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Definitely a thriller, but I enjoyed it. 7/10
More of a thriller than a horror. Over all it was a good movie. Keeps you interested, wondering what is going on completely. Worth a one time watch. 7/10
it was pretty good, but from all of the comments I went in having high expectations which left me sadly disappointed, to me the killer was obvious once he made his first appearance to the girl. so for me it was 4/10
Very good movie!!
Even though the Movie Poster makes it look like this movie is awful, it's actually pretty good movie!
Such a great movie. It's a hard one to to say that it's "horror" but hard to say it's not. I think it's a little horror, a little thriller, a little drama all rolled into one. What I can say is that what starts out to appear as the "same ol, same ol" horror flick turns into a scary, thrilling, beautiful yet tear jerker of a movie. It's written and delivered better than most, the acting was fantastic and rates among some of my favorite movie's. It's a little bit of a different take than your average movie. The first few minutes of the movie are a little "slow" for some people but once it takes off it remains pretty consistent. I would definitely recommend giving this movie a shot. If you are looking for blood, guts, gore and non-stop scares then this movie won't be for you but if you are looking to have a real story with character development that draws you in and gives you a few jump out of your seat moments, along with some emotion that will stick with you at least for the rest of the evening, you'll love this movie!!! Sorry my comment is so long but I just couldn't help myself!!! 9/12/14
why this was under horror, I dunno..unless it's cause it uses ghosts. but I don't care. this was a pretty dam good show. I really enjoyed it. and it's weird cause I hadn't heard a single thing about it.. I'm givin' it a solid 7/10.. it's defo a popcorn movie. but it's fun and a lil original.
Give it a shot! (did not look low budget to me, I thought it was well polished and a solid A (not double or tripple) movie)
This was actually really good! Dont know how this slipped under my radar but If you love horror movies and havent watched this one then go ahead and check it out. Original, nice intro, decent acting, and ending is okay as well. It has a few slow parts but what (Horror) movie doesnt. Be sure to watch through a few credits for complete ending
Okay, the two comments here are based in ignorance. I (Chad) hold a B.A. in Writing, Editing and Publishing Management. I have training in screenwriting, have entered competitions, and I have won. This movie is NOT like a made for TV movie at all. The acting is good, and the plot has good twists. Even the use of ventriloquism in the movie added a depth to the character of the killer. Everything builds up to make a profile of the killer. The victims are more or less just props. Who they are, and their backgrounds, are irrelevant. This is not the typical Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the Thirteenth, or Saw mayhem and carnage. If you want that you will be a little let down. If you want something like Paranormal Activity or The Blair Witch Project, then you need to be shot because those two film series are a terrible blight on the entire horror industry. No, this film is a typical ghost haunting horror movie with some psychological bents similar to Hannibal or Silence of the Lambs. Overall, I think the movie is a 7 out of 10.
Not that good
Try watching Cassadaga, a low budget indie horror film, that will put many Hollywood horror films to shame. Cassadaga has elements of Saw, The Ring & Paranormal Activity all rolled into one. Like me, you'll not be disappointed.