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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 1993

Orbiting the liberated planet of Bajor, a Federation space station guards the opening of a stable wormhole to the far side of the Galaxy...

David Livingston, Les Landau, Winrich Kolbe, ...
Josh Pais, Joseph Ruskin, Nicholas Worth, ...
Drama, Action, Adventure, ...
English, Klingon

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Solar rating:9.6


Imdb rating:7.9

Latest Episode: What You Leave Behind (s07e25) June 2, 1999

As the Dominion War comes to an end, Dukat goes to the Pah Wraiths to awaken them. Meanwhile the Dominion turn on the rebelling Cardassians, destroying them city by city. Will the Alliance

Season 7

June 2, 1999 Episode 25 What You Leave Behind 1 link
May 26, 1999 Episode 24 The Dogs of War 1 link
May 19, 1999 Episode 23 Extreme Measures 1 link
May 12, 1999 Episode 22 Tacking Into the Wind 1 link
May 5, 1999 Episode 21 When It Rains... 1 link
April 28, 1999 Episode 20 The Changing Face of Evil 1 link
April 21, 1999 Episode 19 Strange Bedfellows 1 link
April 14, 1999 Episode 18 'Til Death Do Us Part 1 link
April 7, 1999 Episode 17 Penumbra 1 link
March 3, 1999 Episode 16 Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges 1 link
February 24, 1999 Episode 15 Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang 1 link
February 17, 1999 Episode 14 Chimera 1 link
February 10, 1999 Episode 13 Field of Fire 1 link
February 3, 1999 Episode 12 The Emperor's New Cloak 1 link
January 6, 1999 Episode 11 Prodigal Daughter 1 link
December 30, 1998 Episode 10 It's Only a Paper Moon 1 link
November 25, 1998 Episode 9 Covenant 1 link
November 18, 1998 Episode 8 The Siege of AR-558 1 link
November 11, 1998 Episode 7 Once More Unto the Breach 1 link
November 2, 1998 Episode 6 Treachery, Faith, and the Great River 1 link
October 28, 1998 Episode 5 Chrysalis 1 link
October 21, 1998 Episode 4 Take Me Out to the Holosuite 1 link
October 14, 1998 Episode 3 Afterimage 1 link
October 7, 1998 Episode 2 Shadows and Symbols 1 link
September 30, 1998 Episode 1 Image in the Sand 1 link

Season 6

Season 5

Season 4

Season 3

Season 2

Season 1


About the best Star Trek franchise in story and character development.

Here. aliens are portrayed as real people and not just plot devices for humans to be bouncing off.

I dunno about that Morn, though. What a motormouth chatterbox. He just never seem to shut up. (Bwahahahaha.)
Thus far 1/3 or so of season 4 seems to be out of whack when it comes to episode sequence and naming. I get why the mods are so strict on this. Rewatching, BTW, and everything up to this has been perfect. Thanks, linkers.
If you are able, I suggest watching it in conjunction with TNG, there are quite a few cross over episodes. Can't believe this series is 15 years old...

I need to figure out how to stop this aging thing..
Former "Trekkie" who was fanatical about the original series and TNG, but burned out pretty hard and skipped Deep Space Nine. Now I am going back and watching this series, and I have to admit that it is just as enjoyable as TNG was. I'm just sorry I waited so long to take a trip through the wormhole...
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