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Contraband 2012

To protect his brother-in-law from a drug lord, a former smuggler heads to Panama to score millions of dollars in counterfeit bills...

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Imdb rating:6.5

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That wasn't too bad, I actually enjoyed it mucho more than expected. Nice decent action flick. Acting ain't too shabby, the plot was really plausible and cool, and well, let's say it, the action scenes were great, the premises and all that really pleasant, and the characters (and their interactions) just as they should. From the best friend to the annoying old fart, by the babysitter and the bad guys, everybody did their job quite well. And the writers are good too, regarding the plot, subplots, dialogues. Everything falls in place nicely. Not the best movie ever, but a nice slice of entertainment, and a rich and deep (not too shallow anyway) movie, compared to most action pieces of those past years.
One of the best action movies with a plot that I have seen in awhile. Totally loved the ending!
A very good Movie 8.5/10
Good plot with good twists, good action, good actors & characters.
Very entertaining & very smart. Totally engaging.
Highly recommended.
Lots of action and a decent story
I liked it.

This says it has been removed by the uploader.

This link is for Contraband, it is decent quality and decent sound, although I had a lot of buffering issues but overall it is a pretty good link.

This is not Contraband. This is "Limitless". Please remove.

Enjoy the english version (when finish converting that is ) Have fun!

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