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The Secret Circle 2011

16 year old Cassie Blake moves to chance harbor, Washington to live with her grandmother after her mother mysteriously dies. She discovers she's a witch along with 5 other teens...

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Solar rating:9.1 /10


Imdb rating: 7.5 /10

Latest Episode: Family (s01e22) May 10, 2012

After Faye is attacked by the Witch Hunters, Jake, Melissa and Adam set out to save her. Blackwell tells Cassie and Diana that the only way to stop the Witch Hunters is to use their Balcoin

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Season 1

May 10, 2012 Episode 22 Family 9 links
May 3, 2012 Episode 21 Prom 8 links
April 26, 2012 Episode 20 Traitor 9 links
April 19, 2012 Episode 19 Crystal 8 links
March 29, 2012 Episode 18 Sacrifice 9 links
March 22, 2012 Episode 17 Curse 10 links
March 15, 2012 Episode 16 Lucky 10 links
February 16, 2012 Episode 15 Return 9 links
February 9, 2012 Episode 14 Valentine 10 links
February 2, 2012 Episode 13 Medallion 9 links
January 19, 2012 Episode 12 Witness 8 links
January 12, 2012 Episode 11 Fire/Ice 8 links
January 5, 2012 Episode 10 Darkness 11 links
November 10, 2011 Episode 9 Balcoin 10 links
November 3, 2011 Episode 8 Beneath 10 links
October 27, 2011 Episode 7 Masked 11 links
October 20, 2011 Episode 6 Wake 10 links
October 13, 2011 Episode 5 Slither 10 links
October 6, 2011 Episode 4 Heather 9 links
September 29, 2011 Episode 3 Loner 10 links
September 22, 2011 Episode 2 Bound 9 links
September 15, 2011 Episode 1 Pilot 9 links


or the god awful show that is cancelled now or it ended "Charmed" or is it just "Charm" all I know is I couldn't stomach it past more than 3 or 4 episodes and I still have to change the channel every morning from TNT to USA or just shut off TV because TNT won't stop airing reruns of it monday - friday from 6:am to 9:am pct.
@whtruwtn4 Yes it is truly depressing ;-( I don't get it both shows were so good! Can't believe they cancelled witches of east end...apparently witches aren't popular unless they are in a vampire context i.e. the Originals... *sigh*
I am still trying to figure out why was this show canceled. It was really good. Too bad most of these shows get canceled.
@Misabel13 witches of east end is canceled now too lol. When are we gonna get a good witch show that has the seasons that charmed had.
@Pendragon_18 I read it on my kindle... and I didn't really want to burn that. If I had the paperback, you can guarantee I would have.
@musician4ever i started the book and didnt finish was so hard to read just wanted to burn it...but i love the show
@Sicorre I agree. I wish they hadn't canceled it. I liked it so much, I decided to read the books... I thought they were absolutely horrible compared to the show and probably two of the worst books I've ever read. Cheers to whoever wrote and directed the show... it was great.
I'm so sad that they cancalled it :'(
since it has been over two years since the last episode, it is safe to say that the CW won't be renewing this show. This show must of got really bad ratings for the CW to cancel it just look at how long they let the nightmare Smallville run, it ran for what 5, 6 seasons. I can tell just after watching the first episode of this show that it is a way better show then Smillville pun intended
m crying now.m addicted to this show.i watched whole season last 2nd day...and really that was really good show...
beast will kill cw channel.bcs they cancelled this awesome show of their network.
@Misabel13 yeah me too love this could they cancelled this awesome's 2014 but still m crazy for this show.
me 2 want season 2..many TSS fans are requesting for season 2.i search on web and got this link for petition.if u like this show and want season 2 then pls sign it and also share link.
i know post link is not good think also not allowed here but like other fans me 2 want to watch season here m trying.

hope so the cw channel renewed it.
i also requested on cw channel google page.
It is really so so sad that this show ended, it was so good! I felt so bummed about it. I just can't get how they keep cancelling really good shows. Now there's Witches of East End which seems to have hit popularity big time, I just hope they actually do keep it going! Also wish someone would pick up this show again :-(
It's really great but I wouldn't recommend people to watch it when there isn't another season...
I Completely agree loved the show, I'm glad to see that one of the girls off the show got a great role in the originals at least. But I was looking forward to seeing this show continue.
I just finished watching this series and am a bit perplexed why this show was cancelled if it had decent ratings and was setting up to be an interesting 2nd season. Just goes to show you can never tell what some network execs are thinking with some of the decisions they make.
Another show that they cancelled in 2011- they were really on a roll! Too bad because this was quite good and I was hoping for a second season even if just to give us some closure! I hate when they do this.. seems the ratings were good just like the lying game and ringer yet they all got cancelled :-( I wish they would have these contracts that stated that if they get a rating lets say over 6/10 and are going to cancel the show after the first or second season i.e. then they are obliged to make a few episodes to wrap it up, hehe, I know I am dreaming but its just such a let down to get all wired up and then dumped on by a network!
Jessica Parker Kennedy will be starring in the new series "Black Sails" that will be airing on stars. The pilot is set to air Jan. 1 2014 and the series start starts Feb. 1 2014. It looks like it will be an awesome show centered around pirates (Captain Flint).
Its Nothing Like The Books Maybe There Are Some Similar Parts And Details But Mostly Its All Different
A Great Show I Thought They Made The Wrong Decision By Canceling It No Season Two.
@yusuf well i guess you know something i dont ... because i cant seem to find anything saying that theres a season 2 for this show ... for that matter, if anyone knows about it please gimme a "PM" on it
Unfortunately NO. They didn't get picked back up. Just as it was gonna get Better, They cancel it and put another Vampire Show instead. Maybe some other Network will pick them up.