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Haven't seen that in years, I forgot how sweet it was. I think I'll watch the 2nd one now.
Blade is still the best vampire killer in the business.Now if he went after the twilight vampire's.That's a movie i'd watch.8/10
One of THE all-time vampire movies. What more needs to be said?

And... in case any of you didn't already know, there was a Blade tv series. Needless to say, I watched every episode. You can probably find it if you root around like a greedy pig for it. I know *I* did. Oink oink.
Blade what a Beast.
Watched it on a different site. But fantastic movie, very well done, the effects are great for it's time and there's pack full of action.
Hard to find a better vampire movie than this right here definitely up in my Top 5 along with From Dusk Till Dawn. 8/10 for the whole series
Love this movie, one of Marvels best.
This movie put marvel studios on the map! 10/10
Based on the Marvel comic, Blade is a great movie filled with action and well action. Though the acting was less than expected, Blade is a great film. For those who do not know who Blade is, he a a half vampire, half human who hates vampires more than anything. In other words, he slays vampires. This movie is filled with its good share of blood and action. Blade is a action packed movie that will leave you cheerful. This movie gets a 8/10.
I finally saw Blade again, on DVD, and was blown away at how awesome that movie is. When I first saw it I thought it was cool but it's rare for me to see a movie a second time and find it even more fantastic than the first. :up: Thumbs way up for the leading man and their take on vampires, I love the levels - blood and bitten - and of course the action in the film, go the fighting. The plot makes sense and it has some absolutely beautiful cinematography. If you haven't seen this movie, what are you waiting for? ;) If you like vampire and action combined than I have high hopes for you enjoying this movie. It's an oldie but a goody, definately staying in my collection. :) paledesertowl
This film is nowhere scary but doesn't have to be. But all I think that is important for this film is the action and a good storyline. Both Snipes and Dorff are quite convincing and I can see why this film had spawned a sequel.This film is one of the best comic book adapatations and this film is worth the watch. A side note, some of the special effects aren't that great, i'm thankful they stuck with the martial arts fighting instead of CGI action. 7 on 10.
Blade is a vampire movie for our times, one that foregoes the elegance and romance of the classic Dracula movies and instead concentrates on action and kung-fu style fighting. Although it is modestly successful on the level of mindless action movie, there were times when I missed the grace that is normally associated with vampires. The villains in Blade are referred to as vampires, and they have the same characteristics (biting necks, sharp teeth, etc.), but they seem more like angry ghouls than tortured immortals who are cursed with walking the Earth for thousands of years. Wesley Snipes stars as Blade, a half-vampire, half-human man who has been blessed with all of the strengths of a vampire but also with the (supposed) goodness of humanity. Blade has grown up to be a vampire hunter...he tries to defend the mortal world from the onslaught of vampires by using his strength and fighting abilities to dispatch one vampire after another. As the movie begins, the vampires have had enough of Blade's success...and they need his blood in order to summon a powerful god. For about the first 45 minutes of the movie, Blade is a somewhat entertaining action film that keeps us mildly amused. The filmmaking is quite kinetically inventive and does not always rely on the standard quick-cut technique that so many modern movies use to show us action scenes. However, the movie eventually grows so repetitive in its action that it becomes tedious. Basically, this is a two-hour film in which Blade battles vampires...and not much else happens. If the pacing of the film had been a little more even, Blade might have been able to overcome its repetitiveness, but because everything is at such breakneck speed, we begin to grow weary when another series of vampires battle Blade. Stephen Dorff is not a particularly frightening central villain, and having a memorable villain is a necessary element to a successful action movie. Although he has practically no one to play off of, Wesley Snipes is quite serviceable as Blade...he has the look and energy of a born action star. Blade is not a particularly bad movie, just an unimaginative one. If the screenwriters had been able to come up with various directions to take this comic book story in, Blade could have been an entertaining, violent escapist movie. Instead, the only variations within the film are the faces of the vampires that Blade is making short work of.(BASIC)
:fresh: I thought Blade was a coooooooooool film that grips you like crack. Blade is such an amazing character, he really kicks ass. Sure, the plot isnt great, but Blade is the sort of film you watch for the action sequences, like the Matrix.
Welcome to my shitty 1998 review of Blade. This was back when I really didn't put a lot of effort into my reviews. Check back tomorrow for my review of Blade 2 and you'll see that I do improve. Until then, just point and laugh at this crappy effort. BLADE I don't know who kicked the superhero movie makers in the butt, but I sure would like to shake his or her hand. After years of sitting through comic book movies like Suck-man and Robin and other gems like Steel, The Punisher, Captain America, and lest us least forget Howard the F**k, we are given Blade... a movie about a half human/half vampire who hunts those annoying little bloodsuckers with the help of Kris Kristopherson. Blade was a good movie, not exactly the best I've seen this summer, but as far as superhero movies go, it's Shakespeare. Wesley Snipes is a pretty kick-ass vampire hunter and Kris Kristopherson is... well, just kinda there... for a little while. Steven Dorff is also in the movie. You may remember him from the classic Dorff on Golf or Dorff on Fishing... or was that a different Dorff? I don't know. Traci Lords is in Blade as well.... although, I don't have the first clue who she is and why she's so important. (Actually, I do... she's the authority on sucking things and the producers thougt she'd make a good vampire. Just remember, Traci... go for the neck this time!) All kidding aside, Blade is probably more suited to the comic book crowd than anyone else. It's gory, and I believe that every fourth or fifth word in the script is "f**k". So, in other words, unlike other comic book zeroes, Blade isn't watered down. In fact, he's more potent than ever.
Gorgeous set design...great costumes...some awesome action, but a bad plot and wooden acting sink this promising tale about a half man half vampire. Based on the Marvel comic of the same name, Blade stars Wesley Snipes as the title character. The movie starts off with a great sequence as Blade saves a bunch of humans from a vampire feeding frenzy. It sets the tone, or it should, but after the opening scene the film falls down quick. "Blade has the capacity to dazzle, but it also will leave many viewers dissatisfied."-- James Berardinelli, REELVIEWS
So there.
The 90's didn't offer much good comic book movies. Except for Batman Returns and... Batman Returns.Then came Blade. Snipes IS Blade on screen, make no question about it. Luckily, Dorff's Frost is also pretty succesfull and one of the more enjoyable villains in this genre. Norrington delivers a very slick, stylish movie that goes with Goyer's depiction of the vampire world: a world aking towards that of big corporations. Some of the FX are pretty dated already, but that doesn't spoil the fun, as you still have the beautifully choreographed fighting scenes.8.1/10
Except for Daredevil, everything else was dyno-mite!
Had me a blood-sucking double feature this evening. First off, as you may know, I'm a hardcore horror genre fiend. I love it, I think it's an underrated genre, and some people do their best work within the genre. Sure, it produces its fair share of horrible ass-stains, but when it works, that shit works, bitches. Take the BLADE franchise for example. Stephen Norrington directed his lone good film with the first BLADE film, a nice little action thriller. It has a nifty ass-kickin' opening scene, and Stephen Dorff(Dorph? Dorf? Dorrff? Derf? Smith? Jones?) actually plays the prissy vampire part rather well. Bloody, funny, and cool as hell, with some really stylish, inventive shots. It does have a pretty weak script in parts, but otherwise, not much to complain about. BLADE 2 is where the goods is at, though. That is largely due to Guillermo Del Toro, who makes vampires frightening again. It's also just more of a wholly satisfying experience than the first one. Del Toro lays on that operatic head-trip gore, and it's plentiful in its bloodiness. That last sentence made almost no sense, but I don't care. When you watch a film like this, you hardly give two fucks(or three?) about the plot, but the plot is actually interesting. Well, interesting enough to give a shit about the characters, anyway. Plus, it has Ron Perlman, and you can never go wrong with casting Ron Perlman in your film. It's just a better film than the first one, and I really liked the first one. Once again, I think that most of the credit should go to Del Toro. He's a mad genius.