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Armageddon 1998

After discovering that an asteroid the size of Texas is going to impact Earth in less than a month, N.A.S.A. recruits a misfit team of deep core drillers to save the planet...

Release Date:
151 min
Michael Bay
Bruce Willis, Billy Bob Thornton, Grace Zabriskie, ...
Thriller, Action, Romance, ...
English, Russian, Indonesian

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Solar rating:8.6 /10


Imdb rating: 6.6 /10

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one of the worst movie ever.... just watched the DVD commentary and Ben Affleck hated it.... because nothing had logic in this movie.
this is a classic...
Love this movie!
Wow! I'll absolutely be watching this one again!
Lev Andropov is a Russian god..
@Pinhead There is a Willis HS in TX, but what the hay, not everyone can be a Trump... LOL
@Pinhead There is : Bald Hills State School & Bald Eagle Area School ....... (Ok I am leaving...)
So how come there still aren't any high schools named after Bruce Willis?

I mean, come on now...
A simply GREAT movie!!! A must see for everyone.
I want to echo some of the praise for this movie as it's great. I watched many times when it first came out and I'm about to watch it again thanks to these awesome linkers. What brought me here was watching a Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson lecture on asteroids. Yes you'll have to bring a suspension of disbelief and train your sense of humor if you need to, but it's an amazing movie!
in reading some of the comments below ,, one in particular , shooting down the film bcuz it wasnt on par with "actual" physics, this movie was not advertised as saying "this movie is based on actual events and physics of real life" was advertised as a scifi movie with a cool story and as far as training real astronauts as opposed to sending up trained drillers ..well it just makes for a better to sum it all up....MOVIES ARE NOT REAL ..THEY ARE THE MOVIES...This was a great movie one of my all time fav's..watched it many times and im sure i will watch it again 8.5/10
If anyone still hasn't seen this movie, it's a must see! Great story, actors and just doesn't get boring! It has been one of my top 5 movies still after 15 years!!!
Well... I just learned about Apophis today, so I thought why not watch a movie about a killer Asteroid. Makes the discovery even more exciting. lol
One of the best movies ever ..
I find all the anti-Michael Bay trolls hilarious. He makes big budget action movies; if you don't like those kind of movies don't watch. No one is forcing you to. I appreciate a deep meaningful drama as much as the next discerning movie watcher. But if you can't sit back and enjoy a good bit of action you're a loser of magnificent proportions who fancies themselves a film-festival critic.
Just awful. It seems as if the makers of this film have never been in a physics class their entire life. I'm no scientist but..... wow. When normal uneducated Americans can tare your film apart for it's inaccuracies there is something wrong. Not to mention the entire concept of training drillers to be astronauts as opposed to training astronauts to be drillers is not only absurd but now even believable enough to enjoy the movie. Bottom line, great actors (for the most part), terrible story and execution.
All that money gone to waste for a movie with a predictable subpar plot, with mediocre acting at best.
It started with "The Dirty Dozen" and continues to this day: a group of misfits, rejects, outcasts, lowlifes, and undesirables possess a unique skill set required to save humanity from destruction. The situation, as always, elevates the misfits over the mindless bureaucrats who reluctantly have to turn to them.Bruce Willis is Harry Stamper, the world's best oil driller. He is called upon by NASA, in the persona of Billy Bob Thornton (Dan Truman), the red-tape cutter who assembles our heroes. Keith David (Lt. Gen. Kimsey) plays to type as a Colin Powell clone whose orders are to destroy the mission whenever possible, while William Fichtner is Col. Sharp, a bureaucrat at heart who still thinks when necessary. Stamper's crew includes the men from his oil company, an ensemble of Ben Affleck (A.J., his future son-in-law), Michael Clarke Duncan ("Papa Bear," a jolly black Giant), Ken Hudson "Quiznos Baby Bob" Campbell (Max, a grown up, dumbed down version of Bob), Owen Wilson (Oscar, the space-cadet geologist), Steve Buschemi ("Rockhound," and the guy you know your daughter will talk to despite your warnings), and Will Patton (Chick). These men have worked together for years and are like family.The "armageddon" project is based on current events, namely the realization that it's only a matter of time before earth is struck yet again, with most life forms not surviving. In the movie, there is 17 days to train the crew, fly them to the asteroid, and have them drill an 800 foot hole, into which a nuclear warhead is detonated, hopefully splitting the asteroid. Along the way, they pick up Peter Stormare (Lev), the Russian space station cosmonaut who gives the mission its international flavor, while reminding us that Russian astronauts are superior to American oil drillers.The cinematography is what makes the film work. The plot plays out very predictably, as most movies of this type do. You won't be surprised by what you see, but you will be amazed at the visuals and snicker more than occasionally, as the egalitarian message of the film is driven home.A good, not great, movie, but hardly one you need to avoid.
Had a mediocre story, average acting, and alright effects make this film OK.
Can I have my time back?