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Girl with a Pearl Earring 2003

A young peasant maid working in the house of painter Johannes Vermeer becomes his talented assistant and the model for one of his most famous works...

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Girl with a Pearl Earring is largely an atmospheric movie. Much of the film makes you feel as if you're watching a Vermeer painting come to life, which is, of course, part of its charm. Other parts of its charm come from the performers, all of whom do a bang-up job with their respective parts. Especially impressive is little known Essie Davis, as Vermeer's bitter wife. The movie is flawed. A bit on the slow side. And the ending leaves you feeling a bit let down. But I suppose that's the book's fault, really. It's not a movie in which a lot happens. Still, I think that the set, costume design, cinematography and solid performances save it from being a snooze. There are times when you really are sucked into 17th century Holland. And, of course, any romantic will appreciate the gentle, romantic sexual tension between Vermeer and his young muse. All in all, a nicely done movie. :fresh:
Beautifully shot, but lacking any kind of energy. **.5/**** Probably the best young actress in Hollywood.
i do a lot of babysitting, and most of the time, the baby is already asleep when i get there. I own about 10 movies, some monty python/monty python related humor, all 3 LotR movies, Master and Commander, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Bend it Like Beckham...I liked each movie enough to want to buy it; M & C because of the incredible story of the friendship between Jack and Stephen, LotR for it's great likeness to the book, so on and so forth, but thankfully my clients have netflix, so i can break away from my usual 10 movie routine...Girl With A Pearl Earing took my breath away as a movie that stands independant of it's book heritage, and shows an intense world through one girls eyes. Like the Sundance feature on the DVD says, "they fall in love because of their understanding of art." being an artist, i felt the relationship between Griet, the Artist, and the art. It was an intense battle portrayed in such a "hushed up" manner. I say hushed up because of the time period. They were in a situation/time period that prevented them from talking about it freely, from being able to publicaly pursue their relationship, be it artistic or romantic. THis movie left me so wrapped up in the story, it had me envisioning other scenes: it had me wanting more. It conveyed so effectively so much, in so little time, and dialogue. I loved how quiet it was. it was so poetic. i just loved this movie. i feel, like i want to jump in and be part of the story...unfortunately i couldn't take the "bad guy" seriously because he was in The Full Monty, but i could still feel the tension between him, the artist, and Griet...Colin Firth was spectacular, despite the fact he was so quiet. he had the perfect look, the perfect gaze, that he needed to convey his emotions effectively. Scarlett Johanson did an amazing job. her butcher bf got on my nerves a bit, but that's because mostly i wanted to solely focus on Griet's relationship with the artist. I got so wrapped up in this movie- i loved it, and will definately buy it...
by: Peter Webber It's a visual masterpiece though I wish I could say the same thing about the other aspects of the film.
Very good movie. I like period films anyway, and this was orginial. :)
Agh...I was starved when I saw Collateral and then Jamie Foxx has to break out that sandwich and then....he doesn't bloody finish it!!! All that good food goes to waste!!! AGH! I almost gnawed me ears off.
I love this movie alot. Great acting and beautiful cinamatography.
better decisions every day
I liked this movie well enough, but I felt that Colin Firth's performance did not do his acting abilities justice. And I love Colin Firth. Shallow of me to say it, but he is the only reason I was eager to view this film in the first place. Scarlett Johanssen was brilliant in her role of Griet, and I really felt moved by her character. I think that this movie tried to be artsy, and didn't do the best job. I may not be as moved as I might have been, had I not had super high expectations of the movie before watching it. When will I ever learn?
Miracle (2004) Very well-made sports movie. I wasn't really into hockey back in 1980, but even I was aware of the US "miracle on ice" when we defeated the seemingly-invincible Russian team. Kurt Russell's performance as coach Herb Brooks is right on. The hockey games are well done and very exciting. Under the Tuscan Sun (2003) I thought this was a very well-made example of an unconventional romantic comedy. The theme of rebuilding someone's life after betrayal and heartbreak is treated with warmth and humor. Diane Lane has long been one of my favorite actresses, and she gives a very fine performance here, as does the whole supporting cast. It's beautifully filmed, especially in the subtle changes in the rundown villa, the rennovation of which is the extended metaphor for the rebuilding of Frances's life, something which is always present but never overwhelms the characters. I found it to be a very enjoyable film.
there are only two things that are good in this movie : good directing and good setting...the rest seems to fail.
Very romantic movie
Girl with a Pearl Earring may just be one of the most visually stunning movies I've ever seen. Fantastic cinematography, since there are tons of shots here that could easily pass for paintings. Along with the costumes and sets it makes for a movie that doesn't feel like it was shot recently. It's almost as if the crew entered a time machine and travelled back in time. In that aspect the movie is successful. The story on the other hand... eh. GWAPE is essentially a movie about unspoken love with little else happening. It's just that it's hard to feel a connection for the two main characters. I felt their relationship only existed because it was in the script. None of it feels really natural. The acting didn't help much either. Some of the characters were underdeveloped (there's the evil daughter, the evil wife, the evil mother-in-law and the evil patron). The actors left with these roles don't have much to do. On the other hand, it's not as if Firth and Johansson were all that impressive. There was no chemistry between them and both of them looked bored. There's also another love interest included, perhaps only so that the movie can end on a happy note. Someone else may get more out of this movie, and if not it's at least worth seeing for the visuals alone. 5.0/10
amazing film.
review to come
Let's see...Tully was quiet and simple, almost too much so. The dialogue or the character's weren't particularily interesting, almost tv-dramaish, but somehow the film managed to pick up momentum for a climax that was played out wonderfully. Very enjoyable. Girl with a Pearl Earring, A film about a girl in a Vermeer painting. Kind of what you'd expect something like this to be: slow, depressed, turned inward, has the usual visual glamour. Nobody says much, and the only person you get even remotely close to is the main character played by Scarlett Johansson. End scene is powerful and very nice. Altogether not a bad film. Shaun of the Dead is not funny ha-ha but manages to amuse at a general level. Very amateuristic in the way that it could just as well have been an extended episode of Spaced rather than a movie. At a few points there is even enough thrillingness for a real zombie film, but generally the zombies here are pretty useless. The deadest person in the film is the main character's mother who in many scenes, with absolutely horrible acting, spoils any mood or credibility they've been able to establish. But still, perfectly watchable entertainment. ------------------------------------------------------------------Comment, please. Especially if you've seen these and disagree.
Hey All, Did you all miss me? Well I've been catching a lot of movies on cable. The one that caught my eye was called, "The Girl with the Pearl Earring". I thought the cast and the writing was excellent. I really enjoyed this movie. It kept my interest from beginning to end. Basically it's the story behind the famous painting. "The Girl with the Pearl Earring", is basically about a young maid who goes to live with the famous painter, Johannes Vermeer and his family. At first she hears rumors from other servants about the famous artist conquest after painting some of his subjects. After being helping the artist with various jobs, he decides to paint the young maid after a college request. The young maid comes to find out that there are rumors about her. This movie is very good but very dramatic. I would suggest this movie to any one that enjoys a good drama. Fritz ;)
There's an interesting unity thing going on in "Girl With A Pearl Earring", which I watched this afternoon - the main character only has about a dozen lines in the movie, and in a display of symetry uncommon in feature-length films, the writer and director also have little or nothing to say. I think that some people would say I'm asking too much, but if you're going to make a movie about art, maybe a thesis with a little more depth than the typical Hollywood "art is magic, artists are magical" line of bull would be preffered. I realize that there are aspects of the artistic process that go beyond what can be expressed with words or pictures, but if just making some kind of an original statement about art is beyond your limits, maybe you should make a movie about racecars or thumb-tacks instead. The movie had enough going for it - the major characters were strong (though the minor ones were cliches) and the mood and tone were interesting - that I refuse to go easy on it. I also watched "Tape" and it was great. If you like dialogue-heavy movies, written like short stories, shot on the digital cheap, with casts of only three actors doing all their acting on one set and directed by guys from Austin, Texas who also made "Dazed and Confused", then this movie should be perfect for you. And everyone else might like it, too. I can't say anything about it though, as everything in it is a surprise that could be easily ruined. So just take my word for it, if you like stuff, you'll love "Tape". Okay, I signed up for Netflix, and I feel really guilty about it, because I'm a freak. I love video stores. When I was a kid I'd ride my bike to Video Update and just wander around inside, reading the back covers of the horror videos. And I still linger around inside my two favorite local video stores (I Love Video and Vulcan Video) longer than I have to. And now that I'll be getting most of my rentals from these damn internet bastards with their insideous "cheaper and more convenient" business scheme, I'm positive that every local video store on earth will suddenly go out of business, leaving me, in a pinch, with only Cocksucker Video. Which sucks. I'm such a bad person....Goddamn it....
Girl With a Pearl Earring (2003) - "You're a fly in his web. We all are." This film, set in 1665, is the adaptation of Tracy Chevalier's novel of the same name, an imaginative tale about Johannes Vermeer's painting "Girl With a Pearl Earring." Vermeer, whose life is largely unknown, left thirty-five works, his most famous being the hauntingly beautiful paintings of woman in domestic roles. Scarlett Johansson plays Griet, the subject of the painting, a poor girl of stunning beauty from an unfortunate family (she also has a hot brother that I got all of about 45 seconds of film on - make a sequel!!). She is "hired" out to Vermeer's family, which includes a paranoid wife, a domineering mother-in-law, and six - no seven - kids, one of which is Griet�s nemesis. Griet soon captures the imagination of Vermeer and there begins a race between Vermeer's desire for the girl, his wife�s suspicions, and Griet's desire to learn as much about art as she can. The story floats on a heavenly cloud of music. The movie sets of the time period are fascinating. The acting is very good and at its very best when nothing is being said. The director, Peter Weber, does a masterful job of building tension through the actor�s expressions as the film progressed, creating a hypnotic connection to the unfolding story. Props to Crock79 for letting me know about this film.