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Drive Angry 2011

A vengeful father escapes from hell and chases after the men who killed his daughter and kidnapped his granddaughter...

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Solar rating:6.8 /10


Imdb rating: 5.5 /10

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I watched this movie earlier this year. It is ok for a one time watch.
@Sikkxxx me not liking this film and commenting about it doesn't diminish anything about/for you :)
i prefered 'pay the ghost' and 'ghost rider'. all the nice ass cars and nice ass amber heards should've made the movie for me but didn't. sorry.
@deserver wish i could down vote twice..u really thot this was dumb??...well were all entitled to opinions...but i think ur comment is dumbr... ;P...(didnt mean to sound like an As*hole..sorry) just stating my opin....great flikkx ..xXx
I think the same thing happened to me. I had comments about the movie I'm sure I've had before like: "that sure works better than ghost rider"...
That kind of things. Couple of images here and there, but nothing much.
That was actually pretty enjoyable. It worked kinda well on every level and combined to make a weird mix of crazy and cool and funny. With sub par cgi.
But well. The acting was pretty much what you could expect. Nothing exceptional, but I've seen worse from those people so...
The plot was... Guy from hell raining righteous vengeance upon rednecks. But the girl is badass too etc etc.
There is some drama, some comical element here and there. Pretty much what you would expect in a movie.
Well for me overall it worked.
2 times watched so far I guess so... And I enjoyed it.
watched this a couple yrs back ..didnt find it that great then..but i dont think i watched the whole thing..but today i did and i thoroughly enjoyed it .."blonde Hotti" (cant remember her name) was actually on par with Nicks "stellar acting" possibly even a bit better ..which is a giant leap compared to her role in "Never Back Down" in which her acting was tremendously horrible..i feel she redeemed herself for that travesty (NBD was a wickedly cool movie despite her mildly retarded supporting role) overall pretty cool flikkx 7/10 ..xXx
I loved this movie~it had everything,great story,lots of action,
some laughs & good effects.All the actin was very well done.
Really enjoyed it~9.5/10 from me,That's My opinion & I don't care :)
reading the comments, i decided to watch this, but couldn't. sorry. this is dumb.
This such a fun movie. Its got ridiculous action, dead pan humour and a villian that looks like Mick Jagger. lol
@moviegirl234... good choice, I can't argue with that! I think he has been looking for different ways to cover up that receding hairline. Oh, and careful with that coffee... :-)
Due to financial problems, Nic Cage has made approximately 4000 movies in the last few years; most of them instantly forgettable, with the notable exception of Kick-Ass. He has also had roughly the same number of different hairstyles. Drive Angry is an unashamedly daft B-movie with a decent budget, and thankfully it doesn't take it itself too seriously. 100 minutes of mindless entertainment... and there is no harm in that occasionally.
really great movie
Nice movie
drive angry pvprip
video and sound is delayed. also has to re-buffer a lot on videoweed.
other than that the movie was good except for the language.