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Excuse me, but how is this a Horror movie?
As a fan of Neil Marshall (The Descent) and post-apocalyptic movies in general, I was with this movie (even though it started out pretty close to 28 Days/Weeks Later)...until it turned into Mad Max, then to Robin Hood (complete with contrived "Exit" and "Gift Shop" signs at the castle), then to Gladiator, and then back to Mad Max. Couple that with the inplausible scenario where a Bentley Continental can't outrun a horde of Road-Warrior-Rip-Off jalopies and you got yourself a dud.
Doomsday is one of the stupidest movies I have seen from last year with ridiculous gore, a terrible plot, and subpar acting. This is like the millionth virus save the world movie and my least favorite out of them. The story is pointless and has no brain so to keep reinforcing it was kind of annoying. All the actors were terrible and I disliked all of them. The action was the one thing that was good, but their was a ridiculous amount of gore that just piled onto too being way too over the top. The movie goes from savages grilling people and eating them to gladiator fights about an hour away from that location, which was really stupid. I was laughing at the constant stupidity of this movie. It would be a much better videogame then it would be a movie, because of the lack of a plot, but constant prescence of action and gore. The main star was alright and had some good features as the star but was not even close to keeping this movie afloat. Overall, Doomsday was a terrible sci fi movie with a bad plot but some alright action.
This is just a copycat movie, but in a bad way. I could appreciate it if I could see the parody or pastiche intentions, but this is just a bad movie.28 weeks later + Mad Max + Lord of the rings +++++ = BAD BAD BAD MOVIE.
So random, so bizarre, that I really dig it. It's a complete tribute to everything from Escape To New York to 28 Days Later.
This film is a classic example of the detractors of the film just not getting it. Calling it a "pale imitation" of previous films belies a lack of understanding of the perspective of the film. This film is a very entertaining homage to Escape From New York and Road Warrior, not a "pale imitation." Waterworld was a bad rip-off )a pale imitation) of Road Warrior, changing things just enough to avoid being a straight remake. This film takes elements from "Escape" and Road Warrior so exactly that it is in effect in honor of these other films, in fact playing to fans of those films. There are multiple clever references/inside jokes to these 2 great films ("nice watch", the "chorus line"). There is even musical reference in the score to John Carpenter's "Escape" score. Rhona Mitra does a credible job as SD Plissken. And there are multiple excellent British character actors throughout. The mood and tension excellently reflect the story line. The cinematography is excellent. The CGI is used well as a supporting element rather than a focal point. All in all an entertaining sci-fi/action film, and a bit of fun for Escape From NY and Road Warrior fans.
Interesting take on post-apocalyptic films. It's inspired by A Boy And His Dog,Mad Max Trilogy,Gladiator,The Warriors and Escape From New York. But the thing is, it's more similar to Resident Evil,Underworld,and 28 Days Later. But the film features great action scenes and a lot of thrills.
a throw back to some of the films of the eighties this becomes a very creative film towards the end. the sad part the first half of the film is uneven and plays out like a low rent sci fi film. the film shows some polish with direction which is showing marshall is going to become a very creative director
This was just terrible. The best part was the first 2 minutes talking about how the virus spread and how humanity was in trouble.I thought I was watching Mad Max all over again at one stage.This was as bad as Battlefield Earth.
i had high expectations for doomsday and they were let down this film was a gory awful film that left me sick to my stomach even though i usually love to watch gory films this film was awful.. dont watch it
I regret the moment I decided to kill a Wednesday night watching this movie. I don't think it was a priority to make this story even half believable. (People fenced off from the world for years are deprived of a solid food supply but have plenty of time to craft crazy hairstyles, clothing that is neither functional nor comfortable, death-themed vehicles, and an amazing hardcore-gore stage for their important gatherings.)
One that I'd skipped over for a while now, until this afternoon. It killed a couple of hours while it was raining. It's got enough action scenes to keep you interested, and if you like the whole virus themed horror thing, then you should get at least some enjoyment from this. Wasn't expecting much from it, but actually thought it wasn't half bad in the end.
A COMPLETE mess of a movie! It's a mentally retarded Frankenstein sewn together with seemingly-randomn or just plain bad ideas... And then the parts where the movie tries to get that dramatic scene... completely humiliating. Just painful to watch.
Good fun flick with a hot female lead. It doesn't really make sense and it rips off of a bunch of other movies, but I found it entertaining just the same. It's not as good as Escape From New York or some other movies, but it's not as bad as people say if you don't take it all so serious.6.5/10
This film surprised me, if your a fan of classic 80's films such as mad max and escape from new york you will be right at home with this one. This movie is violent, and very unrealistic. But overall is enjoyable and worth seeing!
My expectations for Doomsday were not very high to say the least. The film was terribly marketed. Fortunately for director Neil Marshall (The Descent) I was very pleasantly surprised. Although, the film won't be winning any awards for originality or acting, it has some very stunning technical elements. The costumes, makeup, and editing are particularly of note. The script is pretty much a piecing together of a few different post-apocalyptic films. The primary influences are John Carpenter's 1981 masterpiece, Escape from New York, and George Miller's Mad Max Trilogy. Throw in a lovely appearance by Malcolm McDowell, and a female version of Snake Pliskin (she even wears an eye patch from time to time) and you have a decently crafted action romp homage that is worth your attention.Bottom Line: ***1/2 If you like Escape from New York and Mad Max, you will probably have some fun with this. See it!
With a bigger and bigger budget every time Neil Marshall keeps doing worse and worse movies.This time the plot takes us to Great Britain, threatened by a deadly virus the government decides to seal off Scotland with huge walls and armed sentries that shoot any infected on sight. Some years later the virus reappears and with information of survivors inside the quarantine a low profile operation is made to find a cure, lead by Major Sinclair (Rhona Mitra) who as a little girl was amongst few civilians to be evacuated out of the containment area.The acting in "Doomsday" is mediocre at best. The female lead, Mitra, once again causes mixed feelings, you can see her in "Underworld: Rise of Lycans" doing pretty much the same thing. Every action sequence she does it's like "Ooooh, I'm sooo sexy" instead of "Ouch that f***in hurt". In short even though she's extremely attractive her acting skills are pretty limited and she's not very convincing.The second issue is the plot itself. A deadly virus and containment areas, we have pretty much seen that a few times already (28 days later, Resident Evil come to my mind) this time fortunately there aren't that many zombies but still the idea is old. Then we have the inside the quarantine mission and once again the world resembles the one portrayed in some other movies (Mad Max, Escape from New York, The Village). It's hard to prove a point without some large spoilers but the story doesn't make much sense. There are a lot of cheesy scenes and fights and I can't say I appreciated the humour here.Overall the story is weak and uncoherent and the actors don't make it any more convincing. What's worse, it's not very interesting. This time a fusion between action and comedy didn't pay off. Sorry to say that for me this movie was a waste of time, really not much to look forward to aside from Mitra's attractiveness.
A truly and unbelievably terrible attempt at a motion picture
Doomsday shows some potential in the beginning. Unfortunately it is quickly reduced to another mindless hack and slash.