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Two and a Half Men 2003

A hedonistic jingle writer's free-wheeling life comes to an abrupt halt when his brother and 10-year-old nephew move into his beach-front house...

James Widdoes, Gary Halvorson, Pamela Fryman, ...
Amy Hill, Kristin Bauer van Straten, Nectar Rose, ...

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Solar rating:8.4 /10


Imdb rating :7.1 /10

Latest Episode: Of Course He's Dead: Part 1 & 2 (s12e15) February 19, 2015

Alan begins to suspect that Charlie is still alive, which is confirmed when he receives a threatening package and Rose tells the truth

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Season 12

February 19, 2015 Episode 15 Of Course He's Dead: Part 1 & 2 26 links
February 12, 2015 Episode 14 Don't Give a Monkey a Gun 59 links
February 5, 2015 Episode 13 Boompa Loved His Hookers 57 links
January 29, 2015 Episode 12 A Beer-Battered Rip-Off 124 links
January 22, 2015 Episode 11 For Whom the Booty Calls 134 links
January 15, 2015 Episode 10 Here I Come, Pants! 37 links
January 8, 2015 Episode 9 Bouncy, Bouncy, Bouncy, Lyndsey 134 links
December 18, 2014 Episode 8 Family, Bublé, Deep-Fried Turkey 22 links
December 11, 2014 Episode 7 Sex with an Animated Ed Asner 40 links
December 4, 2014 Episode 6 Alan Shot a Little Girl 78 links
November 27, 2014 Episode 5 Oontz. Oontz. Oontz. 29 links
November 20, 2014 Episode 4 Thirty-Eight, Sixty-Two, Thirty-Eight 45 links
November 13, 2014 Episode 3 Glamping in a Yurt 120 links
November 6, 2014 Episode 2 A Chic Bar in Ibiza 107 links
October 30, 2014 Episode 1 The Ol' Mexican Spinach 112 links

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It wasnt funny anymore after Charlie Sheen left the show...
we thought it was funny too
its heart breaking how can such an awesome show end it was like a family now sadly no more two and a half men :(
I will miss all the fun Two and a Half Men ..
A GREAT Ending and a real tribute to the show with fantastic writing! Best laughs I've had in a while!!! Rose is the woman....
Some how I don't think it was Charlie. Great ending to a great sitcom. Kinda sad it had to end. Loved the cameos. About 4 years ago I had a suspicion about that but forgot about that suspicion as the episodes rolled by, only to remember that suspicion during the last episode of the series.
Series Finale tonite, I know the big question is will Charlie make an appearance but what I'd like to see is Mathew Broderick play Allen for the episode.
Series Finale. Goodbye Two and a Half Men.
Where is tonight's episode?
That may be the funniest episode to date! LMAO
Episode S12E07 and it's aired already, please create it, thanks :)
Episode S12E06 Not available for upload link
Jake is getting really cute :D
I could not add S11 E14 :(
@dugsatch41 yes one aired tonight
A new show comes on tonight right?.
love this show!