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lol, hey I've never been out to change any 1's mind about anything. Like u i was throwin in my opinion. I do agree with that too many movie's are just pumped out in hopes of making a buck. In recent history I can only think of 3 movies I would recommend with no qualifications.
Calvary with Brendan Gleeson
and Kingsmen with Colin Firth and others.

These days u have to sit threw lots of glass baubles to find the occasional rare gem, lol. Cheers.
@spiff65 I truly do enjoy movies, I always try to lose myself in them even if they're not perfect, that's why at the end of my comment I put, "THIS IS JUST ME!...". (I wasn't yelling it, that's just how I wrote it). It's just that for me I've seen sooooooo many Hollywood excuses for movies, it's like they say, "Let's take a good idea, make a story around it, and fill in the rest to crank out a two hour flick! Who cares if the rest doesn't make sense!?! By the time they realize it, they would've already bought the ticket!" Right? It's an unfortunate thing that's happening in Hollywood lately. Being totally honest, this movie felt like one of those to me. Like, Die Hard, the very last one, it's like they said, Bruce Willis + big explosions = $$$. The first one was GREAT, but the last one, it's like blowing up helicopters is 'must' for Mclain now. It's just for me I've seen TOO many of those, main girl has a gun, attacker jumps on her, she hits him, he's stunned, she picks up gun, she runs away, type of deals. But YOU ARE RIGHT, I was being too critical and focusing on the negative to much. I apologize. You have shown me the error of my ways.

This Isn't a criticism. It's just that I've never understood when people are so critical over small point. Now if the acting is horrible or the story is uncompelling or even big continuity boo boo's like a character showing up for a few scenes after they were killed, then have at er with the criticism's, but to dislike a movie over what some might call minor details seems finicky. I liked the story, the acting was decent, and was shot well, good enuff for me. I tend not to go looking for what I don't like about a movie but just try to enjoy the experience. Just my 2 cents.
I'm going to be the one that everyone hates and say I didn't think this movie was ANY good. I get that it's a movie, I get that this movie is more fantastical than it is non-fiction, but... I just, can't get past all the things that are completely illogical.
Example: (this part is in the trailer so it's NOT A SPOILER
The part where she is swimming down the middle of a pool that is completely lit up with lights in the middle of the night, so that if there was ANYBODY around in view of the pool, which is usually located somewhere in the center of the real-estate property, that person would see her. Have you ever been outside a house or room in the dark night and all the lights are on inside the house/room, or, been inside the house/room and someone else is outside in the dark? It's hard to see looking out if you are inside a bright lit room right? Or it's easy to see what's going on inside a bright room from the outside if it's completely dark outside, right? Yet she is going to put herself in that exact location in that exact scenario? She could at least have worn a white wet suite to blend in with inside the pool, or at least swam hugging the side of the wall inside the pool.
Another example: (this was not in the trailers but I won't give any details away)
Is when the uncle does that thing in the middle of the street after leaving the school, in broad daylight, in front of A LOT OF PEOPLE, in front of the school windows, and EVEN **** GET THERE, and he doesn't leave and NOTHING happens!
And that's just two of the MANY absurd things (IMO) I saw wrong with logic.
I get it, 'it's a movie', it's not like this movie was 'based on true events', it's meant to be fun action not bio-documentary, and yes Suspension of Disbelief is used in almost every movie made for the sake of it being a movie. But there are movies we all watch that we say to ourselves, "You expect me to believe that!?!"
Saying that to myself, over, and over, made this one of those movies to me. I truly wanted to, at least, see this as a fun movie for me. But I honestly could not get into this one.
THIS IS JUST ME! I can see how other people might kick back and have fun with this one. The production vale was excellent! And 'Little Colombiana' had some moves! But as far as me? It ends there. Sorry.
Why didn't anybody tell me about this frikkin movie. I luvved it. Kinda made me think of the girl from The Professional as a grown up.
I have probably watched this movie 3 times and I still like it just as much as I did the first time
I always liked this! Always a good one that you can watch again every once in awhile.
It's everything I wanted it to be. A movie you can get caught up in; the best ones always are.
I love the way the uncle talks! Overall, great film to watch.
Never heard of this, worth a watch... 7.5/10
@KIRAsama I totally agree...Always good to bump into a gem like this. 8/10
Actions scenes were really good. I must say, it's an underrated film.
great movie and link!