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Grease 1978

Good girl Sandy and greaser Danny fell in love over the summer. But when they unexpectedly discover they're now in the same high school, will they be able to rekindle their romance...

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Imdb rating: 7.2 /10

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I just love that one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is a classic movie.Love the 50's,everything about it.Takes you back to the good old drive-in days.The best transformation of Sandy from good to bad girl..Loved It!!! And John Travolta was perfect as Danny~Great Entertainment for a pick me up day :)
I so love this movie. I watched it almost every day as a child. YAY!
I like the movie Grease, but John Travolta is just annoying. I mean, he is a really good actor and everything, but I don't like his chin or his attitude:p Orlando Bloom rocks
I love this movie i watch it over and over! The characters were perfect and so was the story line....Has anyone seen the broadway remake! i was just involved in it and it is 10 times better then the original!
"Grease" is my all time favorite film. It's amazing how well done this movie was made and still being 26 years later after it was made it's still known and loved. It's a very enjoyable musical that will make you laugh and watch it over and over. The songs are beautiful and fun. Hey it made me wanna get up and dance(lol). The cast is incredible. The DVD has great resolution to it and brings a 20 year aniversarry interview with the cast and the director. If you haven't seen this movie then get up, get your car keys and drive to blockbuster and rent it cause i recommend that you'll love it. Not garantied but it's a recommendation. If i could i would rate this movie a 20/10 but i guess RT doesn't let me do that so i'll have to stick to the original rating. 10/10!
As I have said earlier, I don't like musicals all that much. I have a soft spot for three (Moulin Rouge, The Music Man, and Annie), but after those the rest are kind of mind boggling. Enter Grease... What's the moral of Grease? Lower your standards and become a whore so you can have a big finale?Strange film...
Once Footloose ended, as I'm backing up VCD files w/ my DVD burner, I just enjoyed 'Grease' on VH1. A film I don't believe i've watched start to finish ever (at least the last decade or so). I always like a good musical, combine that with the grease laden stylings of 1950s juvenile delinquency, and I'm sold... (although I have to say, some of the background choreography in this film is absolutely horrific.... having a seizure isn't dancing! As far as I'm concerned John Travolta is the star of the century! I still can't believe he disappeared (relatively) in the 80s... Saturday Night Fever, Grease, Blow Out, Kotter, etc and then like only 4 movies between 1981 and 1989... much like the lost years Tyson was in prison or Elvis was in the Army... what a loss to human kind! :D
When I think John Travolta - I think Grease. I've got the soundtrack on CD and I just adore playing it after I get out of the shower. I would like nothing more than to perform in a version of Grease as Sandy. Or Rizzo - that whore. I've got all the songs down pat and - I just love the movie! However, Grease 2 sucked. Then again... it was pretty fuckin' hilarious!
I have been forced to watch this movie more times than I care to imagine-it is a bit too cheesy for me
AS OF 8PM LAST NIGHT, I HAVE POWER! IAM SO EXCITED! I LOVE MY AIR CONDITIONAR AND EVERY LIGHT IN MY HOUSE Sorry for the extreme excitement but I am just over joyed. I finally have power! After 4 1/2 days in the freakin dark, I can see again! Anyways, glad that Charly is gone and we can finally get back to normal around here. Went to the VCC bookstore today, to get my books for school. Oy Vey. School starts Monday, blahhhhhhh. But whatever, bring it on lol. Um......Oh yeah, I talked to some kid yesterday who goes to the school I want to go to after VCC. Emerson College! It sounds like an awsome school! Hes a junior so will be gone, by the time I get there:(. But oh well. So it sounds like an awsome school and I am excited! Finishing up college in Boston what could be better? Well that is all, more next week oh my! lol ps: I rated Grease Lightning because of the obvious reasons of my power coming back on lol. Also Grease because its such a great musical movie!:fresh:
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The Olivia Newton-John/ John Travolta Movie Collection. *What is "movie collection": A collection of must-see movies featuring an actor or actrees, director or even the same genre. And, of course, something I invented to make suggestions of movies you can't miss. The 1978 release of Grease (a box office hit featuring Saturday Night Fever's John Travolta and ...someone called Olivia Newton-John) opened doors for them to build sucessfull carreers over the 80's. At least, in theory. Both Travolta and Newton-John had a bad times with their movie-flops over the decade of the legwarmers and neon-glitz. It's hard to identify which one suffered the most. John Travolta won in quantity, but Olivia Newton-John won in (lack of) quality. After the release of Grease, Travolta starred with Lily Tomlin (9-To-5) in the AWFUL drama Moment By Moment, which was such a huge flop it was never released neither on VHS or DVD, and doesn't even have it's own Rotten Romatoes page. In the movie, Travolta was a poor guy who fell in love with a mad rich woman. Yeah, the same plot of Saturday Night Fever, but with no dance, which makes it totally unbearable. Then, Travolta made two sucessfull movies (Brian De Palma's Blow Out and the cult Urban Cowboy) and then went to two flicks I'm saving to the end. Newton-John had only two movie flops after Grease, but she was in one of the most loved/hated pictues ever made, Xanadu. The movie is a musical fantasy that tries to mix both the glitz of the 40's and the disco of the 70's. It was announced as one of the biggest motion picture events of 1980, but it failed in box office of the U.S. (even tough it was sucessfull overseas and had a #1 soundtrack). The main reason why Xanadu didn't work at the time is because it's a disco movie in a time disco music was dying. Today, it's a cult classic, basically because, under the excess of sacharine of the script, the total waste of Michael Beck (The Warriors) and Gene Kelly (Singin' In The Rain) and the whole razzle-dazzle there are some amazing musical scenes and nice entertaining moments. It's a bad movie, yes, but not as bad as everyone says it is. It's just out of place. Then, in 1983, Travolta returned to the role of Tony Manero in the sequel of Saturday Night Fever, Staying Alive. Staying Alive is a boring musical drama that sucks in every single point. Even worst: unlike Xanadu, the movie itself don't how bad it is. Directed by Sylvestel Stallone (YES, Rambo himself), it's two hours of bad coreography and forced acting. Bee-Gees recycling it's own music and Travolta in short, shameless outfits are the cherry on the top of this "thing". It's one of the worst films to come out in the 80's, even tough it wasn't such a flop at the time (opened in #1). Then, Travolta and Newton-John came back as the couple in love in the long-waited love story Two of a Kind, another box office disaster that nobody remembers. It's something about bank robbers, love, inventors and... angels saving the human race. Imagine The Apple without Mr. Boogaloo and you'll get the thing. But it's not really bad, it's just plain silly and brand. Newton-John and Travolta are a charming couple with lots of charisma and chemistry, and they saved this one from beign a total waste, but not totally. I could go on all night talking about all the bad movies John Travolta commited; and, believe me, it's not a short list. There's still Battlefield: Earth, Lucky Numbers, Look Who's Talking Now, Perfect, The Punisher, The General's Daughter and Domestic Disturbance. But I'll keep him quiet... untill the Hairspray remake comes out, at least. NEXT WEEK: MOLLY RINGWALD
OMG!!!!!! I absolutely love this movie!!! John Travolta has been my favorite actor since I don't know when!!! He is so great!! Perfect Perfect Perfect
Rolled up jeans, All-Stars, leather jackers, hot rods, drive-ins, swing dancing, jukeboxes and a whomp-bomp-adowha-awhomp-bam-boo! Yes, it's Grease! Grease is the way we are feelin' Okay, yes, I love this movie, as cliche and somewhat over-rated as it may seem, I love it. But I have to say, I can't believe I ever watched it with my mother! I mean, there is so much sexuality in the film! Anyhow, the songs just get stuck in your head and and I also have to say, I often wish I was part of a high school like that, the rose tinted look of the 50s, the awesome dancing, car clubs, the clothes! And hey, I could go for the random moments in which you burst out into song and perfectly choreographed dancing. Personally, I think life would be so much better if it were all one huge musical Okay, now I can only believe that those of you who are here are movie freaks and have already seen this classic film, so there is no need to convince you too watch it, but if you haven't for awhile, pull it off the shelf in your house or at the local rental place. If you're lucky enough to see it on stage, it's great as well. Oh, and pass of Grease 2. AFI's new 100 Years list is...FILM SCORES Now, I know I didn't put up the list for AFI's 100 Quotes, but that was because it was so difficult to put it up. Anyhow, the ballot of 250 scores is available for download at AFI's website ( so check it out On a much darker note...I'm sure some of you don't want to be hearing this, because you have either heard enough or you simply do not want to hear it...but for some reason I have been glued to CNN for the past 24 hours. Seriously, I got about three or four hours of sleep. I feel sleep with the telly on CNN around three-thrity a.m. I think, and woke up about seven a.m.! All due to the hurricane coverage.It seems Hurricane Katrinia went right between New Orleans, Louis. and Biloxi, Miss.! Forcasters had predicted it to hit New Orleans head on, and thankfully, it didn't.The Superdome, in New Orleans, I was shocked to hear, got a hole in the roof of that and there are 10,000+ people in there! But luckily, the worst for New Orleans is over and it's hitting the easter-southern states harder now, which isn't so lucky. With all of the damage caused in New Orleans not only am I of course concerned for the lives of the 20% who chose to stay, but the buildings! And cemeteries! New Orleans is, indeed, under sea-level, ten feet I think, but even though all of the caskets are six feet above ground, there seems as though there might be a slight chance something could happen, simply becuse the small mausoleums around the caskets are old (some are 300 years old) they could crumble under the wratch of Katrina. Though I hope and pray they have not! For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to go to New Orleans to see the French Quarter and the cemeteries, and I would hate for those areas to be changed due to this uproar of Mother Nature. Though, good news, just heard, there have been no reports on cemetery damage Now, switching the channel to Janey 24/7...My senior pictures got moved from this Tuesday to next Tuesday. Which I'm fine with. Now, I should really go clean my room some more.
'Grease' always seems to make its come-back in the world of theatre and television every few years or so. The film seems to come and go with popularity, but it is still considered one of the great musicals by some people, but I really did not think it was as great as some people make it out to be. It's just a simple teen rebellion love story. Olivia Newton-John falls in love with bad-boy Travolta. There is a little bit of denial and reluctance in the romance as Newton-John is a wholesome good girl. The music and the dance routines are pretty good, so it does make a good musical, but by the end of the film, Newton-John sports bad-girl image with big hair and clothing with an attitude. I couldn't help but to scream inside: 'Noo! You looked much better in good-girl image with nice straight hair, Olivia! Now you look horrible!' This film is all about rebellion as it is about the music.
a weird movie
Watched February 2006 I was able to sit this one through, and I'm sure it meant a lot more to lots of people.