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Fluke 1995

Workaholic Thomas Johnson dies in a car accident and comes back to life as a dog. Remembering some of who he was, he returns to his wife and son to protect them from the man who caused his...

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This beautiful, poignant, touching movie is guaranteed to move you and maybe make you cry. Book has been well translated into motion picture, with fabulous dog actor. Recommend it to everyone who likes movies about dogs and/or pet lovers.
(***): A decent family film. Plus, this is the only film that I can recall where a monkey saves a puppy; it must be seen to be believed...
So bad, I wanted to get up and throttle the projectionist!Apparently, there are people who love this movie. I don't want to be disrespectful to people who like "Fluke", but... MY GOD! WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? In my opinion, it wasn't sad so much as depressing and humorless. A good drama needs to have a sense of humor. Ever see "Steel Magnolias"? "The Big Chill"? "Terms of Endearment"? A fantasy-drama about A GUY COMING BACK AS A DOG needs it all the more. It pisses me off to be so emotionally manipulated by an artificial situation that never actually happened. Part of the reason why I hate this movie so much was that I was forced to sit through it. My date hated it even more than I did, but she refused to leave. I've said that it was to punish me for suggesting the movie, and it really seemed like it at the time, but I think it was really because she thought that I only wanted to leave because she hated it so much, and not because I hated it, too. So we both sat there to the bitter end. It was the closest thing to being strapped into the Clockwork Orange Chair that I have ever experienced. She wept loudly and uncontrollaby next to me for an hour of the film's running time, and yelled at me all the way home.
it was pretty good, i mean my bro and sis liked it. it was a bit heart warming, but not too much. i dont like those goo goo gaa gaa movies. i would reccomend it to children under 13. overall pretty good.:fresh:
:fresh: Quite charming.
A truely beautiful film which is yet to be appreciated.
(from the Watermark 07/12/95)Fluke is about a dog who realizes he's a reincarnated person who must correct his wrongs from his past life. The film's marketing has made it look like a must-to-avoid Beethoven clone, but the work actually has merit. Too bad the audio sounds like it was mixed by Helen Keller, and the narrative is sloppy. For me, human voices for animals is an overdone, condescending, and just plain tacky plot device. The sad part is that they could have scrapped the voices altogether, and relied on the beautifully poetic visuals to convey the well-structured story. Basically, it's a grown-up movie trying too hard to be cutesy and have a "family" appeal.
First movie that I cried watching. It is so sad, but it's filmmaking is executed so depressingly well. Truely beautiful, fresh and somehow optimistic.Love this movie.
63/100. This is a cute family film, not really aimed at the real young set though. Adults should be entertained. A man is killed and is reincarnated as a dog names Fluke. I know, it sounds familiar, but it's well handled and the digs are awesome. It makes good comic use of the situation. Light and enjoyable.