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Stargate: Atlantis 2004

An international team of scientists and military personnel discover a Stargate network in the Pegasus Galaxy and come face-to-face with a new, powerful enemy, The Wraith...

Martin Wood, Andy Mikita, William Waring, ...
Reece Thompson, William MacDonald, Janina Gavankar, ...
Drama, Action, Adventure, ...
USA, Canada
English, Czech

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Solar rating:9.5


Imdb rating:8.1

Latest Episode: Enemy at the Gate (s05e20) January 9, 2009

A hive ship turbo-charged with a ZPM has received the Wraith's message from a alternate universe containing the location of Earth. The ship is now heading for Earth

Season 5

January 9, 2009 Episode 20 Enemy at the Gate 6 links
December 19, 2008 Episode 19 Vegas 6 links
December 12, 2008 Episode 18 Identity 7 links
December 5, 2008 Episode 17 Infection 7 links
November 21, 2008 Episode 16 Brain Storm 6 links
November 14, 2008 Episode 15 Remnants 5 links
November 7, 2008 Episode 14 The Prodigal 7 links
October 24, 2008 Episode 13 Inquisition 7 links
October 17, 2008 Episode 12 Outsiders 6 links
October 10, 2008 Episode 11 The Lost Tribe 7 links
September 26, 2008 Episode 10 First Contact 7 links
September 19, 2008 Episode 9 Tracker 7 links
September 12, 2008 Episode 8 The Queen 7 links
September 5, 2008 Episode 7 Whispers 7 links
August 22, 2008 Episode 6 The Shrine 6 links
August 15, 2008 Episode 5 Ghost in the Machine 7 links
August 1, 2008 Episode 4 The Daedalus Variations 6 links
July 25, 2008 Episode 3 Broken Ties 7 links
July 18, 2008 Episode 2 The Seed 7 links
July 11, 2008 Episode 1 Search and Rescue 7 links

Season 4

Season 3

Season 2

Season 1


@jet2643 ... lol I'm on vacation for the next couple weeks so I'm jumping into the wormhole -- NOW!
You know, I've always thought the Stargate franchise was the American sci-fi analog to Doctor Who. Atlantis has always hands-down been my favorite (albeit, SGU never got the chance it deserved).
If you're looking for something new to tide you over between shows, I'd recommend this in a heartbeat.
Oh and yeah, if you're looking for just a top 10---or something to get you started (like a good hook episode)---feel free to PM me.
There's some awesome, awesome episodes.
This is the best series out of the Stargate franchise (i.e. SG-1, Universe, Atlantis), imo.
@guineapig101 Untill you start watching then all the memories come back.
Several years ago I went on a spree and watched every episode of stargate sg1, atlantis and universe... and now that i've forgotten a lot of what happened its time to re-watch the whole series, yay!
loved this series, am happily re-watching it from the beginning! Am glad that solarmovie has it since netflix no longer does.
loved every episode except "vegas" still i'm SO grateful to all posters of this show
I miss this show so much!!
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