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A very nice adaptation to the original Italian flick. People of various ages would benefit from this.
Someone just suggested this movie recently. Glad I took the suggestion. Emotional movie that slowly crept up on me. Good cast, acting and story.
Just saw this movie and I loved it
Even though it started kind of slow, this movie slowly catches your attention and you'll must likely find yourself crying by the end of the it. The story is great and the acting is perfect. Five stars, no doubt.
Very good movie. Went to the cinema with my friends and we all loved it. I recommend this movie to everyone. Really nice.
My husband and I loved this movie. A very thought provoking movie and maybe that is why so many of the critics didn't rate it very high. Especially during the holiday season we feel this would be a great movie for everyone to see. Families need to realize how important it is to find time for one another before the years pass them by. It definitely awakened something in us!
Really moving..sweet and sad with a positive message; take your hanky.. I think it might be hard for those who do not have grown children to really feel Frank's life, but my husband and I were teary many times. DeNiro was great. I had to go hug my kid and grandkids.
I reccommend this film. Mr DeNiro carries the film from the first frame to the last.
I saw this movie the other night. I went expecting greatness...after is De Niro! He has done so many outstanding movies for so many years! This one does not disappoint! Robert is amazing!! The story is sad, in that he is on a quest to visit all 4 of his kids, and without giving the story away, he accomplishes this, in a round about manner. See this film!! Lots of closeups!! Facial expressions, etc. Maybe an oscar nomination for Bobby???
Good family movie if you can drag your teens to see it. Little ones, no thank you. Bring the tissues as you follow the life of Bob DeNiro through out the entire movie. Well cast and interesting portrayal of today's family.
This is a good movie for all to see. I give it four stars!
all in all very good, great acting by Deniro, story is a little drawn out, but worth it...
Great Movie. Its' for older teens and adults only. I am a father of 3 ********************* 21. Good father's wants good things for their Children, When something goes wrong for any of them, it is often the father who hurts a lot more than the child. And we care about them and the role we play in their lives; did we get them a good education, give them a good set of values to live by, have we prepared them enough for the real world, are they marrying the right person. Have we done too little or too much for our children, It's a very fine balance that is all too easy to tip. It's lucky for me that I delved into this raising topic before marriage and had sources such as the books of Christian Psyhcologist James Dobson. And still I wonder if I'm helping them or failing them. This movie really touched me in a very big way. I almost had a heart attack watching it. It renewed all my concerns and fears.
New movie title should read " LIARS and LOSERS" complete disappointment. We even discussed it with AMC movie employees as we left... they all agreed that the movie trailers and teasers did not accurately depict the movie you were about to see.........Robert was a failure in life -- a "sometimes" drummer who told his father he was a conductor... The other son was a drug addict-- and DEAD... maybe if they weren't such a secretive lying bunch they may have been saved by their fathers help... All FAAKED up. I give it one star -- because De Niro was in it... and he IS a star.
Touches the heart. Bravo!!!!!!
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