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Fame 2009

An updated version of the 1980 musical, which centered on the students of the New York Academy of Performing Arts...

Release Date:
107 min
Kevin Tancharoen
Bebe Neuwirth, Charles S. Dutton, Lock Lee, ...
Drama, Comedy, Musical, ...

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Solar rating:6.1 /10


Imdb rating: 5 /10

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no where near as good as the original but still a good watch. enjoyable to watch forgetting the original i give it 9/10 comparing to original 5/10
Nowhere as good as the original or even the television series. Not a lot of continuity, talented performers but gives you a feeling of High School Musical and Dirty Dancing (don't keep baby in a corner) or in this case, the overbearing father not allowing his daughter to play jazz or sing. Very predictable like the subway scene with the ballet dancer.
Fame was like High School Musical only better. HSM just had random breakouts in music. But Fame was amazin. Naturi is the next Jennifer Hudson. Her voice is amazing. There were so many scenes in this movie that made me think wow! was that not amazin. This movie was worth every dime.
Just a cast of no talent hacks in a long music video. For a movie that takes place in NYC, it was shot in LA and you can tell it was...Bleech.
"Just a cast of no talent hacks in a long music video. For a movie that takes place in NYC, it was shot in LA and you can tell it was...Bleech." I liked the movie a lot. But this comment really bothers me. How can you tell it was shot in LA? Have you been to NY? The school they used was Professional Performing Arts School right outside Times Square. They also had shots in Times Square, Central Park South, and 8th Avenue just to name a few. I don't know where everything was shot, just how could you TELL it was shot in LA?
Other than Naturi Naughton, the movie was a total disappointment. It pales in comparison to the original and to the series. All the hype about Kherington being in it turned out to be a big fizzle, if you ask me.
This movie was really great!!!! It goes to show you how hard some people work to get somewhere in life! I liked it a lot!!!
its was wonderful!! thought is was going to be more "high school musical" but it really was more drama.....i thought the cast was superb!!
There was no real talent in this movie at all. I better off watching American Idol and so you think you can dance... I could have put together a better movie. I wish i had the funds to prove it. This movie suck big time. You guys and girls who are all stating we love the movie and it was great need to go back to the orginal movie and television show and see what "fame" was really about and how talented the cast was. This wasa high school musical but with no talent Oh MY Gosh wake up.......
Did not like it at all..not enough dancing and the main song was not played until the movie ended..I was waiting for the song to be danced in a big show....nothing.....did not like it at all
Very disappoining. I was around for the original and was hoping for more of the orinigal score to the movie. To use only 1 ballad and the original theme music at the end for the credits was just wrong. Will not go to see it again unlike the 15+ times I saw the original
Wow, this movie was an absolute hot mess! I'm shocked that Debbie Allen had anything to do with it. Sitting through this elementary nightmare of a mess they call "fame" was taxing on me. I would have come out better had I walked out and demanded a refund. Doing so would have been less torture. This remake (in my opinion) was a flop and has given the original "box office hit movie" no justice. Thank God, they got it right the first time! Even the tv series was sperior to this mess. The remake started off weak and ended worst. Not enough good dancing, acting, music, singing nor relating to the characters. In the original, I remember relating and loving all the characters! The original was pleasing in all aspects of a PA school, it knew how to grab your attention and all your emotions! Thumbs up for the Original Fame! Till this day, I still pop in the DVD from time to time cause it was and still is that good! As for this one, it fell short in every category displayed. Warning to all the fans of the Original Fame.... Save your money, don't waste your time and enery going out to an expensive theater to view. Basically don't even rent ******** sad to say, but this movie was horrid! It's not worth one good cent even if you just want to get away from reality. I repeat, don't do it.......................... SHAME FOR FAME!!!!
I really liked the movie. The dancing / singing was amazing! Great Filming it so stunning & wonderful great movie.
I really didnt like it at all. I thought it was a complete waste of time. The dancing was great, but the rest of the movie was pointless. I heard the original was much better.
Save your money and rent the orginal or the TV version. REALLY BAD.
This movie was absolutely awful. It was a complete rip-off of the original, but not nearly as good. I kept looking at my watch to see when the agony would be over. I stuck around hoping it would get better, but it never did. Save your ticket money and go rent the original.
This movie was simply awful-the original was so great that when we heard about this remake we promised to take our 6 year old granddaughters to see it-I don;t know who was more bored-us or them. Kept waiting for all the great songs-and some great dancing. Was thrilled when it was over. What a waste of money. No stars for this bomb.
Looking for new movies, not remakes of OLD ones. Am a musiscian, was happy to see real life presentation, that we all can't make it big, no matter how much we try. Great flik!
I totallyagree with SLHerman and JKGibb1. We were very disappoinnted in this rip-off of a great movie. It was boring, unexciting and rather senseless.