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Beerfest 2006

Two brothers travel to Germany for Oktoberfest, only to stumble upon a secret, centuries-old competition described as a "Fight Club" with beer games...

Release Date:
110 min
Jay Chandrasekhar
Paul Edney, Cloris Leachman, Amber Hay, ...
USA, Australia

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Solar rating:6.7 /10


Imdb rating: 6.3 /10

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WELL...i'm nonplussed...perplexed...disconcerted. the writers starred(?) in it. what's astonishing is, somebody gave 'em 17 million dollars to make it and, more astonishing, IT MADE MONEY. shucks, annmarie913 & enki812 liked it. i wanted to like it, too. hahaha. i did make it farther than moviegirl1234 (much to my chagrin)...NEXT.
Olympics + Beer = BEERFEST!!!! This movie was hilarious, wild and fun! I am a non-drinker and enjoyed this movie very much so you can only imagine how much more true drinkers will like it. This will not meet the bar as "American Pie" did, but will definately be in the same discussion with "Road Trip" and "Eurotrip" GO SEE IT!
I am a huge fan of anything Broken Lizard has done with the exception of their first movie Puddle Cruisers, but this movie just didnt do it for me. There are some funny parts and there are some stupid parts, most of the jokes were hit and miss and unfortunately I felt that there were more misses. It was way too long for a damn comedy almost 2 hours, I mean give me a break the movie could have ended at least 30 minutes earlier stop dragging it on. My buddy fell asleep and I kept wishing for it to wrap up, some funny parts make it worth seeing but nothing worth bragging about to all your buddies. I would say wait for a Sunday Matinee or the dvd which will hopefully have more funny shit as most comedic dvds do.
Boobs. Booze......................Anything else? This movie is a shallow and stupid comedy. There's not much for me to write about. It doesn't deliver any gut busting laughs like Talladega Nights, but it does dish out constant, err, giggles?...chuckles?....I don't know, small scale laughs. So, I'd wait for it come out on last note: The germans; HILARIOUS!Story/Plot: 1.5Acting: 6.0Visuals: 5.0Sound/Music: 3.0Fun to Watch: 6.0OVERALL SCORE: 4.3
Just barely fresh enough to keep you laughing, although it was a little long. I went to a theatre that serves beer and wine, a definite plus. They had a $1 beer special to go along with the movie, I obviously partook! Great movie for the college students, not so good for other ages.
What I admire most about this film isn't the content itself, but merely the actors and the characters they play. There were many flaws with this film yes, but you don't go to see a film about beer drinking and compition and expect greatness. I'll be honest, this was just a fun film. Very entertaining. The entire cast was perfectly chosen and were each given the right characters to play. And I laughed my ass off. The true stars of this film, though, is I'd have to say, the Germans. Fucking hysterical! And I'm not a fan of Eric Christian Olsen (see: Dumb and Dumberer...or rather, don't see), but here in this movie he was definetly got quite a few laughs. Overall, see this movie if you want to have fun, cause you will laugh. And hell, maybe it'll take you back to the old college days. Beer pong, anyone?!?
Review coming...
Well I saw the movie last night, and I dont know wut those big hot shot reviewers are talkin about, the movie was a blast, and but of course I went and got wasted after the movie
So so so good, a perfect movie for me. Over the top, hilarious and cheesy... It's my new favourite movie. I don't want to give anything away but this movie had a nice little twist, went from disappointment to sheer joy! Loved it, so cheesy but hey if that's what you like your gonna love this one. The Broken Lizards sure know who to do funny... everyone in this was great, they all had thier parts to perfection and I loved them all. Be sure to stay fro the credits, and you'll get some fun behind the scenes action.
The name says it all. Beerfest takes the cast from Super Troopers and Club Dread, throws them into a mixer, and extracts them out as totally original characters. At first you think, "A movie all about drinking beer...that could get stale real quick." Although I think the movie accomplishes what it set out to do. It was hilarious and kept the audience into the movie at all times. Coming from a background where drinking is a must; German and Irish...what a combination; this movie targets myself and most all other college students. I'm sure that this movie will be very stale for the average family that isn't interested in drinking and/or drinking games. Although I don't think that this movie is targeting them. In conclusion, the movie lives up to the little bit of hype that I received from articles and watching of the trailors. I loved it, you might too. The best line in the movie is, "Oh...not again." When you see it, you'll know why.
A nine for Beerfest? Yes, it was that awesome. I loved this movie. The only minor complaint is that it perhaps could have been edited down a bit, but really not a big deal. See this movie with friends...if you don't like beer or find Super Troopers funny, obviously avoid this movie. If you do like those things, run to the theater. Jay Chrandraskhar, the acclaimed director of "Dukes of Hazzard," is once again at the helm, directing Broken Lizard. I don't think it would work as well without Kevin Heffernan, although Jay himself has quite af ew great lines. The best was probably the ping pong in Ding Dang scene, which had a lot going for it. This also is more than I ever planned on writing about Beerfest, and I'm sure my rambling lacked any direction whatsover. I'll just sum it up by saying I had a great time and need to get to an all-new Entourage.
It's no Super Troopers, but it's better than Club Dread.
BEER. The libation of the drunk, the deprived, the teenaged, the party-goer, and everyone else. We've all been to parties were there was beer present, and don't say you never have. I'm sure even the WWJD churchgoers Ned Flanders types have been in that situation. You know who you are. Beer is fun, but fun only if you drink smart, properly, and if you plan to drink a lot have a designated driver on hand. No I am not a member of MADD, but they are right. Beerfest made drinking fun, although perhaps a little too fun. Despite the disclaimer at the beginning of the film -- and I give props to the filmakers for adding that in -- I'm willing to bet there are a few idiots who went and tried to do some of these stunts. As per the film there is a super-secret beer drinking competition that takes place during Oktoberfest, so secret that even the Americans don't know it exsists. When two brothers are asked to take their grandfathers remains back to Germany, they stumble on to Beerfest and are immediatly deprieved of their family honour as hidden secrets about their origins are revealed. Turns out their family allegedly stole a secret beer receipe from their distant German relatives, who are not above murder and corporate espionage/sabotage to get it back. Losing their pride they form a team of beerdrinkers who include, a member of the scientific community, a former brewery employee, and the college game drinking hero now turned prostitute. After a year of practice and many obstacles along the way they return to Beerfest to take back their name, honour, and pride. I was surprised to say this movie was much better then I anticipated. Although it was not great it was better then the filmakers previous films Supertroopers and Club Dread, the latter of which I walked out of and I was seeing it for free. For a no brains, fun movie, go and see this film.
DAS BOOT!!!!!CHUG-CHUG_CHUG!!!yeah I had fun.
My first entry, and let me start out by saying that RottenTomato's having it's own special font size different from the norm is just weird. this is size 2. Beerfest was excellent. You may say i'm slightly biased, as i'm calling my Blog 'Reviews From a Barstool' and my first review is a beer movie, but nonetheless, it was good in the sense that it was basically exactly what you would expect. Now i never saw Club Dread or Supertroopers, 2 of the other movies by these people, but unless you outright hated them, i'd imagine you'd still enjoy this one. It was over the top in some parts and excessively silly in others. If you've ever had a couple of beers, or ever played a drinking game, I don't see how you could dislike this movie. I found the movie remarkably predictable(give or take one or two twists), but i also found that i didn't care. It was fun, and definately keep me entertained for the entire length of the movie. So go out, see Beerfest and i'll see you at the bar afterwards. :-) "One time he farted a whole plum"
Well, as much as I wanted this movie to be as good as Super Troopers, it wasn't. But it also wasn't bad. It's going to be hard for Broken Lizard to top the antics and comedic genious of Super Troopers. Either way I will still be in the theatre seat watching them try. Now let's go get fucked up.
I was pretty upset over The Broken Lizards last movie. I thought it wasn't a very good flick at all and was hoping they did a better job on this movie.Well, I have to say, they did! I loved Beerfest. This movie was good fun and had plenty of what men love in it. Tits and Beer. While I'm not a huge fan of beer, I do love a nice set of tits. :)So, there you have it guys. It's a guy movie and a bi movie for you girls who like... girls.Check it out if you want to have fun.
This movie is hilarious. There is no getting around it. EVERY college student should see it. I'm sure many people will not like this movie, call it stupid and immature but it really comes through. The Broken Lizard guys really hit a homerun, I honestly think this might be the best movie they've done yet. Its witty and has enough truth about drinking games to make it something people relate to. The movie even pulled off a surprise twist in the middle that neither myself nor my friends saw coming. I'm uberly impressed and recommend it highly.