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good movie, nice spin on the vampire genre, need more like this 7/10
Not too shabby as a remake. I enjoyed it.
Had to revisit this Cult Classic! This remake was the best! Colin Farrell, David Tennant brilliance!
@brd32 i agree i think colin farrell is a great actor and the so is the guy from dr who both even both of these actors couldnt safe the movie the beacuse there are so many dry part and not well constructed story line
i like this movie very much. full of comedy with a little horror.
This movie wasn't too bad. I thought the guy from Dr. Who was hysterical as Peter Vincent. And Colin Farrell was better than I expected. But I prefer the original
This a teenage vampire flick. I underscore the word TEENAGE! Colin Farrell makes a good vampire though. 6/10
might watch this inabit
Wow, hope is it I did not know about this version and I own the first version? Well any ole way, this was awesome............. :)
1month ago {newest putlocker i see} great video/sound =:)