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Drive 2011

A mysterious Hollywood stuntman and mechanic moonlights as a getaway driver and finds himself trouble when he helps out his neighbor...

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Solar rating:8 /10


Imdb rating: 7.8 /10

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@AliceFell thanx for the instruct and I concur. This movie was tight!! Cheers
@AliceFell Thanks for the tip!
@seriouslysir @Salmon74 - Perhaps this tip will work for you. A very kind person here noticed that I often complained of sound quality. I have 8 year old little Acer speakers and had no idea I could *improve* upon the quality:
Windows: Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Sound -> Manage Audio Devises -> Select your speakers -> Properties -> Enhancements -> Check "Loudness Enhancement"

Worked like a charm for me after many years of frustration. I do hope this helps. This movie is tight, excellent, an art piece! When the the speaking parts sound like whispers and then the sound editing is cacophonous it can really bum out your experience!
@Salmon74 seriously low. I had to link wireless surround to hear what was being said and helicopter nearly blew me off the sofa
The keywords were not disappointing! The entire movie was almost like love making from beginning to end it was quite the rush. Enjoy
I've never seen so many keywords. If they are correct, they add up to a great movie! I hope it doesn't disappoint.
Is the audio really low? Or is it just not loud enough with my headphones?
I enjoyed this film. I liked the ending too.
Was ok started off as though it was going to be great then kinda fell off towards the end also not as much driving scenes as i thought there Would be acting was pretty good 6.5/10
Well there's the one negative comment currently at -12 and a bunch of folks that praise this movie. Goes to show how subjective reviews can be, but I'll go with this is a really great movie, about to watch it again a third time!
no way... lame remake of "the driver"
Best movie Ever
@Salmon74 I like the way you think!
@StuGunn5 Now if only I can find a link that works! 2 watch it a 3rd time!
@SubSoulReaper You're Driving me crazy!
Probably the best movie ever. Never get tired of watching it.
like michael mann, wing refn is a master of the use of silence.. it makes you think instead of being told.. refn and gosling are a well matched team.. very good CEREBRAL FLICK.
Probably my favorite movie with Ryan gosling.
Slow paced but full of intensity and drama, this one is a great film. Acting is great. Plot is basic but I think the movie focuses more on the characters than the plot, so it all works out great.
This movie is terrible, hardly any driving for a movie called drive and is incredibly slow with a mediocre plot line. Don't watse your time.