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Appaloosa 2008

Two friends hired to police a small town that is suffering under the rule of a rancher find their job complicated by the arrival of a young widow...

Release Date:
115 min
Ed Harris
Alicia Williams, Timothy V. Murphy, Lance Henriksen, ...
Drama, Crime, Action, ...
English, Spanish, Apache languages

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Solar rating:7.5 /10


Imdb rating: 6.8 /10

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Good movie, not great, but a VERY good movie. It is a little slow at times but as I expected there is more drama in this one, and that's not a bad thing. When you get a little older the need for flashing guns and bloody scenes seem to give way to more substance like character shaping and story execution, and I thought this movie pulled it off quite nicely.
Not a GREAT movie but definitely a very good one the only thing I REEEEAALLLYYYYY had a problem with was... Renée Zellweger. Yes, the actress. I just don't see her as attractive, she looked aged, looked like her face was swollen and her cheeks were puffy and red like she had a rash on them, on top of which I personally can't stand that squinty look her face is frozen on, from the day she made it to the big screen. But if it was the woman from "Tombstone", the one that played Wyatt Earp's soon to be love interest, now that was a good lookin woman that not only was beautiful but that looked like she belonged to the time period as well.
Anyways, good movie.
I watched this one a day or so ago and thought I left a comment. Decent movie, good twist, Renee did good in her part. Good one time watch.
Loves me a good western, and this is one of the better ones. Slows down in parts, but their's enough action to keep the momentum going...8.5/10
Good movie. Not a bad western at all. 8/10
10/10 from what i can recall this is the best western of 2000s
I like a good western and this one didn't disappoint. 9/10

Thank you MovieGirl for the recommendation:)
Great Movie. Go see it. You won't be disapointed.
It's nice to see some westerns again. This is a pretty good one, not great, but good. Better than most movies currently out.
Are there even any Appaloosas in the movie? Heard no.
I think Ed and Viggo are great actors but they could not keep me interested in this boring movie. They wasted their time on this one.
This is a really enjoyable, old-fashioned western with great characters. Viggo and Ed Harris give perfect performances. Highly recommended.
Great movie. Not only is it good to see another western screened, this is one is going to become a classic western. The costumes, weapons, and leather were dead on. The characters were quintessential 19th century frontier types and played well by the actors. The pacing was correct for this period piece. It gave time to develop the characters and the plot. It was refreshing to see a live action feature that did not depend on special effects, quick quircky camera cuts, or unrealistic abilities of the lead characters. The movie told a story with a begining, a middle, and an end. Simple, succinct, and complete.
Boring movie, very slow.. Great actors, too bad not more action. Appaloosa was the name of the town. Poor story line.
This movie blew, The most boring thing I've seen in years and I was actually excited about seeing this. Big fan of the westerns. Better off renting classics like "Tombstone"
Good actors, but too slow and nothing excting even in the story. But I watched about 35 newly made movies and now I ask to myself: What Happened to Great movie makers of Hollywood? Every single new movie with new name actors gave me a feeling like eating something in a nice restaurant but find no taste at all. Be carefukl for another trick: Some big name actors, now getting kind of older, selling their names to these so called movies for a cameo rol and this is a very sad disappointment. I go to Block Buster and watch older movies. They are really better!
Really looking forward to viewing this movie....but oh my, B O R I N G! I kept thinking - it will speed up, just never got off the ground. My honest opinion, this is about a 30 minute story, and it drug out for over 2 hours. OUCH! -
Appaloosa is one of the best Western movies ever made, for those who love them and the historical context. My thanks to all invovled.
Very disappointing. It had great potential with it's cast, but left me in shock at the end of how terrible the movie was. Very slow and long with an unfullfilling ending.
The film is just okay. That's not saying much considering the stellar casting. When top of the line actors can't bring the script to life you know something is missing. I could not help but compare it by the stellar remake of 3:10 to Yuma which was so much better it made this film pale in comparison.