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Hanna 2011

A sixteen-year-old girl who was raised by her father to be the perfect assassin is dispatched on a mission across Europe, tracked by a ruthless intelligence agent and her operatives...

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Solar rating:8.1 /10


Imdb rating: 6.8 /10

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5 years on and no Jason Bourne like sequals, therefore I'm guessing i should think it wasn't good enough. At least it was close to being good enough regardless........
It's one of my favorite films. Down to the music!
I tried to watch this when it first came out five years ago and couldn't get into it, but I finally got around to watching it and thought it was pretty good. The plot was lacking for me, but the filming and action scenes were well done. Honestly, I'll give it a 7/10 simply because there was finally a blonde character with blonde eyebrows. A rare sight in films these days... lol. But overall, decent film. If you like coming of age/hitman/assassin/spy/scifi films, check it out!
We want more Hanna! Great movie. 8.7/10
Guess I'm in love, going for the third time tonight.
This was a very good film. The acting was great the only problem I had was I thought it could have been directed a little better still 6/10
Second watch. The Chemical Brothers sound is worked in so well. Great SciFi even, borderline thriller, as well as other genre thrown in for good measure. Only a few parts where it slows down, watching it a second time think not only an adult film, but is directed to a younger, but mature audience. First watch had me wondering why some scenes, second time through came to that realization.
Hanna has a bit of Ariana Richards roll, with a lot of Kill Bill Uma Thurman and the beauty of Daryl Hanna too. Great cast, with the main characters very dramatic in their rolls. The female villain reminds me of an animated one that for the life of me can't find anywhere in archives. I'm not very good with proper reviews, this is really near blockbuster, IMHO.

Will be a third watch, not tired of it yet :)
@Barn Ya gotta stay awake.
This movie is cursed. Every time I try to watch this, I fall asleep after the first 10 minute. I want to watch this movie but I've had 3 false starts. One day.....
Really good movie! It was a pleasant surprise honestly. An ice blend of action, scifi.
Went to IMDB to read up on the cast, didn't realize she also was in City of Ember, just watched that last night but didn't make the face connection. She plays both parts well.
What a great film. Fantasy, a bit on the edge of your seat, intense action for a "Kids" movie (not an underage film). Sound tracks fit seamlessly into scenes, great acting, really bad bad guys, with just enough good thrown in for an American audience.

Helps in some scenes if your are fluent in Arabic, German, and a few other languages, or English for that matter :)

Not sure why I hadn't took the time before now, surely one to tell your friends and family about.
On my to watch again list. Solid 8.5
@fckbomber - agreed!!

Actually, a sleeper film. This girl is quite good!
Really underrated, really cool action/spy/fairy tale movie.
forgot to breathe more than 3 times........ Awesome movie
Among the best movies ive seen. great character development and plot line. Keeps you on your toes while watching, never really lets you know what comes next. 10/10
Great movie. Few scenes which conterdict the camera angle. Would of liked to see hard subtitles where it was in another language.
The music is unbelievably enhancing the flow of the film. This is a very good action flick with an interesting story.
really good acting on the full cast, even the secondary roles. solid action movie with a thriller twist
You could pick flaws in this movie till the cows come home. But for pure entertainment value it's way up there. A good watch.... 8/10