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Click 2006

A workaholic architect finds a universal remote that allows him to fast-forward and rewind to different parts of his life. Complications arise when the remote starts to overrule his choices...

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Solar rating:7.2 /10


Imdb rating: 6.4 /10

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100% lovely. Great ending!
At last you here. Watch this now, if you haven't...
underrated .. .. ..pleasant to watch .. .. ..
I loved this movie. It's a good one
I like this movie. Adam is always good at putting modern goofy humor in with a feel good movie. That is nice to be able to have both easily in a movie! I could do with utthe dog humping stuff though!
Not the worst fil I've ever seen
I found this movie more dark than funny. Sandler could've done better without his formulaic characterisation. Quite good in terms of themes and concepts, though ultimately i though it was going to be a comedy...
Had really hilarious moments. It was good fun.
Nice idea behind the movie, but nothing too exciting. Could have been better.
very funny and sometimes quite sad but let down with a poor ending
Kinda just another "it's a wonderful life" ripoff. Even with the occasional chuckle and tear-jerker moments, which the movie does have, it just didn't entertain well with it's chiche plotline and confusing, pushy, somewhat forced "something-about-it-just-isn't-right" movement. Not good, but not really horrible, either. But also not good.
O Adam Sandler
I have a feeling that no matter how good this was that people were going to shame it simply because Adam Sandler was in it. As far as Adam Sandler vehicles go, Click is up there with the best. Surprisingly good drama for a comedy movie, also.
Okay, this movie is a meeting of drama and comedy and of different movies but it is all the same to my me since the combination made me laugh and cry and estimate more the life (though it is a bit) in end the movie in my opinion is very good like that is similar to another movie they still have me realized well
a good run of the mill adam sandler comedy with a slight drama twist to it. I like any film with sandler in it ( big daddy especialy) this follows the sandler formula he throws mid anger fits and some typic one liners however it turns in to a drama towards the end then back to a comdey. 3/5
**HOW MY RATING WORKS**Now if I rate a movie like a 6.2/10, that rounds to a 60, now, if I rate a movie a 7.7/10, it would round to 80. I needed to clear that up.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Yet, another decent Sandler film.Now, what is it with everyone hating Adam Sandler's movies? They don't suck like everyone says they do. I love Sandler's movies. This is one of his best ones. Now read my review to see what was good (AKA what I liked).So the story is pretty good. Its a comedy and a drama. I loved how the comedy was but the drama, nope. I didn't like the drama to much. The drama could have been a bit better in my opinion. I loved the remote and how it could do all of that cool stuff. It really makes you want one doesn't it? I thought that the story was pretty good.Well, the acting, eh. Its all of the children's fault! Kids suck at acting. I didn't like there acting at all. Sandler and Walken did great (of course). So the acting is okay.Now Click, is a really good Sandler movie. It is definitely one of my favorites! Go watch it!!Score: 7.7/10
Adam Sandler is amazingly funny, but it also has its moments of sadness.
Adam Sandler was hilarious in this movie. If this was a consistent movie, I would give it, say, 80, but there are just some things I don't like about how this movie is plotted out. For example, in the second half, the disasters that happen are sort of funny, but the first half alone could just be a 45-minute laugh-a-thon people perform on comedy tours. Also towards the end this turns into a drama. This contains spoilers so stop reading at this point if you haven't seen Click! The seen when Sandler dies is overly dramatic, lame, and steers away from the whole hilarious hour and a half the movie is supposed to be. Final rating: first half: 80/100 second half: 40/100Overall: 60/100
Not the best adam movie but still good
I am an Adam Sandler fan...well its diminishing over the years, I think he just makes movies so he can kiss hot girls in them...Smart man, just not good at making movies. This movie will stress you out. By the time the movie is done, you are a gaint ball of nerves, I go to movies to relax and be entertained...This movie just pissed me off. I give this turd pile two bags of trash.