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a very nice movie if you want to have a quiet evening 8/10
Love it! Watched it so many times and then went for the book :)
>.> makes me envious.
It;s already been said. Very cute movie....8.5/10
Good movie.
Amazing movie i love it, i would definitely watch this again 10/10.
This is my third time watching this movie and I always find it sweet and touching! Wonderful cast and great acting! Trust me, you won't regret watching it!
very cute story
Great story, cast and music. So touching.
great music!!
Looks kinda interesting...
This movie will have you feeling around for each others hand,as a reminder,hopefully,of how your own love blossomed.
OMG!!!! Such a GREAT Movie!! If you are a hopeless romantic like have to watch this movie!
Great movie
Cute little drama about adolescent love I rate it 7/10.
Loved this movie, well worth the watch :D
Watched it. Beautiful and sweet! #YALA
soooo good must watch
This is a really cute movie. I totally recommend it if you're in the mood for a lighthearted adorable romance movie. It's about a boy & girl that grow up across the street from each other & first love. The story flips back & forth between the two of them narrating & telling you what they were thinking & feeling as things happen throughout the movie. I really liked it alot.
oooh i forgot how cute is this movie ! i love it !