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Around the World in 80 Days 2004

A bet pits a British inventor, a Chinese thief, and a French artist on a worldwide adventure that they can circle the globe in 80 days...

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Imdb rating: 5.8 /10

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Was actually pretty funny. Not a great movie, but enjoyable enough. Had quite a few surprising cameos. Loved the crappy Some nice Chan stunts and fight moves. Light hearted, not to be taken seriously in any way. I always like watching Steve Coogan.
Around the World in 80 Days is a huge piece of crap.Well, okay, it has a couple funny parts, but generally, and a waste of time.I don't particularly like Jackie Chan. Steve Coogan I just saw for the first time in Coffee and Cigarettes and he's good. He's even good here, in Around the World in 80 Days, as is C
I thought this was a great movie. The acting a good, the directing was good. I liked the cinematogrphy also. The theater was filled with kids, and all I heard through the whole movie was laughing, ooo-ing, and awing. So the kids liked this allot. I thought it was one of the better kids movies I have seen all year. I got to see this as a movie premier, so when it comes out go see it.
Around the World in 80 DaysGood*Effects*Steve Coogan Bad*Jackie Chan*Did not stay true to book*First half was boring Overall: Around the World in 80 Days is not the best adaption of the book.
shit, thursday morning and i am at work, that means that i didn't get the super lotto last night! oh well, maybe one of these weeks....... watched the movie yesterday, the movie is good for a "family-type" movie... it is true that it resembles a lot the old school disney movies and stays solid or constant in that way. did you see the action performed by the daughter of Cheng Peipei? it is a short section, i don't know if it was her or a stunt-double, but i think it was very good, strong, explosive, fast, not like dancing if you know what i are some pictures of cheng peipei and her daughter http:www.muhupin.x-y.netpeipei.htm jackie chan section with daniel wu was nice too. i got goose bumps when jackie moved that chinese bench around :D sammo part very short, huh? hehe.... k, time to have lunch
We caught Around the World in 80 days after wushu class. I was expecting it to be a stupid, silly, kids movie with a few laughs and hopefully good Jackie Chan action. I was pleasantly suprised with the film. Yes its silly, yes its pretty predictable, yes its mostly aimed at 'the family market'... but the action is pretty good actually, and the characters all get in a few good laughs, and the cameos are good. I was pretty pleasantly surprised by Karen Mok... I'm not a huge fan of her HK work (she's no Cecilia Cheung!), I had no idea her english was that flawless (she's 1/2 white and 1/2 chinese, but I assumed she had HK English... :-P Also Dan, aka Mr. Grumpy's scene in the 'Lanzhou Village' was pretty good. The fact that he's fighting Jackie (and doing a decent job of it) will make me forgive that weird fake fob accent.... AND I think its just cool to see the famed '10 tigers of Canton' in a friggin' wide release western movie... i was tempted to give it a 9/10 even! I can't see how anyone can trash this movie, I don't know what they were expecting, it doesn't try to be anything too much more than it is, but it has enough entertainment to keep things going along well. I was particularly disturbed by THIS HUGE IDIOT's review. I think he was expecting a power movie about racial relations in the 19th century... and was disappointed...
Some movies are SO bad :rotten: , and it seems that directors/writers KNEW it, that you can't help but like them. This movie is pretty awful. Some things within it are sheerly unexplainable. Like where does the pouty Ms. de France GET ALL those changes of clothes?? Why do the San Franciscans have midwest accents? Why does the Dragon Lady General want to kill Jackie Chan (Passport Tu)?? It doesn't make sense. :confused: But who cares!! This movie is just too fun. It's just a shame that there aren't more twisted, demented movies like this out there in the theatres! If you're in a demented mood, go see it. It suits very well my fu*ckedup sense of humour. :p The best scenes for illustrating this are: when the old lady, chasing the hot air balloon and her purse, leaps from the wall onto the sandbags below and falls flat on her face with a loud "crack" onto the cobblestones below. I cried I was laughing so hard at this.The Governator's (baaaaaad wig!!!): "Not the statue of ME!!" at their threatening the destruction of the Rodin/Arnie-Bodybuilder Thinker. It's his most prized possession!! hahaha! :D When the captain of the steam ship says "You had me at the nipples.""Thank GOD we own India!!" WTF??!!! Hilarity. :up: I absolutely LOVE the Monty Python-esque Steve Coogan. And the huggably adorable Jackie Chan made my day with his groovy prop-filled stunts. And while Cecile de France was annoying, she was still cute and loveable.Unapologetically politically incorrect (except them saying "asian" chap, but I'm sure that was deliberately satiric). Messed up dialogue (see above example - "thank god we own india"). Fabulous. I'm seeing it again!! :cool:
I got to see this movie for free and even then I wanted my money back
This movie was very good don't listen to any reviews & only read two bad ones & they where completly wrong even making claims of racism because of one line in the starting "I only take French valets"! :rolleyes: From the starting this movie was good & only one weak spot in the fighting scenes I will give you some advice.............When you see paint take a bathroom break! This movie is very long started @ 7:30 & we got out 25 mins to 10:00 They travel all through out the world from NY to India to the Himalyas to Sanfran. & have a wild cast of cameos & guest appearances I won't spoil all but if see if you can find Macy Gray in the film,along with the Governator & The Wilson Bro's. thats all I am saying & there is much more! Watch this movie Adults & Kids will like it!
It wasnt a good movie, but it wasnt bad, it was just OK...i thought it was a good movie for children under the age of 12. the only people I had heard of in this movie was jackie chan, i think if they had more widely known actors and actresses it could have been better
...alone ... aw well get used to it xtina. i liked this movie. it pretty much met my expectations. it was enjoyable. i prolly gave it an extra good rating cuz i've been in an absolute foul mood this week and coming out of the theater i felt good. even bought myself a bowl of ramen. yum yum! i added my rating for shrek 2 cuz i don't think i rated it after i saw it ... again ... alone. :eek: my favorite character was puss in boots. best cute cat eyes EVAR!
As I'd expected already, Around The World In 80 Days didn't excite me at all. I've never really liked the story of Jule Verne, and never understood what's so great about Jule Verne anyway. Already the old version of the movie never impressed me, and somehow the 2004 version of Around The World In Eighty Days added nothing to the old version. It looked like a movie that could have been shot in the 80s. I think they missed the chance to make it a story that people in the 21st century could relate to. I'd have modernized the story, it wouldn't have hurt Jule Verne at all. But it's pointless to make a movie off a story that's already been filmed if you do not add anything spectacularly new to it.
I don't think that's Karen Mok's real voice. Not often was her face actually on camera when her crisp, imperious, British accented voice was speaking her lines. But I don't know. Maybe it really was Karen Joy Morris, as she is credited, speaking the lines and doing the action for the evil General Fang. Not much really memorable about this, except that it's fun. Jackie Chan and Steve Coogan were underused, as all-too-brief action setpieces gave way to cartoonish segues to the next one. I enjoyed the guest stars, especially Rob Schneider and the Wilson Bros. They need to work together more. Was surprised by Sammo Hung. Wish he could have been used more. Or how about a Around the World in 80 Days with Jackie as Phileas Fogg and Sammo as Passpartout, or vice versa? Or something like that? Part of this was made in Thailand, though I wasn't sure where. And was amazed they filmed on the Great Wall.
This movie is a great feel good family movie. I would recommend it to anyone who likes DisneyWorld. Yes, you have to suspend your belief in reality to enjoy it to the fullest. That is what makes this movie so great. You feel like you did travel to someplace foreign and exotic. Steve Coogan was able to take a character from self absorbed scientist to underdog hero believably. Anyway, don't listen to the critics. Get the kids (or just your inner child) and take a quick trip around the world.
Around the World in 80 Days a very good movie. It was a nice action adventure film and it was also a little bit of love and a little bit of comedy. It was also a little bit of a cameo appearance sponge. I love Jackie Chan, and almost every movie he is in is good to me. Yes, even Rumble in the Bronx. What made this movie great was the action and the story. Both were quite cute and they reflected that Disney feel. It was truly epic in my opinion. Watching Jackie Chan fight and perform his over-the-top stunts was well worth my time. There was also a really sexy French girl who was quite hot. She was just a part of a wide array of characters. A man who was trying to become a great scientist, a man who was trying to be the savior of his village, and a woman who was trying to find inspiration, You can't get much better than this. The cameos were vast, I don't know all their names but the ones I remember are Arnold Schwarzenegger and Rob Schneider. The big guy from The Full Monty was on it as well as the really hard to understand irish guy from The Rundown. Also, I believe that another cameo was made by an old movie buddy of Jackie Chan's. That was rad. The only general complaint about the movie is that it felt rushed. You don't really feel that they spent 80 days traveling around the world. The movie is two hours though so hey, you can't have everything right I suppose. Everyone should check this flick out as soon as possible.
This was a cute movie. I LOVE JACKIE CHAN! I think he's awsome and in my eyes could never do wrong. The movie was obviously made to entertain children and i think it was successful. I'm not mad at it's writers or directors. I wouldn't pay to see it again in the movie theaters, but there aren't many movies i'd pay $7.00 to see more than once. :D Jackie is awsome.
Dodgeball: A True underdog story WARNING spoilers this film has been repeatedly referred to as dumb; that is a bit of an overstatement methinks. while the film isn't exactly what one would refer to as clever, or intelligent, it is at least wise; the first way it is wise is it know that the best material for this sort of story is slapstick and comic hits with various objects; it therefore keeps the hits coming, but it also realizes that this will eventually make the hits less and less amusing. To overcome this problem the film wisely breaks up the hits with long period of time in which no slapstick occurs, thereby allowing the viewer to catch their preverbal breath, and allow the next sequence of hits to be more involving then they have a right to be. On top of that the director saves his bags of tricks (slow mo mainly, but other directorial devices) to the very end; in fact at times a hit is not the punch-line but the set-up, allowing for the humor to continue; this allows all hits, including the final one, to be amusing, if not laugh out loud funny; natural there are quite a few hits that are laugh out loud funny. the wrench sequence is my personnel favorite, but all of them are quite good, and unique. the other way the film is very wise, indeed I'm tempted to say smart, is that it gives Dodgeball the game a sense of reality; similar to the lyrics of Spinal Tap, the history and rules (other than the ones that actually exist) of the game present in the film are just "wacky" enough to be funny (I loved the red string for a penalty for example), and yet so "believable" (how much less absurd is the origin of Dodgeball, than La Crosse or the Hammer? not much if anything the hammer is more absurd) one can imagine a them as a reality without difficulty; the results is a rather funny, if simplistic, satire of sports in general. the sublime example of this is the character of Patches O'Houlihan; I got to say I loved every fiber of Rip Torn's camerea hogging, and scenery chewing performance; my second favorite of this year. as any athlete will tell (in particular veterans of only high school sports) Patches is not that much out of reality for a coach (other than his two if you can dodge blank sayings); this makes almost everything that comes out of his mouth funny, and quotable; indeed several of his insults have already entered my lexicon. the five D's of Dodgeball (Dodge, Dip, Duck, Dive and Dodge) are an absolute comic gem to behold; after all, all sports have "the x whatever of blank:" case in point, wrestling processes the 4 H's, you know "head, hips, hands, and heals." I also find it very wise to inject humor that in comparison to recent comedies of this type (the scary movie franchise, and the most recent work of the Zuckers) and the internal workings of the piece qualify as subtle. (there is at least two jokes that will go over the heads of most of the audience; one being the Dues Ex Machina being labeled as such) in a lot of ways this film is a welcome return to the classic parodies of Zuckers (Airplane!) and Mel Brooks (History of the World); while it isn't quite up to their level, Dodgeball is a hell of a lot closer than anything that has come out in the last few years. (most comedies that were in this vein from last year were painfully unfunny, and a few made my worst list) Thurber (writer and director) is a talent that I'm very interested in; I think with Dodgeball he shows a lot of promise as both writer and director; his timing isn't as crisp as it ideally should be but he knows hot to shoot a comedic scene, and his camerea highlights the silly slapstick in effective ways. as you might have gleamed from the review up until this point, I love the Dodgeball scenes, and slapstick, but the film has many other strengths as well. most of the other humor works; indeed there is not a joke that isn't amusing, and only a few handfuls (most occurring in the first 15 minutes of the film, which is the weakest part of the piece) that are only chuckle worthy. Stiller is an actor that I normally hate, but here he is quite effective and very amusing; all the other actors are good, with varying degrees of greatness; Steve the Pirate (a borderline clever parody of sport nicknames, like to use a fictional example Jack the Devil Murdock) is an absolute blast; Alan Tudyk can say "garr" in such an expressive way that it takes on whole other levels meaning depending on the scene. the cameo players all make the film something special; while many will be touting the Lance Armstrong cameo has the high point of the film, which it is indeed it is in many ways, the Chuck Norris one just cracks me up. Pepper (Jason Bateman) is another great character that makes the ending third of the film work; the rest of the team of the players are all amusing if secondary the ones mentioned above. apart from all this, the film is just fun; the Dodgeball games produce genuine excitement that is a rather nice surprise; the film roots for the biggest group geeks, dweeds and spazzes and manages to make you too. the only problem I have with the film is Vince Vaughn is at times a bit wooden; overall, I think this is so minor that it is easily forgotten, and forgiven. I'm going out on a limb to say that this film is very likely going to end up in my top 3 of the year (I don't know for sure). it is by far the biggest surprise I have had all year, and the most enjoyable time I have had watching a film since Kill Bill, Vol. 1. in a lot of ways, I think this film represents cinema at it's most innocent, and special; while I enjoy high brow comedy, singular visions of minimalism, artistic portrayals and the like there is nothing that matches the rush I experience when I witness a sight gag, and laugh at it along with a few hundred people who I have never met, nor know. Cinema is best experienced with a group simply looking for a good time, and a few hours of escape from the dreary existence that makes up our lives. The Terminal no sense trying to reinvent the wheel, FF got it right...I agree 100 % 80 days typical Chan film...more excitement less humour through...
This is a thoroughly incompetent, stupid and lame re-make of the Jules Verne story. With advanced special effects and photogenic locales available, Disney still manages to crush any entertainment value from 80 Days. I may soon begin the "Ban Chan" organization to forbid Jackie Chan from appearing in any film except a straight martial arts extravaganza. After this and the even more horrid Shanghai Knights, it is time to admit that Chan has no acting talent whatsoever. And the way scripts have to tortuously explain the presence of a Chinese character where none should be is almost insulting to Asians. Chan is not alone in dragging this stinker to incredible lows, nor even the worst offender. One wishes Chan could be let loose to hack for hours at all the actors, the screen writers and the directors. The jokes and slapstick are infantile even for a movie aimed at kids. The story skips from place to place with no direction or cohesion until your fondest wish is that the entire crew crashes into the Atlantic and sinks from sight. This version of Around the World in 80 Days stinks worse than a stagnant castle moat. (Viewed on DVD)
The remake of Around the World in 80 Days is impossible to hate. It doesn't have an evil bone in its body. But then again, it doesn't have many smart bones or funny bones in its body either. However, this pairing up of Steve Coogan and Jackie Chan is entertaining enough to be a very mild recommendation (perhaps as a rental). If there's one thing that is very apparent, it's that it feels like there's two movies duking it out within Around the World in 80 Days. In one corner is an old-style adventure film and in the other is an old-style kung fu film. The producers must have thought that since they had Jackie Chan as Passepartout, they should throw in a copious amount of PG-rated kung fu. As a result, the majority of the film feels like it focuses on the traveler's trip through China. The film's take on 19th century Earth makes it more akin to the magical land of Oz (the opening places the whole planet in a vast universe of clouds and blue sky). They encounter all sorts of cameos by famous stars playing famous historical figures who have all somehow heard about the bet that Phileas Fogg (Steve Coogan) made with the Ministry of Science to circumnavigate the earth and are all rooting for him. The movie really only takes place in seven different locations, with bizarre psychodelic CG interludes between the major scenes that feel like they should be elaborate production company title cards. Those little moments point out how in many ways the film doesn't seem to know just what in the heck it is. Is it a broad slapstick comedy? Is a chop-socky flick about a stolen jade buddha that's returned to its village ala The Temple of Doom? Is it a kid's film wit themes of determination in the face of adversity fairly clobbered over our heads? Individually, the scenes work better on their own than as a coherent whole. There are several delightful moments, such as when Chinese folk hero Wong Fei Hung (Sammo Hung) shows up to help and I chuckled at the Wong Fei Hung theme heard in all those grindhouse movies turn up here in his scene. The fight scenes themselves are respectable; about a little under the quality of what has appeared in Chan's Shanghai films. Acting-wise, Steve Coogan isn't as funny as he was in 24 Hour Party People, but the script really doesn't let him get really wild anyway. He still has a few good moments though. Jackie Chan still has the magic touch in several of the action scenes and Cecile de France is quite winsome as the pretty sidekick artist whose paintings look like work by an 8th grade goth chick. However, Jim Broadbent is so over the top in most of his scenes that it's absolutely embarrassing. He's essentially reduced to a villain that you'd expect to see in a movie for 7-year olds. And is it me, or would the Scorpion leader find a better parter with someone in the army to get weapons instead of the head of the Ministry of Science? In the end, Around the World in 80 Days is a curious work that doesn't exactly seem to know what it wants to do or what it wants to be. I think most young kids would enjoy the physical comedy and could have some life on disc. It is rather sad that this movie that cost over a $100 million dollars has bombed so terribly. However, if this bombing is enough to bring a halt to Rush Hour 3 (my theory on the real reason that movie was dropped and not some injury to Tucker unless his mouth was broken) and to let Chan go back to Hong Kong to make some real good movies for a change, then that's okay by me. My rating here can go either way, but I'll let it fall more on the positive side of things. **1/2/**** Thoughts?
Or at least I enjoyed it much more than Troy. C