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Chronicle 2012

Whilst attending a party, three high school friends gain superpowers after making an incredible discovery underground. Soon, though, they find their lives spinning out of control and their bond tested as they embrace their darker sides...

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Solar rating:7.7 /10


Imdb rating: 7.1 /10

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Oh How I loved this movie from beginning to the end.. the only real downside to it is that it came to an Abrupt end and you really wanted to see a bt more. 7/10
Slightly above average 6.5/10
It starts out kind of slow, then it gets really good and fun. Then by the end, it turns bad. This movie could have been a lot more fun. Some may like the end, not me.
Really cool movie 8 out of 10
It took me a long time to watch it solely because I thought it would be cr@p... boy was I wrong. Take some time out and watch this. The realism is off the charts for a 'found footage' movie. Very well done.
better than expected, considering i thought it would revolve around high school and focus on all the various social groupings. then have the kids put on masks and capes and revel in the glory of super powerdom.
there is a new age connection wrt to portraying humans as capable of having 'god like' powers.
@dan217 I agree it was really bad
I actually liked it! 8 out of 10
Good movie!
Another found footage film, though this one awesome! 7/10
I HATE all these 2$ Wobbly camera movieS - But I have to say that this movie blew me away. Loved it!
I liked it so i rated it 8/10 like 8 not 0.8 please don't let the fractionesque style irritate your head cells. Good film
This is nice! Well worth watch and then reflecting ;-) What would you do with that power??
Reminded me of the classic film 'Akira'(1988)
@dan217 ... Why? Because they liked it. That's generally the main reason a good review is written.
I enjoyed this very much. Awesome plot, equally awesome execution of said plot. Interesting characters, good setting. I thought the hand held camera point of view added to the movie. It wasn't overly shaky and I thought some of the camera angles were quite beautiful. The bottom line is that this is a very good movie and it's worth a few watches.
good movie. worth a watch. I feel this is what would happen is people get superhuman powers. 7.5/10
I confused with some of the reviews? I'm paraphrasing and also using an oxymoron to emphasize what it is I'm trying to convey to you all.

This movie was terrible but it was a great movie I'll give it a 9 /10.
GOD this movie was so awesome! I also liked the fact that the effects where very realistic. 9/10 !
Amazing movie 9/10