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Animal Farm 1954

A successful farmyard revolution by the resident animals vs. the farmer goes horribly wrong as the victors create a new tyranny among themselves...

Release Date:
72 min
Joy Batchelor, John Halas
Maurice Denham, Gordon Heath
Drama, Animation, Comedy ...

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Solar rating:6.4 /10


Imdb rating: 7.2 /10

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I've been a fan of George Orwell for some time. His work has influences all sorts of movies, even if it is a little hint of it. But every once in awhile a film version of one of his stories will be adapted into a movie. While Animal Farm isn't all together faithful to his work, it is true enough and entertaining enough for viewers to enjoy. I must admit that this film may, at times, be a little intense for children. With animals being clubbed, whipped and even shot, this isn't all together a kid friendly flick. This takes the seriousness of Orwell's story, and lightly seasons it with some sugar to make it not too dark. The choice of having one man, Maurice Denham, play all of the voices of the animals was a great idea. And Gordon Heath's narration gives the movie an almost story-telling feel to it. Mainly, it made me feel lazy about not reading the book... although I have a long time ago. And for its time, the animation is impressive. Considering this is Britain's first animated feature, a lot was done to make this work a step above your average animation fare. While it doesn't live up to the stuff that Disney was doing at the time, this movie is still a work of wonder. My only real problem with the film was the ending. Animal Farm the book didn't have an ending. I felt like it was left that way, because we are supposed to think about this story long after we are done reading it. But this movie chooses to have a happy ending. Which works on some level, but doesn't help the story out any. I would strongly suggest this film to anyone who is a lover of animation or the novel. You can find it fairly cheap if you look around. This was actually one of those $1 DVD's at Wal-Mart, like so many other films I see these days.
excellent story given a rather disappointing treatment. the animation is fair, and the cutesy baby animal scenes were not needed. george orwells book is a brilliant political satire, and this is a rather tame version of it. still, the basic elements of the story come through.
While I believe that the animation is an outlet for a true adaption of Animal Farm, this adaption fell short. It lost an affecting as well as the tone of the book. It was not meant for a 70 minute cartoon. The source deserves a two or three hour quailty film, with a proper ending. My biggest complaint was the ending. In the cartoon, it was trite and not good. The book's ending was upsetting. Also, first time that the pigs walk on two legs in book was utterly jarring. In the film, it was passed over rather quickly.
Thsi movie got me into George Orwell.... Love it and love its detailed account of the aftermath of the russian civil war....... .
This children's film is almost as sad as Where the Wild Things Are. I like the direction on how the filmmakers don't try to make this as cute as the Disney films, but more serious. It's not a great film. The ending doesn't quite and there are times where it almost makes me depressed, but overall it's pretty good for a British animated film.
I thought the 1980's were the dark ages for animated films, BOY WAS I WRONG!?!? "Animal Farm" was probably the first animated movie meant for adults (maybe kids can watch it too if you want to educate them about dictatorship)! It was Dark, Frightening, Depressing, and for some reason I enjoyed every minute of it!
its an above average animated film