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Casino Royale 2006

Armed with a licence to kill, Secret Agent James Bond sets out on his first mission as 007 and must defeat a weapons dealer in a high stakes game of poker at Casino Royale, but things are not what they seem...

Release Date:
November 17, 2006
144 min
Martin Campbell
Caterina Murino, Richard Branson, Richard Sammel, ...
Thriller, Crime, Action, ...
UK, USA, Germany,

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Solar rating:8.1


Imdb rating:8

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Great James Bond film, though I think I like Skyfall of the Daniel Craig as Bond films the best so far. Spectre is in the filming process also. Even though Eva Green is one of my favorite actresses, I would rate the Craig as Bond films as 1.) Skyfall, 2.) Quantum of Solace, 3.) Casino Royale. But by no means does that mean it's one to skip. If you're going to skip any set of Bond films, I recommend pretending the Brosnan films simply don't exist like most other Bond fans do. Haha.
Casino Royale = 8.5/10
One of my favorite James Bond. I give a 8/10
Daniel Craig is the best James Bond. Great movie.

daniel craig is amazing as bond

Video Not found, seems it was taken down.

I would call it my new favorite Bond film
:mad: :rotten: Where is Sean Connery or the other smoothe, handsome 007s when we
need them? I had to go to 31 Flavors and have a jamoca almond fudge
sundae to calm my nerves after viewing Casino Royale where at least 100 people, 100 cars, trucks, buildings & an historic building in Venice were destroyed. No fun, no humor, no sophistication, lots of blood, lots of mysterious unsolved situations and lots of blood. Ugh!
So, I've seen the new James Bond film.

It is ever more the adventure than I could have expected. After all the last minute hype for Die Another Day, on reflection it really on was a two out of four star movie, trailing GoldenEye by league's.

But Martin Campbell is back. And he has yet another new Bond. An even better one? Well, let's just say I've accepted Brosnan's day are over, and we can all rest easy on Craig. This is a different mold altogether.

Reading over the reviews, I'm surprised to see so many complain about the final act. Unlike the start, while impressive, the last act is the one that holds all the weight and caring. Then again, I'm one of those that thought the last act of Batman Begins was strong. MAny don't agree with me there.

Batman Begins, as noted, is the perfect example of where this Bond was headed. I was a fan of Campbell, but I didn't know he had this nuance in him.

This is the film of the 2006 Holiday season. See it all costs.
This movie does not know what it wants to be. A few good action bits, great at times. But Daniel Craig was boring. Gotta be the directors fault he killed in Layer Cake. Here he falls flat.

The theme song sucked royally too. I also don't like the changes made to the graphics.

Don't know what this was, the whole experience was disappointing. From the girls-Green has looked better- to the gadgets -there aren't any.

Way to long, we could'nt wait to leave. There really isn't much story. A depressing experience all the way.

I can't be excited for sequel to this movie. Not a James Bond you can be proud of.
I just saw this film...and it is definitly one of the BEST Bond films yet! The Bond acting by Daniel Craig is absolutely superb! The plot was totally awesome! This was even better than the Brosnan films! A definite MUST-SEE!!!
This outting shows that the previous ones could be over-the-top with their gadgetry and plots. This one feels more realistic. It is long, maybe a little too long, but the action and suspense is great.

The opening has the gun barrel sequence that looks like it's missing but it's cleverly hidding. It's too well done that you forgive it's missing right away. Not to mention one of the best opening song sequences ever!

Daniel Craig has a strong performance here. He plays a Bond that's human and capable of mistakes but in the end, wins. The torture scene in this movie is probably one of the funniest ones ever.

Why did they have to kill his car so quickly though? DAMN!
Absolutely AWESOME!!!! Daniel Craig will now be known as THE Bond
(probably besides Sean Connery)...he's a super actor, he's sexy, he's
tough and he's confident - all the makings of an unbelievable career as
007. We see what makes Bond who he is - the good and the bad ... the
Aston Martin, the Martini, the women ... Old fans of the Bond franchise
will relish the new life breathed into this character. Not to mention
the slew of new fans that will emerge. Eva Green as Bond's girl is perfect! Not only is she beautiful, but she's intelligent and his equal in all ways. The banter between them at the beginning is wonderful and it continues all the way to the shocking ending. Fantastic and wonderful ... not much else to say really. Go see it!!!

Weak and strong, unexperienced but talented... great 21th James Bond
How will audiences react to a more serious, fair-haired, steely-eyed, intense and tougher Bond, who is less reliant on futuristic devices? Smothered with more realistic, gasp-inducing, edge-of-your-seat stunts, better written, better acted, and more involving storyline, and clean-cut, defiant and intense dialogue, hopefully the answer is unanimous. Bond is back, better and badder than ever, no longer a tongue-in-cheek jester, but a cold, abrasive killing machine, complete with alluring femme fatales and shaken, stirred, strained and fruit-filled beverages......

Read the rest of Mike's review @
I would have to say that Daniel Craig is the best Bond second to only Sean Connery. But if I were to have not seen the Connery Bond movies and was given the chance not to fall in love and picture the character Bond as Connery I would most likely choose Craig as the most worthy actor to portray Flemming's double 0 agent. Oh, and Eva Green is hot.
So hes not all primp and press like Brosnan, but hes modern, cold, and yet still human. The movie, may run a bit long but it was worth it to set the Bond films back to where they need to be, when Bond wasn't afraid to get his hands dirty. I can't say he won't be better then Connery, he just may be as long as he continues with this franchise for years to come.
First off I have to say that I am an absolutely huge James Bond fan, I might be only now fifteen and so sadly only have been so far legally permitted to see two of the Bond movies on the cinema, but I own every single movie and I love each of them, well some I dislike I suppose, in their own ways. But even a massive fan as I am can admit that the introduction of an invisible car in 2002's Die Another Day is pushing it just a little bit too far. Die Another Day was fun, it is definately one of the weakest of the Bond series, but it did feature cool action sequences, a decent performance by Pierce Brosnan and Halle Berry playing Jinx to perfection. The box office recipts clearly showed that James Bond wasn't out of touch with the audience either. But the producers finally realised it was time for 007 to finally be re-invented or that he hang up his tuxedo for good. Thankfully they decided to re-invent the franchise and all the better for it. You see Casino Royale is a different style of Bond movie, it is still noticeably a Bond movie, but it is a Bond movie that has been brought down to earth and given a complete makeover. Along with this makeover comes a different actor playing James Bond, the last four movies have been playd by Pierce Brosnana. Now Borsnan was a decent enough Bond, he was suave, funny and cool enough to play the legendary spy to perfection. But in my eyes I always found him to a little bit overrated. Don't get me wrong I loved Goldeneye as much as everyone else, but by the time he played Bond for the fourht time he was looking a bit too old to be as believable and as effective as he was when he first put on the tuxedo. So his replacement is none other than the very first blonde 007, a fact that many fans (god knows why) despised and were even raising petitions for him to be kicked off. But thank god then that Daniel Craig is not only better than Pierce Brosnan, but he is definately the best actor to have played James Bond since Sea Connery, and trust me for those of you that aren't Bond fans to beat Sean Connery would be a miracle. Casino Royale is fast paced, slick, action packed, realistic and human enough to be one of the best, and even quite possibly the best Bond movie ever!

Now then Casino Royale first kicks off with James Bond achieving his 00 status, to do this he has to kill two people, we see this in a brief flashback sequence before we dive headfirst in 007's very first mission. Bond this time has been pitted against terrorist banker Le Chriffre, Le Chiffre basically provides the weaponry and means to perform horrifying acts all over the world, in this movie he is destroying the worlds largest prototype plane so that he can gain money on the stock market. However Bond figures this out and Le Chiffre's plan is foiled, but Le Chiffre has lost lots more than any other villains really has. Le Chiffre has $150,000,000 of his own clients money! And obviously his clients aren't too happy, the only way that he can get this money back is to play a high stakes game of poker at Casino Royale. M decides to put Bond into the game as he is the best player in the service, if Bond wins then Le Chiffre will be welcomed with open arms to MI6 where they will help him for information. But if Le Chiffre wins then they will have "directly funded terrorism." Bond goes off to the casino along with Vesper Lynd, a member of the treasury who is there to make sure Bond does his job and to supply him with the money. As the game gets more and more tense and the money stacks up Bond has to up his game and win by any means necessary. Now this doesn't sound like your average Bond plot, in fact before the movie I was less concerned as to the new face of Bond but more on the fact I felt the plot sounded a bit too dry for my liking. It doesn't really sound like much when you read it, however I was pleasantly suprised to find out that the plot for this movie was certainly one of the best plots for a Bond movie ever! The plot is filled with so many twists and turns it is unbelievable, by the conclusion placed in Venice when every layer of the plot, well almost every layer, is unveiled to the audience its very satisfying. The plot is complicated and proud of it, this isn't a movie where Bond goes off to stop world domination by some crazed lunatic. Bond is out to stop a man from winning a lot of money so he can finance more terrorism, that's it. Sure its still quite a nasty little plan, but Le Chiffre ultimately is a banker and all he wants is to make money. This might not please some Bond fans who like their Bond villains wielding metallic claws and bald heads, but Le Chiffre is ultimately one of the most believable Bond villains I have seen. The character of Vesper Lynd is also one of the best Bond girls that I have ever seen. Her character is different from the other Bond girls, much more along the lines of Tracy Di Vicenzo from On Her Majesty's Secret Service than anyone else. Vesper is complicated and ehr relationship with Bond even more so, at first its playful banter between the two, they clearly don't love eachother and just like playing to eachothers egos, but as the movie goes on and the pair seem to fall in love you believe it more than you have with Bond's previous relationships.

So then, now I have to dedicate a paragraph to the cast, and especially of course to the main man of the movie, the man that makes Casino Royale the best movie of the year and beyond. Daniel Craig acts his socks off in this movie and delivers a superb performance for James Bond. This Bond is different, he's not afraid of a good scrap with his hands, he gets hurt, her makes mistakes, he is followed, he is tortured he is outsmarted, he is most importantlly not imortal. And I liked him much more like this as to see a legendary character made more human is always a good idea. Die Another Day's biggest fault was the fact tha they made Bon out to be more than a man and more like a comic book hero, here Bond is actually like the man you would expect MI6 to send out to kill someone. At the beggining, especially the scene with M he is arrogant, big headed and still a rookie. But as the movie goes on we seem him become more like Bond every second, the scenes in the Casino are where his changes are most prominent. The introduction to Vesper and Bond is beautifully stages and quite amusing, its a typical Bond moment. The poker game (suprisingly tense to be honest) is also a great change for the character. By the time you see Craig at the end becoming the legendary 007 and when he utters that immortal line you can't help but smile. Now then for the other prominent actor/actress. First up is Eva Green as Vesper Lynd. Eva Green isn't your typical choice for a Bond girl, sure she's as atractive as hell, but she is also more of an actress than many of the other leading ladies. Here she definately disaplsy her acting, Vesper is a great character and brilliant played by Eva Green. She's more than a match for Craig in the scenes with her nearer the beggining and when they do get a bit more intimate she still performs the scenes to perfection. Her character is definately a great one and her character development over the movie very well stages. Now then for the Bond villian, Le Chiffre played by Mads Mikkelsen. He plays the role very, very well. He is definately a sinister bad guy and does the role of leading villain effectively. But suprisingly where his character is most effective is not in a scene involving a chair with the bottom cut out (if you've seen the movie or read the book you know exactly what I am on about), but actually in the card scenes. Where he and Bond go head to head at playing poker, its a tense sequence and Le Chiffre is superb in those scenes.

Now I have to talk about the action sequence because what is a Bond movie without big action sequences? And judging by the plot I wasn't actually expecting much in the way of action sequences, however once again I was pleasantly suprised to find the action sequences to be some of the best in the series. The first most notable one is the big fight on top of a crane that was promised in the trailer. That sequence is breathtaking! The stunts in that scene are superb, the gritty feel of the up and close camerawork is even better, its a classic Bond scene and it is nice to see Bond finally get hurt in an action scene. The next most notable has got to be the big plane sequence, I don't won't to ruin it as its definately a huge moment for the movie, but the action in that scene is once again breathtaking. Then the action does dry a tiny bit for the poker game, but that's fine as those scenes were superbly stages. Then we have the fight in the stairway, the big car sequence from the end of the trailer, and then we reach the finale in Venice which I cannot spoil at any costs! The action is so much better than that of Die Another Day and most of the Brosnan movies, in fact the action here is definately collectively the best in any Bond movie I have seen!

Casino Royale is my new favourite movie of the year, and as a Bond fan I am left ecstatic that we both have a new Bond that is perfect, and a new addition to the franchise that I can call one of the best. 007 has finally returned to the big screen, and with Daniel Craig we have a new injection of life in a franchise that was on the brink of death. Bond's back ladies and gentlemen, and boy is he here to stay!
When I first saw Daniel Craig I never knew he would be a great Bond. As it turns out he was meaner and I thought he was a little cooler than a couple of the other Bonds. Connery still takes the cake as the sexiest, that's what the women say. Casino Royale wasn't the typical 007 movie. This time around I actually enjoyed a 007 movie from begining to end. It seemed to be placed in the wrong time of the year I thought it was a good summer movie. Forget That it was a good movie overall. 007 has been given a breathe of fresh air.
To me, this was the best James Bond movie that I have ever seen. Any doubts that I had about Daniel Craig were totally squashed. He plays an amazing, sexy James Bond and I am defnitely looking forward to future 007 installments starring him. Oh and the absolutely gorgeous Aston Martin didn't hurt either...

Nice. They have really broke out of the rut the last few bond movies had gotten into, as far as format is concerned. Don't get me wrong, this one had good villains, fast cars, hot girls, nice twists, and lots of action. Maybe it was that the characters felt a little bit more real. Like one review said, this Bond is human. He makes mistakes.

This movie is very good. I will definitely see it again, though probably not in theaters (mainly due to the ever increasing ticket prices)

Update: So I told my parents to go see this and got them all excited about it. Especially since they are big bond movie fans and have seen all the old ones. For whatever reason (I'm hoping it is not because I hyped it up too much) they did not enjoy it. They said the new bond did not have any class. According to them, the only 'Bond' moment was when he was poisoned and ran out to the car to use the equipment to save himself. Well, I still thought it was awesome.
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