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Across the Universe 2007

The music of the Beatles and the Vietnam War form the backdrop for the romance between an upper-class American girl and a poor Liverpudlian artist...

Release Date:
133 min
Julie Taymor
Mohamed Dione, Chris Nuñez, Luis Salgado, ...
Drama, Musical, Romance, ...

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Solar rating:8 /10


Imdb rating: 7.4 /10

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A Beatles Musical of dramatic beauty and elegance. There are only a few scenes where the performance skewed, the orchestrations and performances are masterfully synced with the story set at the end of the 50's going into the turbulent times of the 60's. Great love story and characters and multi-layered storylines. Well worth the watch, trust.
I was always a fan of the Beatles, but really just a big a fan as the next person. I liked them, listened to them, but never really bought many of their songs. After this movie, though, my love for the Beatles has grown a lot. I think the cast is well chosen, the voices are great.
I was always a fan of the Beatles, but really just a big a fan as the next person. I liked them, listened to them, but never really bought many of their songs. After this movie, though, my love for the Beatles has grown a lot. I think the cast is well chosen, the voices are great.
I rented this movie on a whim, a fancy a caprice if you will. The DVD sleeve looked interesting and it has a catchy unknown title. Unknown meaning I had never heard of it or obviosly therefore seen it. Boy am I glad I picked it up. What I got out of it was a cinematic experience of epic porpotrions. It was cast with a group of onknowns other than Even Rachel Wood. (Yes she's a girl) and what it contained within 2 hours and 13 minutes (to short in this case) was a juke box of Beatlles top hits. Thre are over 30 and counting. How appropo that he main characters name is Jude. He is the male lead protagonist and the strogest most noble charchter I've seen in a long long time. He starts of his Jounney of a young man from ?Liverpool who discovers his father is janitor at one of the most prestoius Universities in the country. (He assumed and hoped he was a proffesor) While tracking down his astranged father he falls in love with a hippei flower power teenage namaed Lucy (again approporiate considering the Beattle songs) and their love grows acroos the span of time with the vietnam war, Assationation of MLK and the turmoil of the 60's taking place the forground. The acting was extrodanary the cinanmatogrophy aweinspiring and the as i said beore all Beatllte sondtrack phenomenial. This movie never seemed to get tired and was breathtaking and exillerating at every turn. The only bad thing I can say about this movie I it was to busy and jammed pact with joy and excitement. I will most defintly add this movie to my chrsitmas list and put it perhaps on my new list of unsung gems and forgotten morsalls. (see my left side of the page for the origianl list) it was the best unknown of unpopular movie I've ever seen. If it wernt due at blockbuster tomorrow I keep it forever and watch over an over agsain. Just to make my self feel good in this time of a horrific economy and pathetic governamnt lead by the most inept president ever to take office. Wait don't tel my superrepublican unce I just siad that he may stop talikng to me. (oh wait he already did) Grade A+
I find this movie absolutely beautiful. The visuals and music just fits so well. I'd recommend this to any Beatles fans and musical lovers.
This movie was amazing1 I loved every second of it, and think it is a good depiction of The Beatles music. Jim Strugess played what I call "the coolest guy on Earth" in this movie. The visuals were great. I did not have a single complaint.
This movie is very cliche'd but that's why we watch movies anyways. It's one of those movies that you watch to make you feel better after a bad day. The performances were great, as well. It was a great collection of beatles songs. The only thing wrong was that it was extremely anti-american.
If you watch this movie and not have interest in the beatles you have no soul Simply when I first watched this movie I had no intreat in this movie at all but I was on a bus to florida from Michigan filled with my idiot friends so I decided "how bad could it be". The Characters in this movie you will love and miss when the credits roll. Throughout the movie you will find references to the 60's more a little more obvious than others and to the beatles. I won't spoil it but at the end of the movie they are on the roof of a building performing music you are either thinking u2 or THE BEATLES. it took me to liking one or two of the beatles to a total Beatles maniac.
This movie has to be the most amazing movie that has to deal with The Beatles. If you like the band then you will definately love this movie. its filled with some of the most popular Beatles songs.
Why do people try to find a deeper meaning in things they don't understand in the first place.
The songs don't even really fit with the plot. By the way, what was that?
if it was not for the Beatles this would be a 0
I love this movie soo much.. I watch this movie soo much that I am pretty sure I know every line. This movie makes me appreciate the 60's soo much and I love the Beatles anyhow so this movie is such an excitement for me. This is a MUST SEE!!
This movie really opened my eyes to the Beatles and the 70's... my favorite musical
this movie was very cool this movie is my favorite
This movie makes me like THE BEATLES even more
I can't believe so many people loved this movie. Maybe it's because I grew up on The Beatles and will never love anything other than the original. Other than the singing talent of Dana Fuchs, this movie was an insult to great music. Nothing but a collection of really bad cover songs. Not only is it incredibly inaccurate as to the time period itself, there is absolutely no chemistry between the two leads, and the romance between them felt forced and insincere. Not a very good film.
Music, phenomenal.Everything else, putrid.
very psychedelic yet informational. great music, even if you don't like the beatles. I loved this movie and you might too
Very few songs in this movie are decent covers, but a few are them are nice to hear. That being said, the story was alright, but every time a song started, it felt very forced and out-of place.