed into one.