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Awake 2007

The story focuses on a man who suffers "anesthetic awareness" and finds himself awake and aware, but paralyzed, during heart surgery. His mother must wrestle with her own demons as a turn of events unfolds around them, while trying to unfold the story hidden behind her son's young wife...

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Imdb rating: 6.5 /10

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Enjoyed it. Very intense.
Another movie I am pleased to report that I didn't pay for. This movie emcompasses everything that could possibly go wrong in the physcological thriller genre. First and foremost this movie needs a new script. The movie runs out of story about halfway through the movie and just drags on and on for the rest. It wants to appear clever but it is afriad that someone might miss something so every "twist" is dragged out and explained as if the audience were in elementary school. I was reminded of the guy who won't stop asking questions during the movie. It was as if the movie was written to that type of person. Hayden Christiansen carries a monotone acting style throughout the movie that annoyed me constantly. The sad thing is that Jessica Alba actually does a decent job playing the wife, a rare oportunity to show that she actually can act. Terrence Howard is wasted completely as the doctor with the notable exception of the thoughtful narration in the begining of the movie. While I am on the positive, I should note that some of the more surreal shots..particularly the one with the lights going out around him were well done. It was very much like Eternal Sunshine of the Spottless Mind and almost felt like a better movie than it was....almost.The basic plot (though there really isn't any) is that sucessful buisnessman Clay(Hayden Christiansen) has major health problems and needs a new heart transplant. He finds a donor, and the doctors begin the sugery. His anesthesia does not work and he is left awake, but paralyzed during the surgery. If i go any further some of the movies many twists will be revealed. Kudos to Lena Olin who plays Lilith, Clay's mother, one of the only convincing characters in the movie. The bottom line is this: this story has been done better before-in fact it was done twice last year. I reccomend checking out Marc Forrester's Stay or the indie film November. Both movies I mentioned were failures at the box office and if that is any indication this movie will(and should) fail as well.
:fresh: I think this movie is pretty awesome. All the message boards are giving Hayden and Jessica crap, but i think they're better than they've ever been, and the film is fun, fast, twisy/turny- I havent' had that much fun in a movie in a while! I never write on these things but saw Pete Hammond's dumb review and thought it was just wrong! And why give a spoiler--do you think he wrote "he's dead the whole time" in the line of his review of the Sixth Sense? LOL
all I have read about this movie is that Jessica Alba and Hayden C. can't act and that they won't let anyone review it so it must be trash. well, I have seen everything else that's out this weekend (yes, including Enchanted - sorry Barry!) and so with some nerves I went to see this 'cause I didn't have anything else to do. Am I crazy, but I like this movie?? Yes, Hayden is what he is but it works for this character. Jessica is good - the scene where she cries is great! I thought the director did a great job and some of the details I loved. Great cinematography, yeah baby on the sound design. I hope more people go to see this and put aside their prejudices.
"What begins as an engrossing character study soon becomes a hopelessly misguided psychological thriller." Read the full review by clicking below:
AwakeRated: 6.0/10Rated: RStarring: Hayden Christenson, Jessica Alba, Lena Olin and Terrence HowardGenre: Thriller/DramaMy Grade: C+
Just one thing to say. Alexander Payne and Jim Taylor really have a sweet deal. They get to write two of the shittiest screenplays of the decade - Jurassic Park III and I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry - and neither film is marketed as "from the makers of Sideways." So essentially they make a shitload of money to finance their independent projects, and no one has to know they work as script doctors for horrible films. Sweet deal.
I don't know why this movie is getting such a bad rap. I found it to be a decent thriller. Better than most of the thriller's I have seen lately. Yes, it is a bit unrealistic, but these days, what movie isnt?? I found it quite enjoyable and moved at a good pace. It could have been fleshed out more...I thought that all of the actors did a fine job. It was the first role where I could actually stand and believe Jessica Alba. I would recommend it, better than alot of other mindless stuff out there.
So overall, Awake is a great psychological thriller that will leave you wide awake throughout the entire movie & one that delivers a twist that you never see coming. Don't believe all of the negative criticism it has recieved. Hayden Christensen & Jessica Alba are excellent here. Please give it a shot if you are a fan of either Hayden's or Jessica's. You will be surprised like I was. It's easily one of the best psychological thrillers that I have seen in a while & one that I will definitely pick up on DVD. PEACE OUT!!!
This movie jumped from a good plot to one that was so far fetched the movie was lost. The operating segment was the worst. Not to say that people can't and haven't experienced anesthesia awareness. Anyone with any knowledge at all of OR procedures would know that the person giving anesthesia does not walk out in the middle of surgery and leave the patient. If that is what is what is being conveyed, the medical community has reason to be upset by the movie. I wish I had not wasted my money.
Awake is quite the psychological thriller with its twists and turns that leaves the viewer with a feeling of uncertainly throughout the film. The plotline is totally unrealistic but that is why it is a movie. Jessica Alba and Hayden Christiansen come off the screen as a nearly perfect couple until things get hazy with family drama. While some people may think this film is predictable, I find that hard to believe with all of the different directions each character takes. I'm not saying this movie is amazing by any means. But if you are a fan of any of the actors in this film its worth the money to watch their performance. Or for that matter, if you are one who likes movies that throw you off guard, go and see it. M&K
I loved this thriller. It had great twists and turns, especially at the end.A must see. :D
When I first checked out the ratings on Rotten Tomatoes, I was quite apprehensive about seeing this movie. I'm not quite a fan of the main actors, Hayden Christensen and Jessica Alba as I've seen some of their flicks like the new Star Wars and the Fantasic Four series having less than enthusiastic performances. This film was different for both actors as they both seemed to come into their own here. Christopher McDonald, a recognizable face, did another great supporting role as he has done in so many other films, here in a completley serious and wonderful performance. Terrence Howard did a fine job as well. What I really liked about the movie was that it made me cringe at the disgusting chest opening procedures (after all, it's a medical drama) as well as the mystery that kept getting deeper and deeper. I found myself compelled to watch as each scene throughout the film quickened in pace revealing many secrets, utter betrayals, and total surprises. Everyone that one thought was one way turned out to be completely the opposite.If I would have read just the reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, I would have never seen this production. I'm glad that I rejected most of what I had read and took a chance. This was a good film. Almost Hitchcock-ian! Well, perhaps there will be those who read my review and give this film a chance. I think you'll be quite satisfied. It's not Oscar quality, but it certainly does a great job as a thriller! Go so this one if you want a film to resonate for a while. I don't think I will want to get an operation for quite some time after seeing this production.
by David Lim Awake wreaks of b-grade quality with a bland performance by Hayden Christensen, amateurish direction by Joby Harold, and poor writing. Christensen portrays Clay Beresford, a man with a cardiac condition who needs a heart transplant. Upon finding a donor, he proceeds with the operation but something goes radically wrong when Clay discovers the ansthesia has failed to work and he is awake in a paralyzed state during the procedure. While his unfortuante circumstance forces him to deal with the physical pain of the surgery, that is the least of his worries. Clay realizes there are people who have a high stake in the outcome of his operation. Whether he lives or dies could have profound consequences for those around him. Against my better instincts, I watched Awake based on a positive review by Roger Ebert and ignored the critical concensus. My great realization is Mr. Ebert must have been paid a large sum of money by the production studio to sway people like myself into believing there was some semblance of a psychological thriller to be found in this movie. The result comes off more like a made-for-television drama. Hayden Christensen performs about as well as he did in the Star Wars films. When his acting is not wooden, it seems like he is trying to force emotions into his dialogue. Jessica Alba, who depicts Clay's wife, surprisingly does well in her role. The romantic chemistry between the two is one of the few things I found worked in the movie. I really empathized with Clay when key events began unfolding that affected his relationship. First time director Joby Harold fails to make his debut effort thrilling. There are moments where I thought I would feel strong intensity but reacted with indifference. One scene, in particular, I am referring to is the part where Clay is lying still when they cut him open but you can hear his paranoid voiceover in the background. The reason this scene didn't work for me is because the shots linger too long on Christensen's unmoving face. Rapidly intercutting between his face, his thoughts, and the doctors working on his open chest would have made for a more exciting scene. Harold, who also penned the screenplay, came up with some preposturous plot choices. Granted, the first big twist was clever and well-executed. However, one of the later twists is so ridiculous that it seems like it was thought up just to end the movie. I would have been more satisfied had Harold replaced this twist with Christensen's character finding out he was a jedi and using the force to contact Obi-Wan Kenobi to come help him. However, then the studio would have had to pay Ewan McGreggor to make a cameo and this movie appears as though it did not have the budget with its short running time of only 85 minutes. Awake is not bad enough to be laughable and not good enough to be likable. It resides on mediocre ground that leans toward the former but is not quite there. Wait for video release on this one and split the rental cost with a big group.
Awake is a psychological thriller about a common occurrence called "anesthetic awareness," a horrifying phenomenon wherein a patient's (Hayden Christenson) failed anesthesia leaves him fully conscious but physically paralyzed during surgery. The patient's charming new wife (Jessica Alba) is forced to struggle with her own demons as a terrifying drama unfolds around the couple. God what a dreadful film. I do not remember the last time I was ever so bored at the movies. The whole thing is just a little too preposterous to be taken seriously. How could this medical team actually be doing a major op like a transplant with so little interference from anyone else in the hospital? Also Alba, while always too hot to watch, finds it difficult to be totally convincing as a conniving, manipulative bitch out for cold, hard cash from an unsuspecting little dweeb like Christensen. This is the kind of movie that is actually a lot better if you don't try and think about it. Or better yet, wait until it hits basic cable, which is where this ludicrous drama probably belongs in the first place. yay or nay? huge nay. one of the worst films this year/ FINAL RATING: 3/10 me crazy....but I did like this. Maybe it had to do with me being cooped up in a military base for 6 weeks and not being able to see Television.....but...this movie did hold my attention. The story....far-fetched?....yeah....unbelievable and could never happen to anyone?....well yeah.....but was entertaining. I was pleased and I paid full price for the ticket, but I would suggest waiting for the DVD....if you are interested in seeing it....go see it!
I can't believe it has been almost 2 months since I posted on RT. I have been to the movie theater a bunch of times since then & just forgot about writing reviews. Anyways, I have seen Beowulf, No Country for Old Men, Enchanted, Awake, The Golden Compass, I Am Legend, Alvin & the Chipmunks, Walk Hard, Charlie Wilson's War & Juno. Today, I will post some quick reviews for the first 5 movies on this post & the last 5 movies in the next post. Hope everyone has had a safe & Happy New Year so far. :) -------------------- Beowulf (2007) The Golden Compass is based on the first book in the popular His Dark Materials fantasy series from Phillip Pullman. At first, I didn't know what to expect from this because I have never read these. But after seeing it opening day, I was surprised by how well done it was. For about the first 30-45 minutes, I was confused on what was actually going down. It was kinda confusing for that time, but going into the 2nd half of the movie, I found myself finally getting the gist of things. Overall, this is a very well made movie, but it's very confusing at first if you never read the book like me. The performances are surprisingly better than I expected & the little girl in the movie, newcomer Dakota Blue Richards basically steals the show from the likes of Nicole Kidman & Daniel Craig.
Ok It's been awhile since I last posted a movie review but i've seen a few movies since so I figured I might as well post them. I went and seen Awake It was highly predictable especially in the first five mintutes. It was nice to See Jessica Alba play a cold hearted bitch instead of America's Sweetheart for a change. The reason i gave this movie a 5 was due to the fact that it lacked creativity. It was well acted and entertaing even though you knew what was coming. It was also kind of depressing for a mother to give up her own life to save her son. Hayden Christianson is a very good actor on the way to amazing i won't be surprised to see a few oscer nominations in the future for him.
Awake has to be Hayden Christensen's worst performance. Also, Jessica Alba would never from my point of view, take a role like this. How awful this is. What a movie, horrible I say. I don't know about you and your other critics, but Awake is full of crap the whole nine yards and entire way (and ten yards.) This movie catches you in the preview, where they won't let Christensen leave and they try to kill him so they'll be rich. But, when I went to go see this movie at the movies, it was horrible. Jessica Alba and Hayden Christensen are horrible in Awake, I thought it was horrible when I saw it. Anyways, don't go see it, you'll regret it if you do.