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Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason 2004

After finding love, Bridget Jones questions if she really has everything she's dreamed of having...

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Imdb rating: 5.9 /10

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Absolutely great! I loved the first and I love this one too! Colin Firth is.. sigh...okay I am totally crushing on him.. but love him and Rene in this movie, was afraid it could be a let down but it wasn't at all, and Hugh Grant is great as well.. he adds colour and that 'charismatic jerk factor' you just need to make the movie a total hit. Its rare that there are follow ups on rom-coms that already ended well... happily... This is a movie about what happens after the happy ending and its full of humour and delightful moments!
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ok... now I know this thing is stupid... I can't just simply post my movie ratings... I have to actually WRITE something... so here you go... :rolleyes:
BRIDGET JONES: THE EDGE OF REASON First of all you have to know that part one is one of my top3 absolute fave movies. And I read the two novels. So a) i'm biased towards part 2 and b) my expectations for this sequel where really high and i was afraid that i would be disappointed. But I wasn't! I loved every single minute of "Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason" What makes it special is that, while in romantic comedies the plot line is about how boy meets girl and then get together at the end, here they are already in a relationship and so it's more about how that relationship evolves, it's about the high and lows. And also, it is quite different from the novel. While normally I don't like it when they change things from page to screen, in this case I have to admit it is remarkably well done. They have managed to keep the spirit of the book, and to tone it down a little, because the novel is really quite extravagant and it would never have worked if they had adapted it literally. They did as good a job as for part one.One change I was worried about is the inclusion of Daniel Cleaver, Hugh Grant's character. At first I thought it was only to get more women in the theatres, because of his good looks, but his part in the movie is rather important. Another character could have done it but the fact that we already know him saved a lot of exposition time.Since I mentionned Hugh I also have to talk about Colin Firth. He is absolutely fabulous! He brings the character of Mark Darcy to life as nobody elso could possibly do it. Renee Zellweger is fantastic too and she definitely deserves another Oscar nomination for this one.
oww....2 much hw man....and i shudn't b on here!!! My sis went and saw bridget jones diary 2...and she said it was reli gud...:( humph i wanted2 c it!! it's cos she works in d odeon and she gets free tickets or free screenings!! She also saw the grudge last nite (i was asleep wen she came home) and also Johnny Depp's new film, finding nevaland!! GRRRRR....she also nicks sweeties from there as well!!!NOT FAIR
Keeping track of movies watched. Might add comments later
Renee Zellweger reprises her role as Bridget Jones, an aspiring television journalist whose odd antics prove embarrassing -- a segment on skydiving lands her face-first in a trough of pig poop. But even that can't dampen Bridget's soaring mood. The second coming of bloated Renee Zellweger begins six weeks into Bridget's relationship with Mark Darcy (Colin Firth), the square human rights lawyer who made hearts melt the first time around with the line, "I like you just as you are." Turns out, he doesn't. Bridget's bleeding heart and busting seams don't exactly play in stuffy Lawyerland or on an Austrian mini-break. The Edge of Reason has its heart in the right place. It's easy to fall for Zellweger in the role of a sincere everywoman concerned about her wobbly parts. Sadly, Edge too often sways into the world of absurdity: Bridget inadvertently consumes magic mushrooms and ends up wandering in the ocean; she gets tossed into a Thai women's prison and soon has her inmates belting out Madonna tunes; and an unnecessary lesbian scenario leaves the audience bewildered. In a lot of ways, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason is like going to a karaoke bar with your friends and bawling out-of-tune yet enthusiastic renditions of the classics. Both are mostly powered by the sound of classic songs and the feel-good associations we already have with them; both are occasionally amusing and occasionally embarrassing; and neither is something you'd want anyone you respect to see you enjoying too much
Bridget Jones 2Renee Zellweger, Colin Firth, Hugh GrantGood.. Funny...Enjoyable... but no Bridget Jone's Diary... I really liked this movie but I think that it could have been better. It was just missing the charm of the first movie. I think I liked it. I am really indifferent. But the fact that I have no desire to see it again pretty much speaks for itself. Movie Grade::fresh: C+ UnderworldKate Bechinsale, Scott SpeedmanGood movie. Better then I espected. I think Scott is competely hot with the long hair. Never would have thought him to be British... but, he really is (not in the movie, in real life)... strange. Kate was a cool vampire. Didnt think she could pull that off. Oh thee well.Movie Grade: :fresh: B- X2Hugh Jackman, Anna Paquin, Patrick Stewart Good, I guess. Liked Nightcrawler. Still pissed Rogue is so young. HATE JEAN GRAY... SO ANNOYING. On that note, the movie had amazing accuracy. I think it could have been a little less of a trailer for X3. I didnt really like the first but I really liked this one. So it improved. I think that Hugh Jackman is a kick ass Wolverine... please please please have a sexy Gambit in X3, he was my favorite!Movie Grade: :fresh: C- Looking Forward to....Closer: Natalie Portman, Jude Law, Clive Owen, Julia Roberts
:) I love this movie it rocked:fresh: :fresh: Go see it go see
Like Renee, did really care for the movie.
It's been a while since I've seen this, but I will attempt to review it anyway. I absolutely adored the first movie and first book. I have not yet read the second book (although I hear it's much different than the second movie), but I will say that this sequel was a little bit of a letdown after the first film. It was definitely a funny movie, but it was lacking something. Renee Zellweger is great as Bridget, yet again, but there was something a bit odd about the character. I'm not sure exactly what it was. Maybe...well she looked a little bit different than the first movie weight-wise. Her face seemed fuller for some odd reason. That's not bad, but I guess maybe that's what seemed a little bit off. The best scene would have to be the fight between Mark and Daniel. Absolutely hilarious. I loved it. And I will say that....Hugh Grant was smokin' (as usual) in this. Yup...that's all.
The Edge of Reason took a mediocre novel and turned it into a brilliant film. TEOR accurately depicts all the mistakes new lovers commit when still not secure in the relationship and not quite sure they deserve such a perfect partner. Colin brought a vulnerablity to Mark Darcy that only he could as one of the best actors in the business. Hugh was even sleazier than I thought possible. No there was not too much slapstick really only 2 incidents, the pig sty and the fall from the ski lift. Typical Bridget. Yes her hair was horrible, her fashion sense way off, but the Bridget who slide down the pole butt first and into Darcy's life in the first film is still the same girl. Before her worries were about getting a boy friend and now they are about keeping him. Think back ladies, how many phone calls did you make when you shouldn't, how many times did you daydream or look at him in just the way Bridget does in those bedroom scenes and let's not even discuss petty jealousy even without a beautiful colleague like Rebecca. Bridget is wonderful, but the shining star in this sequel is Colin Firth's protrayal of Mark Darcy. He was funny, loving, loyal, vulnerable, a bit stuffy, sexy, gentle, understanding, disappointed, insulted, hurt, angry, and betrayed. Much of it relayed to us through his body language and facial expressions - like only Colin firth can. A range of emotion that truly showed his range as a dramatic actor. Yes, this is a rom-com with a lot of drama. A true knight-in-shining-armor who saves his lady love even when he thinks she has betrayed him and there can be no future for them. And Mark's snobbery paled by comparison to Bridget's example of middle class snobbery that insulted his colleagues and his ancestry, not to menation belittling his education and upbringing.Mark loves her for her wit, her insecurities and how she can overcome anything she does and look at the next day with optimism. He loves her honesty and guilelessness. He complements her and she complements him. And when she finally can't help her self, you see a very dramatic scene between Mark and Bridget in the Thai Jail that brings tears to your eyes and a knot in your stomach that doesn't go away until she is back in his arms again. What many miss is the tie in with the Jane Austin book, Pride and Prejudice. It is very true to that link. Now we can only hope for another BJD with perhaps a Lady Catherine and a Lydia for Daniel? --oh, and a baby for Mark and Bridget. But please don't make us wait three years.
I know this movie does not have a very good fresh rating, but I think fans of the first film, (check out my Top 10 of 2001) will enjoy this reacquaintance of the characters Bridget (Renee Zellweger), Mark (Colin Firth), and Daniel (Hugh Grant). Some of the same jokes are somewhat recycled: Bridget's ass makes a reappearance on camera; and she still has verbal diarrhea and says the most inappropriate things at the worst time, but the character is still loveable. The movie starts out 6 weeks after the end of the first, with Bridget and Mark living out their happily ever after. Now of course true love never runs smoothly so they run into some problems; Bridget still thinks Mark is too snooty; and she also believes he is having an affair with his beautiful young client. This leads to a break-up and Bridget considers getting back together with Daniel after she's forced to work with him on a story for a travel company and they visit Thailand together. Of course, Daniel's still the same louse from the first movie, and Bridget doesn't fall for it this time. However, Mark hears about it secondhand and believes that she cheated. In the meantime, Bridget spends some time in Thai prison while the government thinks she's smuggling drugs (turns out it was Shazza's new young boyfriend). Of course being the top barrister he is, Mark gets her out. Following many more misunderstandings, Mark proposes (of course this is after another hilarious male-on-male fight between him and Daniel). While of course not as original or funny as the original, it still stays close to the roots of the characters and I was glad to revisit them.
Such high hopes. So much disappointment. The original Bridget Jones' Diary was delightfully witty with fresh characters a charming story and a heroine that women the world over could identify with. The sequel has old characters, none of the charm and a really stupid lead actress.BJ2 starts off the same way as the first film.. and finishes the same way as the first film.. with a few bits in the middle that are practically the same as the first film so I'd like to know -- who felt the need to make a second film?It's a real shame this movie didn't turn out well because the cast is undeniably talented and the book is delightful. The only thing I can put it down to is a rubbish script and repressed creativity. Old jokes are recycled only this time, they're not even close to funny -- including yet another a punch up between Mark Darcy and Daniel Cleaver.. where have we seen that before? Oh and of course we get a nice close up on Bridget's ass as she screws up yet another news report - only this time it doesn't involve a fireman's pole.When you read the book all the characters are lovably eccentric and that is one of the things that made it so hilarious to read. However it seems the actors in the movie keep wanting to pull back from the zaniness which leads to mundane and heartless performances. To be fair, there are a few very, very funny moments. But there is maybe 3 or 4 of these and then the whole movie begins to crumble. One particularly annoying scene is Bridget in prison teaching the inmates to sing "Like a Virgin" because in her own words, "What is Madonna if not a perfectionist?" This is not funny or clever or cute. It's just stupid. Bridget is needy and selfish and expects to much from everyone. This is not even the same character people love so much from the first film. It seems like the actors have forgotten how to have fun and would rather play it safe in the knowledge that people will see the film because the first one was so successful. The charm is gone. All we have now is Bridget sitting in a pile of pig crap to pass as humour. And that's what this movie is. A steaming pile of pig crap.
What a snore fest. Skip this one and don't even think about wasting your money on a video rental. Poor Renee Z got all fat and jiggly for nothing, risking her health and image in a wasted effort to revive the past. And then to make matters worse, the end did not justify the means. Not even cute Hugh Grant, whose charm can overcome a lot of faults in a move, could rescue this, dare I repeat myself, snore fest. Zzzzzzzzzzz
I thought it was funnier than the first one. The only problem i had with this movie was the boom dipping into the frame during a serious scene.... It seems like i'm the only one who noticed.... :(
I am admittedly a chick flick fan. Yeah, I am a rock snob and I like subversive, mind-bending films...but I am a girl after all. In 1999, I read the book Bridget Jones's Diary and in 2001, the film made my all time favorites list. The re-watchability factor is extremely high on this film. Renee Zellweger was the perfect Bridget and what girl did not want her own Mark Darcy, if not the real Colin Firth? My friends and I are devout Bridget devotees and we made a whole girls night of it. We even made t-shirts to wear. They had the quote, "I choose Vodka. And Chaka Kahn" emblazoned on the chest. Yes, we are geeks and I have the pictures to prove it. The film takes place just weeks after the original, where we find Bridget and Mark Darcy's relationship going strong. Bridget is still a top t.v. personality who jumps out of planes and gets into awkward situations left and right. With her insecurities and her clumsiness, she feels that she embarasses Mark who "likes her just the way she is." This movie takes Bridget to Germany for a ski mini-break, to Thailand, tripping on mushrooms, spending time teaching Madonna songs to fellow inmates at a Thai prison, and becoming entangled once again with the dastardly man-slut and "emotional fuckwit" Daniel Cleaver as played by Hugh Grant. I don't really like him, but he is perfect as Cleaver. Though I really liked the film, I understand why most critics have been giving it lackluster reviews. They do make Bridget look even more foolish in this film than in the first...and some of the situations are a little over the top. But rest assured, I loved it and will buy it on DVD if not see it at the theatre again. It's good fun and a chick-flick-a-rama.I mean, the Colin Firth and Hugh Grant fight scene is worth the price of admission. It's as funny as the fight in the original scored to "Raining Men" by Geri Halliwell. We had bets on what the song playing in the background would be this time, and we all cracked up that it was to "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" by The Darkness. It was superb. Firth and Grant do more pushing and kicking than punching, and it is hilarious.LatersCourtney
Hey. Sorry I haven't written in 2 days. Saturday I just couldn't be bothered, and sunday, first of all I was out with Lisa, and then the internet went down. Won't give you the boring details of the internet thingy, but I'll tell you about my day with Lisa and how something amazing happened. Ok, so, me and Lisa went to see Bridget Jones's Diary 2: The edge of reason. I liked it. And while standing in McDonalds after Lisa told me that she wants to be a spinster, and overweight. I'm going to look up spinster, because I'm not exactly sure what it means, even though I gave Lisa the impression that I did in the cinema (muah ha ha) 1. spinster n. (100%) chiefly derogatory an unmarried woman, typically an older woman beyond the usual age for marriage. Ok, I told her it was a woman who lives alone. So, hey, that's basically it. So, it's 15th November. McFly's new single, Room on the 3rd Floor, is out today, so all those United Kingdomers out there, go buy it. It's fabulous. My sister's getting mine today, so I'll get it when she comes home at 5. 2 hours and 20 minutes. I should have got it myself. I would be listening to it right now. I'll listen my ass off tonight. So while we were at McDonalds, I suddenly remembered that I hadn't set the tape for a preformance of McFly which was on, but when I got home I turned on the TV, and 5 minutes later, who came on? Oh yeah. There's some luck for you. So I got to tape just that preformance instead of having to tape 3 or 4 hours of other acts and winding through it. Woo! I'm going to listen to McFly now. But not Room on the 3rd Floor. Something else. Ooh, how about a fabulous version of She Loves You? Fabulous. Those Beatles were really on to something. My cat is either staring into space, or watching the fish from across the room. She's not... moving... a muscle... I'm gonna go poke her. I kissed her on the head and she cooed, and then I poked her. Oh no now she's staring at me. No, she's back to the fish. *whistles* She took no notice. She's edged closer to the fish tank. She is so plotting something. Here comes the dog. Now that cat's staring at her. Now the fish. And the music track has changed to a live version of Obviously. Woo! 'Cause obviously, She's out of my leagueBut how can I win, she keeps dragging me inand I know I,Never will be good enough for her,No, no,I never will be good enough for her...Oh yeah. K, I'll go. You'll never get me... ahhh *clings to doorframe* I regret nothing... Peace out.
i thought this was a good movie. i don't think its as good as the first one, but you can't have everything, right? bridget jones is a loveable character that i just can't get enough of. i think women in their 20's-30's can easily identify with her and her mishaps. all in all, i would recommend this movie to any single woman.
From drugs to prison, break-up to who knows what else, I don't want to give it away to you, Bridget Jones encounters everything bad that can happen to someone. I didn't think I would like this. It's was very funny. It had romance, excitment, good acting. Ok, I'm rambling once again, go see this if you have a chance, and only if you liked the first one as much as I did.