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Drive 2011

A mysterious Hollywood stuntman and mechanic moonlights as a getaway driver and finds himself trouble when he helps out his neighbor...

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Solar rating:8/10


Imdb rating:7.8/10

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Was ok started off as though it was going to be great then kinda fell off towards the end also not as much driving scenes as i thought there Would be acting was pretty good 6.5/10
Well there's the one negative comment currently at -12 and a bunch of folks that praise this movie. Goes to show how subjective reviews can be, but I'll go with this is a really great movie, about to watch it again a third time!
no way... lame remake of "the driver"
Best movie Ever
@Salmon74 I like the way you think!
@StuGunn5 Now if only I can find a link that works! 2 watch it a 3rd time!
@SubSoulReaper You're Driving me crazy!
Probably the best movie ever. Never get tired of watching it.
like michael mann, wing refn is a master of the use of silence.. it makes you think instead of being told.. refn and gosling are a well matched team.. very good CEREBRAL FLICK.
Probably my favorite movie with Ryan gosling.
Slow paced but full of intensity and drama, this one is a great film. Acting is great. Plot is basic but I think the movie focuses more on the characters than the plot, so it all works out great.
This movie is terrible, hardly any driving for a movie called drive and is incredibly slow with a mediocre plot line. Don't watse your time.
Very tragic tale. Plus the song at the beginning got me hooked on Kavinsky. Indeed this film is one you have to watch.
This is a solid neo-noir flick. I liked it quite a bit.
Well that wasnt depressing at all. Kinda put me in the mood to play GTA
All in all a good flic. Love the 80's music.
not bad but not good at all at a waste of time i thought all the time it could get better but naaaaaaa shhh enfim...
all the movie links have such bad sound. or no sound at all.
I'm learning to have a greater respect for Ryan Gosling - he portrayed his character with intelligence and he carried himself with integrity and thru the entire story. He has a unique stillness, sensitivity and grace about him... Albert Brook's character took me by surprise. I found myself engrossed from beginning to end. Well done on many levels.

I dont know why but I loved this movie. I went out and bought the soundtrack the next day. Just the right mix of romance and action with very little dialogue. 9/10