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Conan the Barbarian 2011

A vengeful barbarian warrior sets off to get his revenge on the evil warlord who attacked his village and murdered his father when he was a boy...

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Solar rating:7.6 /10


Imdb rating: 5.2 /10

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Didn't like it so much. It was boring for me.
Good movie, I really liked it, and Jason is a lot better looking than Arnold. The acting was better than average so that was a surprise. I give it a 7/10
Will the real Conan please step forward lol. It was a good movie, but it wasn't the same without Arnold. I liked the story and the acting was actually pretty good for the genre. Very entertaining and well made.
@oldshuntr thanks hunter...ill give it a go..looks good..ive never seen the old ones so im sure this will be good
I enjoyed this one. Lets face it, the original will never be replaced, they never are. For those who enjoy this type of movie, I really don't see how you could go wrong here!
@Pinhead Thanks for the great info... I'll definitely check into the graphic novels as well...

@Sunstroker And I always see Momoa as Ronon Dex in Stargate: Atlantis...
@reaper1313 They're great as you can listen to an audiobook while you're working on whatever.

Listening to them is like watching a movie with your ears.

Years ago, Marvel did an excellent series of oversized graphic novels on Conan in black and white. Some superb artwork going on in them. They were mostly direct adaptations of Howard's stories.
I loved the original Conan movies, but also really appreciated this modern interpretation. I thought Momoa played an excellent Conan, though I will always see him and think "Khal Drogo."

Well said... I loved all 3 of the Conan Movies but this one does follow the books a lot better...

I still have all my Conan books and a huge lot of comics also... Audio books??? I guess they're on my must own list now...
And, I forgot to say that I'm impressed that various someones actually bothered to read the Conan books as much of this stuff is spot on as what's described in the books. Now I get to see physically what I only saw previously in my imagination.

Sometimes I get the feeling that when such-and-such movie is based on such-and-such book, all that was done was somebody read the blurb on the bookcover and that was the full extent of their "research".

And then, not too surprisingly, the movie doesn't resemble too terribly much what's in actually in the book.
doh... typo... should read "I don't have to choose which I like better".

Perhaps when I learn how to read, I'll be able to learn how to type as well. Multitasking, you know.
Having read all of Howard's Conan books, I would have to say this version is *much* closer to Howard's original Conan than the Ah-nuld version was. This is the "real" Conan as in the books.

Although, of course, I enjoyed the Ah-nuld version as well. And, the Thulsa Doom in the Ah-nuld movie wasn't too terribly much like the Thulsa Doom in the books. But hey, it's Darth Vader being Thulsa Doom, so how could anyone sanely complain? Bwahahaha.

And, in case you're illiterate, Librivox volunteers have turned nearly all of Howard's Conan into audiobooks which you can download and do whatever you want with them as they're in the public domain. I, of course, downloaded them all. Someday, I *will* learn to read. Someday, when I can find the extra time. Knowing how to read is important, you know,

When I saw this movie my thought was, "Finally, the REAL Conan". Well, according to Howard's books, at any rate.

And, I don't to choose which I like better, this version or the Ah-nuld version because I can like them both if I want to do so.

So, nyah.
@ora_ At first glance I couldnt believe that they would DARE to do a "Re-Make" of the original - but some Hollywood "schmucks" probably had more money than they knew what to do with - than to HEINOUSLY attempt in re-producing Director John Millius' work of Art (as well as legendary producer Dino de Laurentiis )

The role of Conan can never be portrayed by any other actor other than Arnold Schwarzenegger ( despite the fact that this was his very first serious acting/movie role & his English was as bad as Rocky Balboa's *jk* Arnold was the Conan we all envisioned from Robert E. Howard's Conan series ); Director John Millius has in fact been " badly duplicated as well as cheaply imitated " ( as @DarthIntrepid has mentioned in his comment ); the two characters ( aside from Conan & his loyal companion Subatai ) which for me personally have "stuck" were the characters of the great James Earl Jones as Necromancer Thulsa Doom & that of Conan's father played by the legendary actor William Smith ( despite him having such a small part in the film - he exuded such a strong presence and the stoicism of a Spartan warrior who feared not even death ); The film was a 'Masterpiece' in my humble opinion.

I've watched Conan The Barbarian over 273 times throughout the years and will definitely watch it 300 more times until the day I exit this life. It is a CLASSIC, and the music score by Basil Poledouris was pure 'eargasmic ' - just the 'Prologue of Anvil Of Crom' ( where The Wizard Akiro played by Makoto Iwamatsu who begins to chronicle the story of Conan immediately lets you know that you better fasten your seat-belt cause this is gonna be one helluva an adventure! ) and BOOM - DOOM - GLOOM & DARKNESS envelop you in surround sound as 24 french horns, strings and timpani explode in your eardrums to "Anvil Of Crom" - WOW!!!

And they DARED to make this TRAVESTY & WASTE of CELLULOID and call it a 're-make' ???

No - this is by no way a 're-make', it is SACRILEGE.

I couldn't watch beyond 16:03 because I was cringing internally.

I think I'll go watch the ORIGINAL ( for the 274TH time & call it a night )
@meeksbam No way...that movie was the perfect storm. All elements of it came together in a way that can never be duplicated, just cheaply imitated.
The music, the directing, the cast, the locations, the editing...all just right for each other.
I still get teary eyed when his mother's a truly moving piece of cinema.
This isn't really a bad adventure's just NOT Conan. Hell, Conan the Destroyer isn't a bad flick either, but it had to follow the original.
@darthintrepid oh yeah i know what you mean... the original Conan the Barbarian (Arnold) was one of my all time fav childhood movie's.... no reboot, nor muscled man can ever touch that classic!
Sorry, Jason Mamoa, but you're NOT Conan. You have made a decent barbarian, sword and sandal flick, but it's unfortunate that they stole the title of one of a masterpiece and pasted it all over your posters in order to sell tickets.
I could have lived with the thin story line and the abysmal swordplay, but the acting of Jason Momoa (where did they find this muscle-dummy and who told him he could act?) and the chick who played the witch daughter was SO bad, it ruined the few good points this movie might have had.
What a terrible movie.. The story line was thin, no events or characters were developed to any depth whatsoever. DO NOT WATCH this movie, watch the old original version with Arnold Schwarzenegger, it is so far superior to this film.
very good movie
amazing movie.. good continuous story..