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American Pie Presents Beta House 2007

Erik, and Cooze start college and pledge the Beta House fraternity, presided over by none other than legendary Dwight Stifler. But chaos ensues when a fraternity of geeks threatens to stop...

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I wasn't expecting a good comedy, and it sure wasn't. Way too much gross out stunts and unusually stupid, even for an American Pie movie. The cast is bland. It seems like one string of excuses of women to have their tops removed and for guys to throw up.
I bought American Pie: Beta House with a hint of trepidation. How many movies survive the sequel-upon-sequel-upon-sequel barrage that happens after a successful first outing? I was a fan of the first three, wasn't sure about the fourth and therefore gave the fifth a miss. When I saw Beta House I decided to give it a go, basically because (and I know this is the worst reason in the World) Dwight Stiffler looked like a major hottie :o I absolutely loved this movie!! Animal House is one of my favourite movies and this film put me in mind of this from start to finish :D I laughed out loud in parts and found the Stifflers a lot more bearable than in the previous Pies. It's not an original story by any stretch of the imagination but it didn't need to was freakin hilarious :D 9/10 :fresh: This movie was a blessed relief from the STRESS of Christmas! Add onto that the fact that we're moving in a month (just decided today on a whim!), I've got coursework coming out me ears and I've enrolled on a Latin course which runs the same time as the current one...:eek: Can't wait for time off over the holidays to relax and catch up on some much needed movie time...:p ***Merry Christmas everyone and hope you have a fantastic 2008***
The thing that made the first American Pie film stand higher than most other teen sex comedies was the fact that while it was raunchy, it was still good hearted with its subject matter. And it was one of the rare teen sex romps that gave its female characters intelligence, and didn't just treat them like moronic bimbos for horny guys to bang. If the first American Pie film stood for a change in these sorts of films, then Beta House appears to want to return to the days when drunken idiots were gods and anyone with a brain was a loser. Beta House, which is the sixth film in the series, comes off as Revenge of the Nerds, just in reverse. Instead of a house of geeks standing up to the overbearing drunken frat boys, it is overbearing drunken frat boys fighting against geeks. Sadly this change up doesn't do anything for the film. The head geek, Edgar (Tyrone Savage), is your standard villain who always appears in these sorts of films. He is uncompassionate, insensitive and a complete douche to all the people around him. The movie wants you to hate him, and it does everything in its power to do so. Wouldn't it have been great to see both sides be right, or both sides be wrong rather than making one house better than the other? Sadly the series is degenerating into nothing more than random boob shots and booze filled frat boy humor. How could a series that had so much good intentions have been brought to this level of sleazy entertainment? It isn't that nudity offends me. Like any guy, I enjoy my occasional scene of bare skin. But when the movie solely relies on these nude scenes to fill in the gaps of the story, than what was the point of making the film? Beta House feels like a collection of random nonsensical humor poorly strung together with many upon many boob shots. I liked in the last film that the character of Erik Stifler (John White) was actually a decent guy, and in the end he made the right choices when it came to sex. But instead of this sequel expanding on that, it makes him another idiot like the other characters in the film. Though I will admit that I liked Bobby (Nic Nac), who is your standard fat guy character, only the film doesn't focus too much humor on his weight and actually gives him a rather healthy sex life. If I had to pick which in the American Pie series was the worst, Beta House beats out Band Camp by a naked mile. I hate myself for putting money into the pockets of the people responsible for these films, since the more success that these DVD's achieve the more likely more sequels will be made. Much like National Lampoon, American Pie has evolved into another film label only pasted on some of the worst kinds of cinema. And I don't know how much Eugene Levy is getting paid, but he really needs to stop appearing in these films.
Not brilliant by any means but better than the Naked Mile...more hot chicks as well.
What the hell happened...i am 40+ but liked American Pie...this sucked the whole way through. Horrid...the Horrer....the horrer. If you like to see tits rent this. I wanted to quit it 5 minutes into it...15 minutes...35 minutes....45 minutes...the entire movie. I think there were two laughs...the best one was the spooge flying through the air.
For the American Pie crowd, it is a good addition to the series, as the characters in it from American Pie the Naked Mile. There are some good laughs, but overall it was definitely no where up to par as the originals. Worth one watch, that's about all.
So last night I went the the local Blockbuster to look for a movie to watch on a borring Tuesday night. I had seen a new American Pie movie, well a DTV Presents release. Being a massive fan of the original series I was thinking about renting it. But then there was Band Camp and the Naked Mile which were a disgrace to the name. So I decided to give it a try. I wasn't expecting must but boy was I wrong. I give this movie a 10 because now it is one of myu favorite movies. It takes the franchise to the farthest extent yet with non-stop nudit, beastiality, etc. These things makes the movie seem cheap and only for horny 14 year olds but theres just something about this movie other than this that makes it so enjoyable. Great for a Friday night with a few friends
I loved the origonal American Pie, and even the second one... But they have gotten worse and worse.. I love a good t&a movie just like any other guy, but that is the only thing going for this movie.. Acting is horrible, and the few laughs I got were in the beginning.. The movie went straight downhill from there. Don't waste your time.
The 6th American Pie Movie:Beta House is alright middle of the road comedy. Enjoyable enough, but not really setting any new ground in terms of what it does, a bit of rehashing. There are a few funny as hell moments, but they are spread thin. If your a fan of The Naked Mile or Band Camp, then I would recomend it to at least check out. Def a decent rental for sure.
Alright we all know the American Pie movies (1-3) are considered teen movie classics, but please enough is enough. I just got done watching Beta house, the newest, and tied with the other three straight to DVD AP movies, as the worst in the series.These movies are so stupid and unfunny, thats its funny. Okay, i can understand the creaters wanting to realease Band Camp, but do i really care what Steven Stiflers (Sean William Scott), other like 19 perverted brothers and cousins are up to, i think not. Like i said, these movies arent even trying to be funny, and just like in Good Luck Chuck, i didnt laugh or smile once. Its like they didnt try. I think the writers finally realised they arent funny so they just said, "hey lets just even more hot chicks, having even more sex", just so the DVD's sell. Thats another thing, the DVDs even sell that many copies to the point where they keep realising them? I dont wanna know.I say shit or get of the pot, dont just sit there and keep pushing thinking, you got something good, when its just another smelly ass fart. Gay, really gay
SOOOO STUPIDDDDDDD. Movie stupeed so tat me tink me stupidehr know. What happened to the OLD american pie? This, this is american crap, not funny, not cool, just gross. It doesn't make sense, it's just a bunch of gross-out jokes, nudity, and sex. Why the hell did they even bother making a movie? They should of made a pornography if they wanted to put so much sensless nudity and sex. This movie didn't even make me laugh ONCE.
the movie's a rip-off from it's predecessors featuring Stifler's relatives.
American Pie Presents: Beta House is yet another direct-to-DVD release in the American Pie series. To my surprise... the previous ones exceeded my expectations & made me laugh my ass off. Now with this one, the trend continues again. Some of the gang from Naked Mile is back & are now entering their freshman year of college. Beta House is filled with a ton of laughs & of course a swarm of gorgeous hot college girls. Overall, Beta House is a raunchy laughfest from start to finish that won't disappoint fans of the previous sequels. Can't wait to see what they come up with next. PEACE OUT!!!
I only watched two films of the American Pie series very long time ago & I thought they were OK. Watching this film accidently, I was disappointed with such low film with tottaly different, sick & ugly humor. Totally terrible by regular movie standards ! :rotten:
More American Pies, more funny stuff.
Although a huge fan of the 'American Pie' franchise even I know when enough is enough. Despite the sreries slowly deteriorating since the original trilogy 'Beta House' really is on a level of its own. The women are presented as merely objects and humour is replaced with frankly disgusting situations.
Has it moments of brilliance.
better then the naked mile but not by much, this is another under written film that tries to make funny scenes instead of having original characters. the series is really getting long in the tooth. seems like a film written around the funny moments, very poorly written yet again