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I've---just--gotten back from a double movie session.I saw--Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story.I thought it was pretty good; definitely well made, but I had some problems with it. It changed a lot of things, things that are even noticeable to me (a Bruce Lee newcomer) such as the way it presents his back injury, and that fight on the set of Big Boss (I'm not sure about the demon stuff either, I'll have to check on that).Well, biopics change things to make the lives more interesting, it's just the way they seem to be. My problem is that it's hard to get much more interesting than Bruce Lee. I'm not sure a lot of the changes were necessary, but it's certainly isn't the worst offender in terms of changing around life-stories for cinematic purposes (Beautiful Mind anyone?).All in all, I thought it was well done. Good acting, directing, etc. Few things that are really stellar, but nothing really horrible either. I was very impressed with Jason Scott Lee though, he really captured a certain energy that the role required. ~Loki~
Still one of my favorite movies of all time. That theme music really gets to me. I can't stand Lauren Holly, but Jason Scott Lee's heartfelt performance more than makes up for it.Just a beautiful film that starts and ends on very touching notes.I really wish this got more recognition. Was it even released in theatres? For some reason I seem to recall it either being a straight-to-video movie, or being a made-for-TV movie.Anyways, just a wonderful film.Now I really feel like watching Fists of Fury and Enter the Dragon (both of which I have on VHS).
Dragon The Bruce Lee Story This movie is suppose to be a biopic of Bruce Lee but after a few minutes of watching it you come to realize that half the movie is fictionalized. Some of the stuff is just over the top, random hollywood style fighting sequences that I highly doubt even happen to Lee. And I have a feeling some of the facts that were given were probably inacurate as well. The only good thing that I can give about this movie was that the love story between Lee and his wife was the only thing that seemed genuine to me. The two actor who portayed them both did a fine job, I only wish that the story was more fitting to a celebration of Lee's life then make a hollywood mockary of it.
I have been a fan of Bruce Lee's and a collector since the late 70's. I love his films. This film was supposed to be about his life. The actors who starred in the film did a wonderful job, however, it is quite deceiving. The movie was filled with fictionalized drama that does not do any justice to Bruce. It will confuse new fans into thinking this was reality and it's not fair. I believe Bruce deserves a great film based on his REAL life, not the fallacy portrayed in this film. Very disappointing for the die-hard fans. Maybe someday that film will come along.
I could about watch this film every day, that's how much I enjoy it. Great cast!
"Golly gee whiz" biopic stretches credibility through superficial emotional depictions and corporal metaphysical demon foes to the point where the warmth it casts at times is overshadowed as a whole.Emphasize the "story" in the title, and don't expect a revealing biographical account, then you get the picture.
Good solid performances through out. Always been a Bruce Lee fan. Jason Scott done him justice. It's a shame JSL didn't amount to much more in the martial arts film genre.
Dragon: The Bruce Lee story is a bioptic on the life of Bruce Lee, mainly his relationships with the people around him. This movie features some pretty good acting, a moving story, some cool fight scenes, and a good, but sad ending. The movie is just a great all around, so you really need to watch it if you haven't seen it yet. One of the best bioptic's I have ever seen.
I really enjoyed this one, although probably far from the truth in some spots. I was moved by the performances, good form!!
Scott Lee and Holly are very good in the best dramatised bio I have seen (Jamie Fox's, Ray, comes close). It's a stylialised and mythical narrative around Bruce's publicly known life with hints at the myth of the man that have added to the legend. The explanation of demon cursed deaths in the family's male linage is creepy considering real life events. A young Brandon even has to be saved by his father from the demon in this movie and the fact the demon gets him in real life after this film is made, gives power to the belief that this is what is happening in the Lee family. A nice piece of work that is put together better than any of Bruce's actual movies. It honours him well, and survives multiple viewings - mainly for fans, but good for most people who appreciate film.