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Edge of Darkness 2010

As homicide detective Thomas Craven investigates the death of his activist daughter, he uncovers not only her secret life, but a corporate cover-up and government collusion that attracts an agent tasked with cleaning up the evidence...

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Solar rating:7.9 /10


Imdb rating: 6.6 /10

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@LSG Hehe, noticed your comment in the feed; & then, how (most) previous comments were years ago... It's (a little) strange, how this came out 'so' long ago, in 2010; really, doesn't seem that long ago 4 some reason!.. There's a thread on IMDB, "mumble much", but despite some of the *problems* I also like this movie (a lot :)). It's always gr8 to see the old-timers still kicking it (not the bucket, lol)! =)
Great film! Definitely a worthwhile watch. Almost a 10/10, but a few plot holes. Very good overall!
Exceptional movie.....Mel can really hold you in your seat still.....9 out of 10 , in my opinion !
Enjoyed the movie.
I think is just not interesting ... too obvious !
I admit I've not seen the original, but in my mind one of the greatest films I've seen in the past five years in terms of both action and drama. Yes, I did cry, I did wonder about humanity (perhaps between the lines) and I've seen it 5 times now. FIVE! It's just that good. One of Mr. Gibson's finest in his later years... :)
Tip top movie with a great Mel Gibson in top form! nice thriller / mystery 8/10
ray winstone AND mel gibson...great casting (all the rest as well)...good story very well told...this one moves right along and drags you with it.
I really liked Mel Gibson in this, despite all his horrible anti-semitism. I think he portrays the distraught father great, and makes the beginning even rough to watch at points. I'd beg to differ with people saying this is a pure bloodlust movie, as he definitely takes an asskicking himself throughout finding justice. I agree with this much more than the way Liam can take on a group of 5 guys, seeing a pissed off father get his but not in a Jet Li kind of way worked for me.I do dislike evil conspiracy government contractor plots, but still this movie works for me, as that is easy enough to ignore with the characters standing out.
The pull of Martin Campbell collaborating with the writer of "Taken" got me into the theater. Mel Gibson and his accent kept me entertained enough to hang around. Bested my expectations.
Couldn't get through it it was so stupid. Not worth the download.
Excellent movie done in a bit by mumbled dialog.
Go hear Mel Gibson trying to do a Boston accent, that is almost worth the price of admission right there. Classic Gibson action and a decent story line. It sort of reminded me of a mix of Payback and Signs.Some of the story line twists like Signs, but it has that air of where you want to see him pump someone full of holes like Payback. I'd rate it at 70%+ because I think there were certain things that could have been written better. How many Republican Senators were from Massachusetts since this year? One of the seats has been occupied by a Kennedy until last year. The other one is Kerry and he's been occupying that one for how many years now, 18?
Too much foreign dialogue, not enough action or resolution to the plot. They built up a great case and let it fade away into nothing at the end. The unexpected turned into the completely expected all along...I found the same plot concept to be much more emotional and violent in "Death Sentence" with Kevin Bacon
Based on director Martin Campbell's BBC TV series from 1985, this remake is all about Tom Craven, a Boston detective whose daughter Emma is gunned down on his doorstep. The authorities' working theory is that some hoodlum was trying to kill Tom instead, but the involvement of government fixer Jedburgh suggests it's not as open-and-shut as they might expect. Tom seeks out the truth, as the shady operatives of a corporation called Northmoor try to scupper his detective efforts.Midway through Edge of Darkness, I realised what the film was reminding me of. It's like 2005's The Constant Gardener, only with a lot less subtlety and a grizzled, post-"sugartits" Mel Gibson in the lead role. There's probably a more prudent comparison to be made with the original series, but I didn't have that as a frame of reference while watching. Tom Craven resorts largely to violence and intimidation rather than the impotent indignation of Justin Quayle, but with a 15 certificate, Campbell doesn't really go all out with the violence. And the moments of excessive violence seem almost comical by contrast- see for instance the Team America-esque fall as Emma is assassinated at the beginning. There are more than a few unintentional laughs amidst the melodrama of Edge of Darkness, not least due to the bizarre accent that Gibson has been saddled with.That quibble aside, Gibson really is very watchable in this. It marks a strong comeback after all the controversy around his private life, even if he is in the familiar territory of the kind of films he made in the 90's. You know, bereaved/concerned parent will go to extreme lengths for justice, blah blah. The camera doesn't flatter him in this film like it has in previous outings, but that lends him more gravitas as Tom. That and the fact that you could believe they just pointed a camera at him and watched him go nuts with bereavement- the guy looks crazy anyway, and always has, really. Ray Winstone and Danny Huston do exactly what Ray Winstone and Danny Huston usually do in films, and it's especially a shame to see the latter having settled into the dastardly businessman typecast in the way he has.Edge of Darkness veers between melodrama and unintentional comedy, but levels out as a reasonably satisfying conspiracy thriller. I suspect it doesn't hold a candle to the much revered original series, but I couldn't call it for sure until I saw both. What I do know is that the moments of truly visceral violence seem cartoonish in a largely restrained film like this. Especially that climactic scene, which is just unspeakably daft and out of the left-field. Mel Gibson works well with the middle-of-the-road script, but the last film he starred in before this was the remake of another 80's BBC serial, The Singing Detective. Come on, Mel, give us something new! I must say I'm really looking forward to seeing him in is The Beaver, due out later in the year. Until then, his fans can enjoy this as a sign he's back. He's sounding a little like an Australian Peter Griffin, but he's still back.
I love the scene " Cravenn!!! than buummm they shot his daughter" :))
Great movie! Keeps you interested and on the edge of your seat all through the movie. Whoever at rotten tomatoes assigned the horror/suspense genre to this movie I suspect has an agenda against Mel Gibson. Should be drama, suspense, thriller.Some dialogue hard to understand.
I love Mel Gibson. Good to see him back. All the killings in the movie were pretty awesome to say the least. Some of the one liners were kinda cheesy. But I would recommend it. Definitely a rental!!!
Fairly average revenge thriller with some interesting plot twists and a role Gibson is comfortable in. It is crisply edited and a passable effort, but I do hope Gibson moves on to another genre as he is looking too old for this sort of thing. Some artsy touches like the ghostly voices and apparitions didn't really help the narrative and some minor characters were distractingly overacting.
Kind of predictable in some ways WRT to a "cop bent on revenge" movie, but did have enough twists and surprises to keep me interested. Nice twisted and somewhat surprising ending to this movie too, which bumped it's score from a 60 to a 70. Certainly not the best movie I have seen this year, but worth the movie ticket price.