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Eragon 2006

In his homeland of Alagaesia, a farm boy happens upon a dragon's egg -- a discovery that leads him on a predestined journey where he realizes he's the one person who can defend his home against an evil king...

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This was a Reasonable Movie.. Some Drama, Good amount of action.. cool dragon.. yet it was missing something that I cannot place my finger on. Overall an ok movie to waste some time one afternoon to watch... 7/10
iv seen alot of ppl complain that this movie did not live up to the books. but me for 1 i did not read the books. and im sure many ppl didnt either. for a movie. this was great. iv seen this movie more than once. and by choice. in fact i wish they made a sequel sigh. i really enjoyed this movie. 1 of my favourites
More of a parody of the original books; if I were the creator, I would have sued the director for incompetence.
@igasp4air I agree, I read all of the books and they were amazing and full of detail. The movie was.. not that great. Oh well though. Hopefully he makes more books one day. :)
@igasp4air whoops meant to upvote your comment. apparently there is not a way to undo a vote.
Great movie.
I saw this in the theater way back. I try to imagine that it is a good movie. But as makrusariliu pointed out...if you're expecting the's not close. It has no greatness like to story. The book was just so amazing that the movie...was a huge let down. I wonder if people who did not read the book liked the movie?
This movie is not a terrible movie, but DO NOT watch it if you are expecting anything resembling the books. This movie is so far from the books it is sad. Not only is it obvious that the director didn't read the books, but it seems as if someone had a 7 year old read the books and and write the screenplay, but slipped them acid before they did. When I first saw this movie all I could say was "Really?".
This movie sucks! The book was awesome and I cannot tell you enough times how much I LOVED it. The movie does not follow the plot line at all. It just steals characters and basic ideas from Christopher Paolini and mixed them in a black bag and poured it out to see how the audience would like it. There is no way a sequel can be made. The acting is stilted and horrible. I cannot believe what they have done to my favorite book series. I am so glad they cannot embarrass Paolini anymore. By the way, this book is so new and creative, I cannot believe anyone would think it was like Star Wars!
hi!! im sooooo excited that the eragon movie is coming out,:D i cant wait to see it (although i didnt like what they did to Arya):down: i hope they dont mess the movie up..
I've been looking forward to this movie for quite some time now. It seems as though a few things have been changed though, as in the lord of the rings films. For one, Brom was supposed to have a white beard and be old, he looks as though he has neither. Zarrock, eragons sword supposed to have a tear drop shaped, wire wrapped hilt with a ruby embedded in the pommel and an iridescent red blade. It now has a normal blade that shines A BIT red has a normal shaped hilt with a SAPPHIRE embedded in the pommel.I suppose its hollywoods way of making things more poetic to SUIT the movie. Despite the few odds and ends, i think we can expect a good movie with some good special effects and battle scenes although i disagree with the character selection.
If you haven't heard of Eragon, Christopher Paolini's bestselling first novel (begun when he was fifteen), or if you only heard of Eragon via the marketing blitz featuring the film adaptation of same, chances are you're not part Eragon's intended "young adult" demographic. First published by his family and later by Alfred E. Knopf, Eragon became a bestseller. With producers looking for the next big fantasy series to follow in the footsteps of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, and the Harry Potter franchise, a novel written by and for teenagers seemed like a potentially lucrative prospect. One hundred and twenty five million dollars later and we get Eragon, an epically derivative fantasy unlikely to appeal to anyone above the age of fourteen (and even that might be a stretch).Eragon (Edward Speleers) lives on a farm with his uncle Garrow (Alun Armstrong) and his cousin, Roran (Christopher Egan), in Carvahall, a small village in the kingdom of Alagaesia. Eragon discovers an egg-like object on a nighttime hunting trip. After an attempt to barter the object for meat fails, Eragon hides the egg in the barn. With Eragon watching, the egg cracks open and out pops a baby dragon. King Galbatorix (John Malkovich), Alagaesia's despotic ruler, orders Durza (Robert Carlyle), his chief sorcerer, to find and destroy the dragon and its new rider, Eragon. On its first full flight, the dragon grows to full size, acquiring a name, Saphira, and a voice (Rachel Weisz), that Eragon can hear telepathically.Forced to flee after an attack by Durza's forces, Brom (Jeremy Irons), a villager with more than a few secrets of his own, steps in to help Eragon. As Eragon's mentor, Brom helps Eragon adjust to his role as a dragon rider and potential savior for the people of Alagaesia. Brom hopes to bring Eragon and Saphira to the Varden, rebels dedicated to defeating Galbatorix, and the Varden's mountain stronghold, Farthen D
Okay, I've read this book as well as The Eldest. Absolutely loved them both.The film? Horrible. I was so saddened that the book was completely butchered in the transition to the big screen. I'm serious when I say this was almost as bad of a adaptation as Battlefield Earth. There were some things left out in the first half of the film that I could live with. About an hour into it, I looked at my friend and I said "We're only about 30% into the book". Thirty minutes later the film ended. They crammed almost 3/4s of the book into THIRTY FREAKING MINUTES. Seriously. They decided to just start cutting characters, major cities, huge decisions made by the main character, oh yeah, and an entire RACE. (no dwarves? wtf?). Anyways, my suggestion, save your money. Eragon - 2/10 If you haven't read the book and if you have ten year olds (who also haven't read the book), they might enjoy it for what it's worth.
I couldn't Help but make a journal to write a review on the movie Eragon.I must start with saying I couldn't even comprehend trying to finish reading the book as it was a literary heap of plagiarism. It was not a book inspired by other books, it was a book that stole whole sections of storyline from other books. Simply pick up almost any well known fantasy novel and you will find bits in there that will make you think of Paolini's pile of garbage.While many people say something along the lines of "If you look at every single book you will find elements of other books in them anyway." My response is you can pick up those books and only in a certain light do they appear vaguely similar to a past work while one can pick up Paolini's "master-piece" and no matter what light, what angle, or even what century and it will reflect another story if not in whole than in a very large chunk. Christopher Paolini has even said himself that he is flattered people think his work plagiarised other works.The fact that this is a movie now is absurd, especially with the title "Eragon". It may as well be "Dragonriders of Lord of the Star Wars Rings Pern"
It's the first star wars movie but with a dragon.
Just got back from a screening, I went with a friend of mine who had read the books and wanted to see the movie...It was about what I was expecting it to be, cheesy, LOTR wanta be..The dialog was pretty stiff, the acting not much better, the story was full of holes and actually was sorta like star wars but set in medieval times it was just bad in the book the story may be better because it seems to be popular but the movie version was crap...There are so many things that were just "ugh" one that will not give anything away is the lead actor a "poor farm boy" wears freakin leather pants and a leather vest that looks too small almost the whole movie!!
I think that this film is a waste of time. FOX had the wrong person as the director. Given that they had a better one, it would have been possible to have a good if not great film. Although it is understandable that a film based on a book cannot be expected to be exactly the same, it is no reason for it to be poorly done. Everything in it is rushed and audiences are left in a confusing state especially those who have not read the book yet. It is important to establish that kind of connection with the characters which does not happen in the film.
So this is the Weekend preview/Eragon Review/My bunnies suck entyr all rolled into one so get ready. *roll up my sleaves* Let's start with Eragon. I'm gonna give it a 6 outta ten. A rotten overall. I want to start by saying that this is not a bad film. Not at all. It's not ugly, boring, poorly acted(ish), unimaginative, or otherwise not worth seeing. It's also in no way memorable. For example, do you remember the Wizard of Earthsea miny series of the book of the same name on Sci-Fi last year? What about the Merlin miny series on NBC about the wizard Merlin a few years back? This is going to be right up there. At the time this movie was rated %11, in my opinion it deserves at least (and I mean BARE minimum) %40, so I had a very hard time getting my co-workers excited to see this film. It was something I was excited about myself, however not something that I was going to die if i didn't see because I hadn't read the books and I am not a die-hard fan of the series. In the end we got to this on over Pursuit of Happyness and Charlote's Web. *at this point I'm going to give my preview of Happyness and Web... If you just want the Eragon skip to the next astrix* Happyness... more like sappyness. Wow can anyone NOT guess where this movie is gonna go from the trailers? Probably make huge money. Charlote's Web... Farm Fresh remake but with that Extra Preservative Factor in the form of Dakota Fanning to make things extra ick. I love the book. I love the first movie. I hate Fanning and I have serious reservations about Julia Robberts as my super special spider. It'll make millions Even after seeing Eragon it still gets my 4:20 pick of the Week. *on with the Review* After seeing the film, I have a lot of good to say. I also have a lot of bad. Let's start with the bad so we can end on a high note. Untill I get to my bunnies. Stupid Rabbits. :mad: The good: Excellent Visuals. Minus some terrible mountain backgrounds this is a wonderful looking film. What a cool looking dragon!!!! No For Real! Strange choice of blending lizard and hawk-like features, but it works. On watching the trailers I was pretty sure we were going to have a bad look at the Never Ending Story dog-dragon again. Also loved the Mythology in this movie. I didn't see enough. This ties into one of my complaints so pay attention. Quiz at the end and all that... ;) . Acting also a plus with the exception of Eragon. Shitty choice there. What's funny is that me and my fellow manager called every single one of the characters and how they interacted without either one of us reading the books just by building the standee. Wow that's sad but funny. The only thing we got wrong was underestimating just how nancy boy our lead turned out to be. Boo Fox! It was fun start to finish. Just not very special. A very poor substitute for the holiday Lord of the Ring enstallments. Why you ask? Well captain segway award for you!! :D First the movie was very hurt by the PG rating. Not all movies do better by catering to a younger crowd. This was just toned too far down for me. Second way too short. Not many people may agree, but to me it was clear that the director was trying to save run-time by cutting out far too many scenes. Watching this film was almost as confusing and rushed as watching Crank. Well... that may be unfair. But it did remind me of Titan A.E. Far too much important material cut from the final version. Boo Fox again! If this is going to be a productive trilogy the second too need to be their own movies and not try so hard to cater to the holiday crowd. *That's it for Eragon. The rest is just a stupid end cap.* So I get home at 4:50am. I know I owe it to whoever reads this other than me (their has to be someone out there...) to finish this while it's fresh before I crash. I mean all I want to do is write a fair and brief review and go to bed. I get in the door and discover that I haven't put my bunnies away as well as I thought. I open the door and boom!!! Rabbit fur, poop, shreaded mattress, ripped books, and destroyed posters all over my room. ARRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!! I love my evil degenerated rabbits. And It's not there fault I'm the moron who left their door open, but F. So I have to waste 20 extra minutes puting them away, pulling Muffin (my doe) out from inside of the bed she has successfully excavated, and Sophie (my buck -- yes it's a girls name deal) from inside the clothes in my closet. I guess I should be proud their so trixey. Anyone want some new mittens for Christmas?
Brilliant movie.It starts off slow, but the action scenes are fantastic.This is easily the second-best movie of 2006.
With high production values, several esteemed actors, and stunning CG effects, Eragon should have been the next Lord of the Rings. But the rushed character development, lackluster screenplay, and a starkly plagiaristic plotline prevent it from even becoming the next Narnia. In concept and visualization Eragon's delusions of grandeur may not have been so farfetched, but apparently something was lost in the translation to screen and it falters and dies like the dragon who's lost its rider...... Read the rest of Joel's review @