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Clash of the Titans 2010

Perseus demigod, son of Zeus, battles the minions of the underworld to stop them from conquering heaven and earth...

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Solar rating:7.8 /10


Imdb rating: 5.8 /10

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The only thing i dont like about the story is who says the underground has to be bad? even on my worst days i think positive so just because there's a ruler of the under ground doesnt mean its a place for death, thats what men call it because thats where they bury their beloveds, how about burning them? the ashs float up to the sky. It's all on how you preseave it. Thats why theres no god even in our days. This movie and like all drama is based on misunderstandings and lack of communication.
Why the hell doesn't he say that his family was killed by gods, when they were torturing him ..
Bad rating for a great movie. Industry-Mutts
It was a good watch!
This movie is okay. It's really pretty but the story is lacking.
great effects big budget but didnt create a strong viewer connection to the characters which is always a mistake..7/10
Hopefully this one is better than the massive failure that was the first ''Titans'' movie XD
I forgot how much fun this is. Not strictly accurate to the pantheon, but very fun.
Great movie. A must watch for those who love the original with Harry Hamlin.
Great movie if your a Mythology lover.. Madusa was pretty hot for a snake woman.. if it werent for the whole Turn you into stone forever thing I'd beat lmao XD

No seriously.. good movie.. i'm bout to watch Wrath of the titans to follow up on this. BooM!
Fave movie of the Greek Gods Theme :)
puwedeng manuo ng clash of the titans
pak ''''U that movie
super cut e that movie
must i pain?

i hope not ..:)
must i pain?

i hope not ..:) is good. most links are to megavideo though. the trick with megavideo is unplug your router after 72mins so you get a fresh IP address & you can keep watching.
can anybody suggest any site or mirror except this ones and megavideo?cos i cant watch any videos,they keep giving me stories*please help*
good movie
want to watch