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Dance with Me 1998

Young Cuban Rafael just buried his mother, and comes to Houston to meet his father John for the first time. The difficult part is that John doesn't know he is Rafael's father. John runs a...

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Solar rating:7.2 /10


Imdb rating: 5.8 /10

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people need to stop hatin this movie shall we dance has nothing on dance with me in thats the truth.
;) This is one of the best movies that I enjoyed watching.
Dance with Me is somewhat enjoyable and features two beautiful actors in the central roles, but it pales in comparison to the far more successful 1996 film Shall We Dance? That movie was fun and alive, and it also benefited from the fact that some of its characters were not completely confident in their dancing abilities. Meanwhile, Dance with Me is like an advertisement for the dancing talents of Vanessa Williams and Chayanne, the two stars of the film. Although we appreciate their beauty and grace, it is difficult to care about them as characters, and so Dance with Me is not particularly engaging or humourous, even though it strains to be both. The story concerns a young Cuban named Rafael (Chayanne) who comes to America to meet his long-lost father John, who runs a dance studio. John does not know he is Rafael's father but he soon recognizes his potential as a dancer. The studio is preparing for an annual competition, and Ruby (Vanessa Williams) is their best hope this year. Predictably, a romance develops between Ruby and Rafael, one that benefits from chemistry both on and off the dance floor. There is nothing particularly offensive about Dance with Me, and the two actors are charming (if occasionally quite wooden). Yet the movie lacks the originality and wit of some of its similar predecessors, and there was never a moment that I felt surprised by what was transpiring. Dance with Me is formulaic to the bone, and although the formula is executed with a certain amount of grace, there are very few times when anything exciting or memorable occurs. Unlike Shall We Dance?, the dancing is of a high quality, but the dancers are instantly forgettable. (BASIC)
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This is a hot energetic movie. They are wonderful together. Kudos!
It's an entertaining movie. Chayanne could have danced more and much better. The story is predictable.
Good story, fine cast. Vanessa Williams is radianbt, Joan Plowright steals the film however. Great dance numbers, good music. The main flaw of the film is its two hour plus length, it should have been pared down a bit.